How Long Should a Blog Post Be: Ideal Content Length For SEO

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When it comes to SEO, a blog post’s length is quite important.

The amount of traffic and backlinks your blog article will receive are directly related to its length.

Since search engines believe that longer blog articles will be of greater value to readers, longer blog posts generally outperform shorter ones in search engine results.

Due to this, before beginning to write their material, each professional blogger determines How Long Should a Blog Post Be.

You might be wondering – but How Long Should a Blog Post Be for SEO to get more traffic and Backlinks right? Don’t worry, this post will answer all your queries.

So How Long Should a Blog Post Be?

There isn’t a very specific length or number of words as to how long your content should be. You can write with the flow and go as lengthy as it takes to explain the topic your blog post and hence it also depends on the topic of the query.

The ideal length for a blog post is 500 words if it offers value, but if it takes more than 2000 words to fully describe the subject, you shouldn’t be afraid to write that much.

However there’s a proven pattern that every pro blogger follows to get the ideal length of the blog Post.

We will have a detailed look at this question later on this blog post.

so let’s dive into the actual contents of the post.

How long should your blog post be?

As I mentioned in the above paragraphs that content length doesn’t matter as long as your post provides the most value.

People visit your website to get answers to their questions, not to read the content. Therefore, you should strive to respond to their Query in your blog Post as quickly as you can.

Your content should be most precise, valuable and should also deliver on promise.

Different type of content requires different content length.

For example:

If your pillar post is the finest you can write in your niche, it might need to be as long as 5000 words. such is how to learn guitar, etc.

Other pieces, meanwhile, such those that don’t require a lot of explanation and those that focus on a specific problem, can be written in less time. the price or size of a boat, for instance? Etc. (These comments can typically be responded to in 1300–2500 words.)

Different Types of Content Length for Different types of Blog Posts

Yeah, you read it right, there are different type of content length for Different types of Blog Post.

1. Pillar Blog Posts

Pillar Posts are the absolute best type of blog Posts that you can write in your niche, these posts require more length to explain its contents and hence the length of these posts are the longest among all type of blog posts.

Pillar Blog posts usually range from 3000 – 10,000+ words.

Pillar Blog Post Examples 👇

  1. How To Start Playing Guitar
  2. How To Become a Travel Blogger
  3. How to build a gaming PC
  4. How to cook biryani
  5. How to start a blog

So you get the idea right? The blog posts whose answer can’t be given in less number of words fall under the category of Pillar Blog posts and it always require you to go an extra mile to write these type of contents.

2. Medium Length Blog Posts

Medium lenth blog posts doesn’t require as much work as a Pillar post, but they are still pretty huge length of a blog post whose content length usually lies in range of 2500+ Words.

In medium length blog posts you can include Short How to Posts, List Posts, Interviews, Review articles etc.

So you get the idea right? These medium length blog posts are still big enough but not as big as pillar posts.

Example of Medium Length Blog Posts:

  1. Top 10 vegetarian sources of protein.
  2. Top 5 ways to burn body fat.
  3. Top 10 Exercises to loose belly fat

3. Short Blog Posts

These blog posts are the shortest form of blog posts, and writing them doesn’t take much time.

Such blog postings can be produced in an hour or less in the morning.

Short blog articles are those that provide a particular response to a query without needing to go into great depth.

A short blog post often has between 1500 and 2000 words, which is a nice length for a short blog post.


  1. How much a luxury yacht costs?
  2. How much a luxury yacht weights?
  3. How much money is required to build a gaming PC?

so the above type of blog Posts doesn’t require much detailed explanation and can be answered withing 1500 words, these type of blog posts are called short blog posts.

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Pro Tip For Finding Blog Post Length

I would encourage you to conduct competition research on the subject matter you intend to write about. To do this, simply perform a Google search for the subject matter you intend to write about and note the length of the top-ranking articles on the first page.

Then organise your content accordingly for the right length by taking a look at the article lengths that are in the top 10.

You may get a good idea of how long a blog article should be by completing this quick assignment before writing it.

Conclusion of How Long Should a Blog Post Be

I personally utilise the aforementioned strategies to determine the ideal length for my blog posts and write in accordance with that length, and this has significantly aided our blog’s growth.

I believe you now have a good understanding of how long a blog post should be to achieve the best results.

So go ahead and start putting everything you’ve learned here into practise and start using it on your site, and you’ll notice fantastic results.

We appreciate you reading this article.

Happy Blogging 😊

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FAQs Related to How Long Should a Blog Post Be

What’s the ideal length of a blog post?

It depends upon the type of blog Post and the topic of blog post that you are writing.

Here’s what Backlinko found in their research: Backlinko analysed 912 million blog Posts and content length was a huge factor that helped to rank certain content higher that other content.

What’s the ideal blog post length of a pillar blog post?

The ideal blog post length of a pillar blog post usually lies in the range of 3500+ words and above.

What’s the best way to determine the ideal blog post length?

The best way to determine the ideal blog post length is to do a Competitor analysis of the topic that you are going to write on Google search engine, and based on the content length of your top ranking Search engine Competitors, structure your content length accordinly.

The websites that are ranking on too are there for a reason.

What should you do when you can’t reach your ideal length of the blog post?

The best thing to do at that situation is to take some time off from your blogging routine and do something else.

When you don’t feel like writing, you shouldn’t write at that time because it’s going to reflect on your writing style and the readers will find it boring to read.

Or sometimes the Blog post itself can’t be made lengthy enough because there’s not any material to write further. In this situation you should probably do some more research and find some more facts, figures and data to write more.

How Long Should a Blog Post Be
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