How To Add Facebook Friends To Your WhatsApp 2024?

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Now, Facebook is the world’s most popular Social network, and well, WhatsApp? The most popular Instant Messaging application. Okay hey if you’re here from the Search Engine, I already know what you’re looking for, How To Add Facebook Friends To Whatsapp, right?

Well, congratulations, you’re in for luck. That’s exactly what I’m covering here, a detailed guide that will let you do that!

Well hey, this is the first time I’m writing about “Facebook” and “Whatsapp” at the same time! So well, I just can’t miss the chance to inspire you.

Well nope, I’m no philosopher, but the story of Facebook & Whatsapp and how all of this came into being, can inspire well even a dead man. So trust me it’ll be worth it.

The Facebook-Whatsapp Connection:-

Yeah be patient, I’ll show you How To Import Your Facebook Contacts To WhatsApp, but before that, let me relax you up a bit. (You won’t believe how Whatsapp came into being, trust me!)

Well, I’ll keep it short, Jan Koum, an Engineer at Yahoo suddenly one day thought Yahoo was no good for him anyway, and he went out to apply at Facebook. I mean, for a job.

What happened was, Facebook didn’t see “Potential” in him, and well rejected him.

That guy went home, got some ideas, and along with his Partner Brian Acton, started working on a “messaging application”.

Well, that’s not the “best part” of the story. The best part is, a couple of years later, Facebook, had to acquire Whatsapp, the messaging application from Jan, for $19 Million!

Well so as they say, everything happens for a reason, huh?

If it was not for the rejection, Jan would still be working at Facebook or Yahoo and this world would never see the face of Whatsapp! (Or well, Jan and Brian wouldn’t see $19Million).

Benefits of Inviting Friends from Facebook to Whatsapp:-

Okay, I’m sure you’ve had the question, “How do I synchronize my Facebook contacts on WhatsApp”, right? But have you ever wondered, why?

I mean why would you want to add contacts from Facebook to WhatsApp? Why do you need a built-in function for this? You can always post a status with your number and get added to your friends, right?

Well, not exactly.

  • This Feature is easy! (Well yeah, easier than inboxing every Facebook friend and being like “Hey, this is my number please add me on Whatsapp).
  • It’s Private:- If you post a Facebook status, every Tom-Dick & Harry is going to add you on their WhatsApp, right? And get your numbers. Now, you might not always want that, huh?
  • You get to choose:- Well you have the power to choose the friends you want to invite over WhatsApp and not the other way around. So you can choose only those pals whom you’re really interested to talk with.
  • Increases conversations:- Needless to say, if you add more people you want to talk to, of course, you’ll have more conversations. And well, I can’t remember any time in history when some chit-chat killed someone, right?

How To Add Facebook Friends To Whatsapp?

So finally down to the “exciting” part! How exactly will I answer your question that says “How to sync Facebook contacts with WhatsApp contacts.”? Just read along!

  • Run Whatsapp, well means just start it, and then click on the three small dots on the top right corner of the screen.

run whatsapp

  • From the menu that comes up, select Settings.


  • Now you’re in your account settings tab! Select Contacts from here.


  • Now you won’t be much confusion as there are only two options. And they’re pretty straightforward. So just click on “Invite a friend”.

invite friends

  • Well, now a “invite a friend” box would come up. And select Facebook from it! (I’ve got the lite version installed!)


Ignore the quality of the screenshot, this “invite via” popup can’t be “screenshot-ed” so well had to take a snap of this snap using 2 different cell devices, hence the quality.

Okay anyway, now all you’ve to do is, select the friends you want to invite, and voila! Done! So hey, not that hard huh?

Final Words:- How To Add Facebook Friends To Your WhatsApp?

So well that was it, folks. On How To Add Facebook Friends To Whatsapp, it’s basically a four-step process, that takes less than 2minutes to be completed.

Here’s a summary of the whole process, so as to make your job easier.

Run Whatsapp > Three Dots (Upper right corner)Settings > Contacts > Invite Friends.

Done!  Now inviting friends from Facebook to WhatsApp was never this easy. Earlier they had this “tell your friends about Whatsapp” button which got dissolved, probably after the Facebook acquisition of Whatsapp.

So well yeah now Facebook owns both the companies, therefore, no doubt that it wants to merge the users. I mean so that they can connect to and fro the services, it’s all going to Facebook’s account anyway, right? So yeah no issues there.

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