Helium 10 Pricing Plans Comparision 2024: How Much Does It Cost?

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Whether you’re just starting or you’re already in the game, Helium 10 has tools that help you find products, optimize listings, and keep an eye on the competition.

Today, I’m going to break down their pricing plans. I know that when I started, figuring out the cost and picking the right plan was a big deal.

So, I’ll make it simple for you to understand what each plan offers and how it fits your budget. Ready to find the perfect Helium 10 plan for your Amazon adventure?

Let’s get started!

Helium 10 Pricing Plans 2024: How Much Is Helium 10 Per Month?

Helium 10 is the way to go, whether you’re just getting started or an experienced seller who wants to get the most out of their experience.

We can assist you with strategies that are tailored to your specific requirements, and we won’t hesitate to demonstrate what it is about their services that you won’t want to overlook.

Helium 10 Pricing Plans

Free Trial

The free plan will provide you with just enough information to know that we are looking out for your best interests.

The free plan includes up to 20 uses of their product research black box, 30 days of use of their trends finder, and up to two keyword research options per day.

You also get two reverse ASIN lookups and 30 days of use of the keyword processor, financial analytics dashboard, and listing optimizer (which you don’t get with the platinum plan).

Here is what you get with a free plan:

  • Black Box: 20 free uses
  • Trendster: 30 days of free usage
  • Xray: 50 free launches.
  • Cerebro: 2 uses per day
  • Magnet: 2 uses per day
  • Misspellinator: Unlimited
  • Frankenstein: 30 days
  • Scribbles: 30 days
  • Index Checker: 6 uses
  • Alerts: Up to 2 ASINs
  • Inventory Protector: Unlimited usage
  • Refund Genie: Limited usage
  • Keyword Tracker: Track up to 20 keywords
  • Market Tracker: Track 1 market
  • Profits: 30 days of free usage
  • Inventory Management: 30 days of free usage

One of the advantages of the free trial is that you do not have to provide your credit card information. However, if you want to keep using the tools, you must switch to a paid subscription.

This should be done before you hit your usage limits. You won’t be able to utilize those tools with limits once you’ve reached your usage limits.

However, you’ll be prompted to improve your plan. While this isn’t a problem, having to interrupt what you’re doing to look for your credit card can be.

Plus, if you’re utilizing programs like inventory management and keyword tracking, you don’t want to lose your data. As a result, my advice is to start with the free plan. And if you want the latest discount, I highly recommend you check out our article on Helium 10 Discount.

Starter Plan ($29/month)

The Helium 10 new beginner plan was designed with you in mind from the start. It’s only $37 per month, and it comes with all of the tools and training you’ll need to sell on Amazon. It really is a great deal for newcomers.

HELIUM 10 has all of the tools you’ll need, ranging from product research to ad research.

Additional Perks of the Starter Plan: 

You can connect up to two accounts with either Amazon Seller Central or Walmart. Get unrestricted access to our Amazon Seller Training Course, Freedom Ticket.

Be sure to check out Freedom Ticket, an exclusive Amazon FBA seller course taught by 7-Figure Amazon selling master Kevin King, if you are new to selling on Amazon and want a no-nonsense, A-to-Z guide to Amazon best practices and how to be successful when first starting.

If you are interested in this kind of information, you should look into purchasing a Freedom Ticket. This is an organized course that is divided into separate weekly parts.

It is designed to walk you through the process of selling on Amazon using examples from the real world, as well as how to utilize each Helium 10 tool along the way.

Platinum Plan ($79/month)

Here is what you will get with the Helium 10 platinum plan:

  • Black Box: Unlimited access
  • Trendster: Unlimited access
  • X-ray: Unlimited access
  • Cerebro: Unlimited access
  • Magnet: Unlimited access
  • Misspellinator: Unlimited access
  • Frankenstein: Unlimited access
  • Scribbles: Unlimited access
  • Index Checker: 150 uses per month
  • Alerts: on up to 300 ASINs
  • Inventory Protector: Unlimited Access
  • Refund Genie: unlimited access
  • Follow-up: 5,000 follow-up
  • Keyword Trackers: Track up to 2,500 keywords
  • Profits: Unlimited access
  • Inventory Management: Up to 20 SKUs
  • Portals: up to 3 portals for the landing page builder
  • Freedom Ticket for Amazon Sellers Training

Diamond Plan ($299/month)

You could also look into the diamond plan to move things along a bit faster. You get everything from the platinum level and more with this one.

