OTP is not Safe: This is how Hackers hack your Data Using SMS

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Day by day our privacy protection in devices is increasing and also hackers also have some tricks to hack our data. Today I am going to tell you how hackers hack your data using SMS Attacks.

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OTP is not Safe: This is how Hackers hack your Data Using SMS

If you are using a smartphone and you are thinking that your data is safe then you are wrong. This is a fact that the danger of a new attack is always lurking. Cybersecurity experts have now detected a new mode of attack in which Hackers are using SMS attacks and they can steal your data from smartphones by using this new way.

As per the reports by Joseph Cox of Vice, the text messages are redirected by the hacker to get the OTP of the user’s device and then steal your personal data. After a successful attack, the hacker can also get the access to Whatsapp account also.

This attack was discovered when a motherboard reporter, Joseph Cox was attacked and the most surprising thing is that they did not even know at that moment their devices were hacked.

Joseph Cox said this in his report:

“Looking down at my phone, there was no sign it had been hacked. I still had reception; the phone said I was still connected to the T-Mobile network. Nothing was unusual there. But the hacker had swiftly, stealthily, and largely effortlessly redirected my text messages to themselves. And all for just $16.

This is what he said in his report.

How Hackers hack your Data Using SMS?

This attack happens at just 16$, a hacker gets his access by paying just 16$. The company told that the issue was solved. Moreover, some of the companies know about the attack then also they are blaming CTIA, the trade organization.

These attacks are possible because of the telecom industry’s carelessness. By using this new mode of SMS attack, the hackers can redirect the important text messages that contain OTP or login links and can get your persona data as well as access your WhatsApp accounts.

This new mode of SMS attacking is in the list of hacking ways and companies are working to prevent them. Already there are attacks on SIM Swapping and SS7 that are affecting many users. However, the thing is that in other hacking attacks users get to know that their devices are hacked after a moment. But in SMS attacking users do not get to know anything.

So, to avoid this, it is better to not depend on SMS services. You must use authenticator apps and for bank-related OTPs, you must register your email account with your account to receive the OTPs.

Final Words

Now you know that OTP SMS is not safe anymore and you must take precautions. We also tell you how hackers hack your data using SMS attacks so now you can check that your phone is safe or not.


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