How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Laptop Keyboard 2023? Ultimate Guide

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In this post, we’ll assist you with How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Laptop Keyboard 2023?

Between $20 to $60, you can get a new keyboard. If the keys are sticky because you spilled coffee on them or if there is a mechanical or physical problem, I highly recommend that you do this. Has it been consumed? Kidding. As a disclaimer, here’s the deal:

  • Do not try if you are unfamiliar with computers or have never changed components. You know that experience trumps knowledge in these procedures.
  • If you remove the wires from a functional laptop carelessly, you may cause damage to other components. So you could break something else trying to fix the keyboard.
  • Remove the keyboard only if your laptop is still under warranty. But why bother when there’s a warranty? Claim it for free right now!

Let’s see how to replace a laptop keyboard and how much it costs.

How to Replace Your Laptop Keyboard in 3 Steps:

If you’d want to replace the keyboard on your laptop, you can find instructions for doing so right here.

Laptop Keyboard Repairing - How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Laptop Keyboard?

Step 1: Online or Offline, search for the exact match

This is vital since your laptop is unique. A keyboard from another model won’t function on your laptop. It’s as if two species can’t mate and have children. So, first, locate a suitable substitute.

  • In the search bar on your laptop, enter System Information.
  • A pop-up will appear when you click the app.
  • There you’ll locate the laptop’s maker and model. You need these two elements to acquire the correct keyboard.

Now look for a replacement on Google, eBay, Alibaba, or any online retailer you choose. Again, choose just the proper make and model.

The price of keyboards varies depending on the model and kind.

  • A regular one costs $20-$60.
  • Buying lit ones will cost you between $60 and $90.
  • The Palm Rest keyboard may cost between $100 and $150.

Using any of these keyboards is laptop specific. An illuminated keyboard is usually seen on gaming laptops.

Step 2: Entire Keyboard Disposal

  • Replace the keyboard while the laptop is off. So turn it off first. Unplug the charger if you have it.
  • View the laptop’s underbelly. A few screws are visible. Some are for the keyboard, some for the screen.
  • Undo all screws using a Phillips screwdriver. If you are unsure which screw unlocks which item, cautiously remove a few to test the screen or keyboard.
  • Lift the chassis. A tiny wire connects it to the motherboard. Attempting to remove or relocate this cord will deactivate your laptop. Delicately remove the flat cable.
  • After removing the keyboard and rear cover, check for the motherboard connection. To remove the keyboard, you must undo little latches on the connection. You should hear a ticking sound.
  • Look for any screws keeping the keyboard in place and remove them using a screwdriver.
  • When you’re done, carefully remove the keyboard.

Step 3: Changing a Keyboard

  • Your previous keyboard should be gone now. You’d see a void poised to devour your soul. It’s time to replace it. Amen.
  • Connect the new keyboard’s cord where you unplugged the old one. Be gentle and cautious since you don’t want to mess things up now.
  • Remember to put the wire in and tighten all the flaps, etc. so there is no gap. Reinstall the flat cable and tighten any loose screws. Rhyme!
  • Then, gently push the keyboard over the hole.
  • Close the chassis flap with the same screwdriver and power on your laptop to make sure you didn’t harm it.

That’s how you install a new keyboard. But, again, proficiency with computers is required. This may be difficult if you have never looked inside a laptop. You may also watch a few videos online to learn where each wire goes and then come back here to do it all.

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Conclusion: How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Laptop Keyboard 2023?

Changing the keyboard on a laptop necessitates the purchase of a new one. You should expect to pay anywhere from $20 to $60 or perhaps more for this, depending on the brand and kind of laptop you use.

Even if you choose the palm rest, it shouldn’t cost you more than $200 in most cases. In the case of those who have never worked with a laptop before, the price isn’t very important.

Trying to make things tough for yourself is not something you want to do.

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