You will add things like the Frankenstein keyword generator and the listing optimizer Scribbles. Not only that, but the index checker can be used up to 300 times per month.

Up to 600 uses are for keyword tracking and ASINs for listing monitoring, which makes it an even better deal. You’ll also get services to stop coupon abuse, a tool for researching products, and a dashboard for financial analytics. Not only that, but you also get up to 15,000 emails per month, multi-user logins, and follow-up email processing tools, all for a price that can’t be beat.

The Diamond Plan has even more features than the Platinum Plan and is made for experienced buyers who want to use them to stay competitive in the market.

The Diamond Plan is the one to choose if you need several people to access these features.

For all you receive, I still believe it is fantastic value for money.

You can also have up to three distinct user logins.

Here is what the Diamond plan offers:

  • Black Box: unlimited access
  • Trendster: unlimited access
  • X-ray: unlimited access
  • Cerebro: unlimited access
  • Magnet: unlimited access
  • Misspellinator: unlimited access
  • Frankenstein: unlimited access
  • Scribbles: unlimited access
  • Index Checker: 300 uses per month
  • Alerts: on up to 600 ASINs
  • Inventory Protector: unlimited access
  • Refund Genie: unlimited access
  • Follow-up: 15,000 follow-up emails per month
  • Keyword Tracker: up to 5,000 keywords
  • Market Tracker: up to 10 markets
  • Profits: unlimited access
  • Inventory Management: unlimited access
  • ADS: unlimited access to PPC automation
  • Portals: up to 6 portals for the landing page builder
  • Connected Accounts: up to 4 accounts
  • Freedom Ticket for Amazon Seller Training

Adtomic & Diamond Bundle ($349/mo)

helium 10 adtomic and diamond bundle

Helium 10 is the perfect choice for experienced sellers looking to streamline their PPC advertising. The Adtomic & Diamond Bundle offers comprehensive tools and features that provide clear analytics, AI-powered suggestions, advanced templates, and automation—all at a fixed $349/month price!

With Helium 10, you can create, manage, and optimize PPC campaigns quickly with minimal effort and maximum success. Get the tools you need to maximize your returns on investment with Helium 10 efficiently.

Helium 10 Pricing Table

Price $29 to $349
Discount 20% OFF Your First 6 Months or 10% OFF Every Month
Free Trial 30-day Free trial
Training Helium 10 Academy (Freedom Ticket Course)

Helium: 10 Pros And Cons

Pros Cons
Integrated, all-in-one system (save money and switch between ecosystems) No supplier database
These are the tools that are the industry standard for product validation, reverse ASIN lookups and listing optimization. Access to the complete content is somewhat pricey.
Free starter plans are available to new business owners A steep slope for learning
exclusive instruments that cannot be located elsewhere else (Frankenstein, Cerebro, Magneto, Scribbles)
Integrated Search Engine Optimization and Marketing Tools
Easy landing page builder
Training with an emphasis on Amazon
Responsive support

Is Helium 10 worth the price?

Are you curious as to whether or not the purchase will be worth the cost? Absolutely, this is the case.

This is because this service was created specifically to provide you with all of the many features that are required to get your Amazon-selling business off the ground (and ten miles above the ground).

You will be able to monitor everything that you are doing, in addition to being able to watch everything that your most significant rival is doing.

You also have the opportunity to broaden your horizons and learn more about the methods that are required to attract new viewers, convert them into customers, and build your business.

We want to make sure that you can enjoy the same advantages that other Amazon sellers who used any of the features included in any of the plans did.

These features have all been tested and found to be effective. You should do one of two things: either take a closer look at each of our plans and see how each one could help you, or check out the free trial to get a taste of what Helium 10 has to offer and see whether it meets your needs.

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I hope that my in-depth review of the various plans and what’s included will assist you in selecting the best plan for your company.

I recommend starting with the free trial plan and working through all of the tools for the first 30 days. This will allow you to determine whether or not they will be beneficial to you.

Then, based on the size of your company and your requirements, choose between the Platinum and Diamond plans. This will provide you with sufficient access to all of the tools you require.

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If you are a more high-level seller, I would suggest you go with the Adtomic & Diamond Bundle.

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