How to add Grammarly to Chrome? [Step-By-Step Guide]

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If you’re a writer or blogger looking to improve your writing process, installing Grammarly in your Chrome browser is a great place to start.

Grammarly’s user-friendly features can help correct spelling errors, improve grammar, reduce typos, and even provide context-specific recommendations.

Grammarly can be added to Chrome in just five simple steps. Continue reading to find out how.

How to add Grammarly to Chrome?

How to add Grammarly to Chrome

Step 1 – Download the Extension

The first step is to download the Grammarly extension onto your Chrome browser. To do this, open up your Google Chrome browser and navigate to the Chrome Web Store.

Type “Grammarly” into the search bar at the top of the page, then select “Add to Chrome” beneath the official Grammarly extension.

This will prompt you to add the extension to your browser. Click “Add Extension” when prompted.

Step 2 – Create an Account

Once you have installed the extension onto your browser, you will be prompted to create an account with Grammarly.

Click “Sign Up Now” in order to set up an account with your email address or log in through one of your social media accounts such as Facebook or Twitter if you already have one registered with them.

Step 3 – Choose a Plan

After creating an account, you will be given two options for using Grammarly – either use it for free or upgrade for additional features through its premium service.

The free version includes basic grammar checks while the premium version includes more advanced checks such as plagiarism detection and vocabulary enhancements which are especially useful for professional writers and bloggers alike.

Select whichever option suits you best and click “Continue” when ready.

  • Grammarly Basic Plan

The Basic version of Grammarly provides users with grammar and spelling checks, including context-specific sentence structure suggestions, as well as automated proofreading and plagiarism detection.

This plan is great if you’re just starting out in the world of writing or if you already have basic knowledge of grammar.

It’s also perfect for those who want an easy way to check their work for errors before submitting it for publication or review.

  • Grammarly Advanced Plan

The Advanced version of Grammarly includes all the features found in the Basic plan plus more advanced grammar and style checks.

These include complex sentence structure suggestions, vocabulary enhancements, as well as citation recommendations.

This plan is ideal for those who want a more comprehensive editing experience.

It’s perfect for experienced writers who need a deeper level of editing or those who want to make sure their work is completely error-free before submitting it for publication or review.

  • Business Plan

The Business plan includes all the features of the premium plan but adds support for teams within an organization by providing access to collaborative documents across multiple users with user management tools such as role-based permissions, user activity tracking reports, etc.

The business plan also includes exclusive features such as integration with popular project management tools like Asana & Trello and custom team style guides which can be enforced across all documents created within the organization.

This plan is ideal for organizations looking to streamline their workflow processes while ensuring content quality & consistency across their documents/publications/websites etc.

Step 4 – Connect Your Browser

Once you have chosen either a free or paid plan for using Grammarly, it’s time to connect it to your web browser so that it can start working its magic on any text that is typed in there!

Click on “Turn On in Chrome” at the bottom of the screen and grant permission for Grammarly by clicking “Allow Access” when prompted by chrome.

You should now see a green check mark next to each sentence in any text box that appears within Chrome indicating that it has been checked by Grammarly!

Step 5 – Enjoy Your Writing Experience!

You are now all set up with using Grammarly on Chrome! All you need to do now is enjoy your improved writing experience!

As you type into any text box within chrome, feel free to make use of all of its amazing features such as automated grammar corrections, contextual spelling checks, and even suggestions based on writing style preferences which can be tweaked within the settings menu accessible from within your account dashboard!  Enjoy!

Why should you add Grammarly to Chrome?

1. Grammar Checker

Grammarly is a comprehensive grammar checker that will identify any errors in your writing. This includes grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, word choice, and more.

It also provides suggestions for how to correct the errors so you can quickly fix them.

Grammarly Free Grammar Checker Features

This helps make sure that your writing is clear and accurate as well as free of embarrassing mistakes that could detract from its impact.

2. Plagiarism Detector

Grammarly also has a built-in plagiarism detector that will alert you if there are any similarities between what you’ve written and existing content on the Internet.

This is important because plagiarism is taken very seriously; it’s not only unethical but can have serious legal consequences too.

Plagiarism Checker by Grammarly

With Grammarly’s plagiarism detector, you can make sure that all of your work is original and unique before you submit it or publish it online.

3. Style Checker

Finally, Grammarly has a style checker feature that will analyze your text for readability and consistency in terms of style and tone.

This helps ensure that your work communicates clearly to readers from start to finish by highlighting anything that might be confusing or unclear.

Grammarly Style Checker Features

It also helps make sure that all of the elements of style—such as word choice, sentence structure, and formatting—are consistent throughout the piece for maximum impact.

4. Writing Assistance on Demand

Grammarly is a great way to make sure your writing looks polished and professional.

It automatically finds typos and grammar mistakes in whatever you write online, including emails, blog posts, social media updates, and more.

It also suggests ways you can improve your writing by suggesting synonyms or rephrasing awkward sentences.

Plus, it checks for plagiarism so you don’t have to worry about accidentally using someone else’s words without giving them proper credit.

5. Improved Productivity & Efficiency

Adding Grammarly to Chrome allows you to quickly check the accuracy of your work without having to constantly switch back and forth between tabs or programs.

This makes it easier for you to check your work before submitting it or sending it off for review. With Grammarly in Chrome, there’s no need for multiple rounds of proofreading—just one quick scan with Grammarly will do the trick!

6. More Time For What Matters Most 

By automating much of the editing process with Grammarly in Chrome, you free up more time to focus on what matters most—the actual content of your writing!

This means that instead of agonizing over every word choice and punctuation mark, you can spend more time crafting a compelling story or argument that keeps readers engaged and motivated to act on what they’ve read.

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Conclusion: How to add Grammarly to Chrome?

With just five easy steps, anyone can quickly add Grammarly’s powerful editing tools directly into their Google Chrome Browser and start improving their writing experience right away!

Whether you’re a professional writer or blogger looking for advanced features like plagiarism detection or someone who just wants help catching typos before posting online, adding Grammarly to your Google Chrome browser is sure to help make life easier for any writer out there! Give it a try today!


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