How To Connect A Laptop/PC To A Projector 2023?

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How to connect the projector with pc,

How to Connect a Projector to a Windows PC,

How to Configure a Projector on a Windows 7 PC

Projectors had great importance nowadays in schools, offices, social meetings or to show something to gathered people. It is also very less costly than buying or to take rent a big-screened monitor.

By using a projector all the people can be shown slides or show clippings very easily, irrespective of the seat arrangements of all. Not only meetings but projectors are also being used in live shows and in giving advertisements too.

Here in this article, I am going to share with you how to connect a projector with pc or laptop. 

How to Connect Projector with Laptop?

Generally, laptops come with a smaller screen size than that of PC monitors, in that case watching movies on laptops may not be a good idea. There is nothing to worry about if you are owing a projector.

Connect the projector to your laptop by following the steps given below and enjoy your movie on the big screen.

Step 1.

At first, place the projector facing the screen. Plugin to it. Then place the laptop beside the projector.connecting projector

Step 2.

Take the VGA cable, and plug the VGA cable’s one end to the COMPUTER 1N port of the projector.vga cable - How To Connect A Laptop/PC To A Projector

Step 3.

Then plug in the other end of the VGA cable into the monitor port of the laptop.

Step 4.

Now turn your laptop on, then turn on the projector by turning on the power button followed by the push button at the top.

Step 5.

When the laptop becomes on, hold the FN key down and press the F or display key together in order to change the display of your laptop. You will be shown some display options. Choose your suitable option.fnkey - How To Connect A Laptop/PC To A Projector

Step 6.

After that, you may need to set the resolution of your laptop at 1024×768.

  • To do this, go to your desktop background, right-click anywhere on it.
  • Select properties or Graphics Properties.
  • Then choose Settings or General Settings.
  • Under the Settings tab, go-to resolution, select 1024×768. Select Apply>Ok.

For mac,

  • Launch the Apple menu, then go to system preference.
  • Select displays preference, after that, go to the Arrangement tab.
  • Select the Detect Displays button.
  • Check the Mirror Displays option if want the display to show through the projector.
  • Also, check, Show Displays at the Menu bar. Under LCD Projector, select 1024×768.
  • If you are unable to find 1024×768 as an option, you will be needed to choose Display preference… There is a pane on your mac and also on the projector. Open the projector pane and set 1024×768 to the lowest frequency.
  • If the above-explained options do not work for you, do not worry because there are also two other ways left. Either, select the COMPUTER 1 input button OR, select the SOURCE button> COMPUTER 1> ENTER.

Continue reading to know, how to Configure a Projector on a Windows 7 PC.

How to Connect a Projector to a Windows PC?

Setting up a projector on a Windows PC is very easy, we can do it within minutes. Follow the instructions to proceed.

Step 1.

Plugin the power cable to the projector at the AC cord, and plug the other end to the board and switch it on.

Step 2.

Also power on the PC.

Step 3.

Then you need to change some settings of the Windows PC.

  • Click on the Start button at the bottom left corner.
  • Go to Control Panel.
  • Select Hardware and Sound settings.
  • Find the Display option.
  • Then click on ‘Connect to a projector’.

Step 4.

After that, you need to choose a display setting. There are four options for you.

  • Show Desktop Only On Computer Display: This option is for using your current display.

  • Duplicate Desktop on Projector: This option is for showing your desktop on both of your current displays and to the projector too.

  • Extend Desktop to Projector: This option is for splitting the image for the two displays.

  • Show Desktop Only on Projector: This option is for turning off the current display and displaying the desktop only through the projector.

Step 5.

Choose duplicate in order to protect your PC display through the projector.

Step 6.

Close the projector settings window.

So this is how to connect the projector with a PC. As I already told that it is going to be a very easy process to complete within few minutes.

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The Bottom Line:- How To Connect A Laptop/PC To A Projector?

Now you know how to connect a projector with a PC or laptop. 

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