How to Clean Laptop Screen and Keyboard 2023? The Safest & Simplest Way

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In this post, we’ll share How to Clean Laptop Screen and Keyboard 2023?

Your laptop, whether it has an Intel i9 or not, has to be cleaned. If you live in a dust-free environment, your computer may seem clean today, but we bet it has been cleaner.

The screen and the keyboard are the two most often cleaned regions on laptops. Even after wiping it down, a tiny film of dust remains around the display and keyboard. Isn’t it?

Many of us eat while working on a laptop or watching movies. While you are occupied with your tasks, particles gather underneath the keyboard keys, reducing performance.

In truth, your laptop may need internal cleaning at times. With time, your laptop’s components may collect dust particles, slowing down activities. So open the back panel and dust the fans and the board.

How to Clean Laptop Screen and Keyboard? : Laptop Screen Cleaning

Let’s have a close look at how to clean your laptop screen:

Laptop Screen Cleaning - How to Clean Laptop Screen and Keyboard

1. Turn off and unplug your PC

Before you begin cleaning, disconnect any external devices from the computer. Also, save all processes and files and shut down the machine for improved performance. You may need to hold your laptop, so turn it off and unplug it from the charger if you can.

2. Get a wet towel or a Screen Cleaning Kit

Now you may either grab a wet towel from your closet or buy one from e-commerce sites. Screen Cleaner Kit by Screen Mom is one of the most popular items that has earned rave reviews and performed flawlessly for people worldwide.

It comes with a spray and a towel to clean the screen of dust and watermarks. No ordinary water towel may be able to clean it easily. Avoid using water to clean the screen.

Laptop LCD panels can easily be destroyed if not properly cared for.

3. Screen Wipe

Spray the liquid on the towel and gently wipe it. Alternatively, use a moist cloth from home to remove any dust particles. If you use a screen cleaner, re-wipe it with a dry towel to be safe.

Also, any cleaning should be used daily. Once a week is a plenty for the screen and your eyes.

How to Clean Laptop Screen and Keyboard? : Keyboard Cleaning

Next, we’ll clean the keyboard. Let us examine how we may clean the board without using identical processes or supplies.

Keyboard Cleaning - How to Clean Laptop Screen and Keyboard

1. Disconnect the Laptop Charger

To save you from a shock or to save your work from being wrecked. Remove any devices attached to the laptop, including the charger. If you have an external keyboard, unplug it and clean it properly.

The keys may come loose or the device may be damaged if not handled with care.

2. Invest in a cleaning

Our first recommendation for cleaning your laptop is a tiny battery-driven vacuum cleaner. It may seem a little over the top, but it works and people adore it. You may also use a highly comfy cleaning brush.

The grip is incredibly easy to use and is utilized globally. It is not only simple to use but also cleans every nook or key of the keyboard. Both goods are fantastic and priced differently. Examine the merchandise and decide for yourself.

3. Clean up the Keyboard

Now it’s time to utilize your selected product. Also, flip the laptop over down and give yourself a pat on the back. This will erase all particles from the keyboard.

Next, vacuum up all the dust, tiny particles, etc. It’s not very strong and requires recharging. It is really cordless. Using the Cleaning Brush, just clean the key edges one by one.

4. Outside Panels Must Be Clean

To restore your laptop’s original luster. So make sure you clean the front and rear panels periodically. The same soft cloth or Microfiber cleaning cloth will do the trick.

It may be used to clean laptops, phones, TVs, computers, etc. You may also use moistened wipes with alcohol drops here. Alcohol, like wipes, cleans bacteria.

Simply remove the wipes from the packaging and run them over the panel and screen. It works perfectly. Removes dust, oil, grease, sticky components, etc.

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Conclusion: How to Clean Laptop Screen and Keyboard?

Hopefully, you know how to clean laptop screen and keyboard in this post. Some customers prefer to leave it to the expert, but by following the procedures, you may do it yourself. Always remove and turn off external hardware before doing anything.

The finest items for cleaning the laptop’s interior and exterior components have been highlighted. They have been tried and proven and are likely to work for you as well. No water on the screen or keyboard.

Water creates marks on LCD screens, and you don’t want that. So don’t use water for anything. If you don’t want to use any liquid or spray, a cloth will do the trick.

Also, clean your laptop more regularly to extend its lifespan.

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