Graphy Vs Thinkific In 2024-Which Online Course Platform Is Better?

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Confused whether between Graphy Vs Thinkific. Are you seeking a cost-effective method of growing and establishing a community via education? If the answer is yes, you have arrived at the correct location.

However, before you do so, you should determine which learning site is superior in many ways.

 We’re going to conduct a fair comparison of the two most efficient online learning communities,Graphy Vs Thinkific , in this post.

Both groups have expanded their reach in online education since the outbreak.

These platforms are similar yet distinct from one another. Therefore, to understand the difference between Graphy and Thinkific and to make an informed decision, continue reading the text. Graphy Vs Thinkific 


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Pricing ₹2,999/month Free Trial
Best for

This service is a wonderful way to share and expand your knowledge with your audience while also earning money.

The system has tools that not only assist you in creating online courses, but also in marketing, promoting, and managing your digital goods.

  • Construct A Commercially Successful Enterprise
  • Create Your Own Brand
  • Create Landing Pages For Courses
  • Promote Your Wares
  • Students get an in-depth experience
  • Years of expertise and study
  • takes less than 60 seconds to create a website with Graphy
  • PPT presentation tool that simplifies video creation
  • Thinkific’s free plan is excellent
  • They provide priority phone help
  • Free plan is excellent
  • None
  • There is no chat help
  • There is no integrated email marketing,
  • No marketplace for online courses
Ease of Use

The ease of use of Graphy is better than that of Thinkific.

The ease of use of Thinkific is not up to the mark if we compare with Graphy

Value For Money

Pricing model makes Graphy the best platform for beginners.

Thinkific is bit expensive In comparison of Graphy.

Customer Support

24 X 7 chat support

A Thinkific Community is a place, outside of your course content, where you can foster conversations with your students

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Graphy Vs Thinkific In 2024: Overview

 What Is Graphy?

 Graphy is a cloud-based learning management system that enables users to create and sell online courses.

This service is a wonderful way to share and expand your knowledge with your audience while also earning money.

You can create courses, hold live sessions, and grow your community all on one site.

 Whatever you produce on this platform is entirely yours (be it your audio website, community,your mailing list, and even the brands associated with it).

The most reassuring aspect of this website is that it is a popular product of India’s most trusted online educational brand – unacademy.

Graphy Vs Thinkific

Graphy is simple to use, which is reassuring for novices.

It is the ideal location for individuals to discover the globe and share their expertise on certain subjects.

Everything you view on this platform is housed on their secure server, which means you will never lose track of anything if anything goes wrong during the course launch or session hosting process.

The critical policy to consider is that they do not alter the subscription fee structure, which means they profit from your earnings.

As a teacher, you have the option of charging students whatever you wish for your course.

You may begin by offering your lessons for free and then charge based on your talents and expertise.

 What Is Thinkific?

Thinkific is a course production and membership site platform that enables individuals of all backgrounds to benefit from sharing their expertise.

Because it is a cloud-based application, it can host all of your material for you, which eliminates the need for a third-party hosting solution.

The system has tools that not only assist you in creating online courses, but also in marketing, promoting, and managing your digital goods.

Graphy Vs Thinkific

Additionally, it has a drag-and-drop website builder that enables you to completely personalize the design and feel of your marketplace.

Email marketing enables you to communicate with your pupils. Additionally, you may allow students to advertise and sell courses through affiliate marketing.

Essentially, Thinkific allows you to construct an online business dedicated to selling courses.

Graphy Vs Thinkific: Battle of the Features

Major Features And Benefits Of Thinkific

Here’s are 4 reasons you should choose Thinkific:

1. Support Your Students:

There are a variety of management solutions available to assist you in supporting your pupils.

Progress indicators, course replays, and language settings are all available.

And after they complete a course, you can personalize a completion page and even provide evidence of completion.

You may track student progress using Thinkific’s built-in tracking system.

You may monitor pupils’ progress by sending reminder emails. You may examine their current progress and export the data for additional examination using the reporting system.

2. Promote Your Wares:

 Additionally, you have control over how your courses are marketed. You may distribute discounts and provide free trials.

Additionally, there is an option to allow upselling.

You may design customized first-month payments and payment options.

Increase the appeal of your courses by including payment alternatives in many currencies.

The site supports over a hundred different currencies. Additionally, Thinkific takes all major payment cards via their interface with Stripe.

All transactions with your online school are completely safe.

Additionally, there are tools available to assist you in increasing the number of visitors to your Thinkific site.

Connect your email provider to the platform to conduct email marketing.

However, email tools are not the only applications that can be integrated; there are around 1,000 apps that can be connected.

Additionally, you may establish an affiliate marketing network to compensate students for selling your courses on your behalf.

You decide the commission rates, which means you are not concerned with your bottom line.

Graphy Vs Thinkific

3. Create Course Materials:

As with landing pages, courses on Thinkific are created through a drag-and-drop interface.

And, yes, this also implies that you do not need to know how to code in order to create online courses.

Thinkific supports a variety of file types, allowing you to upload almost any sort of document to your landing pages.

You may include text, photos, and videos in your post. Speaking of videos, it’s worth noting that Thinkific offers free video hosting.

Additionally, you may include quizzes, surveys, and downloads. With a few little adjustments, you may personalize your classes.

You may, for example, post private or concealed courses. You may create lessons that serve as requirements for other courses. You have the option of introducing numerous teachers.

 If you want to ensure that all of your students progress at the same rate, you may use drip content.

4. Create Landing Pages For Courses:

 Your online learning adventure begins with the creation of a website that will house all of your courses.

Fortunately, Thinkific makes this simple. You don’t even need to know how to code to create a website.

Simply drag-and-drop pieces and make required changes to the site’s appearance.

 If you don’t want to start from scratch, you may select from a variety of themes that all seem attractive and professional.

 Thinkific enables you to choose a custom domain, which helps you to differentiate your site via appropriate branding.

Those that are proficient in HTML and CSS may further enhance their landing sites.

Major Features And Benefits Of Graphy

Here’s are 5 reasons you should choose Graphy

1. Construct A Commercially Successful Enterprise:

They exists few critical considerations about commercialization arise.

to aid you in developing new revenue streams.

Profit from your audience by offering live sessions, courses, and more. Create an account and make use of all of the features available.

By now, you’re aware that you can develop an online course and deliver it in a variety of forms, including live sessions and pre-recorded materials.

Another option to bundle your information is to make recordings of live sessions.

By incorporating many formats into a single course, you present the student with a plethora of learning alternatives.

This is an excellent approach to monetize your information without complicating the delivery process.

2. Create Your Own Brand: 

Naturally, The first is that YouTube already has a vast collection of pre-existing videos.

Therefore, why bother devoting time and effort to creating a fresh, unique avenue?

The genuine benefit of developing your own distinct brand comes with authority and trust.

If you’ve been writing for a while, your followers should be familiar with who you are and what you do.

They come to class trusting you; they understand what they’re receiving out of the sessions, particularly when it comes to supplementary items such as activities or handouts.

This is not an easy feat on YouTube, where anybody can create a channel and submit videos with little or no explanation and yet get followers.

Whatever you produce for your online course will be distinct and distinguishable from others.

They will assist you in developing a distinctive brand. You have the ability to develop your own brand, website, community, email lists, and audience, among other things.

A unique brand image will compel people to take you seriously; this is a need that Graphy fully meets.

Graphy Vs Thinkific

3. Say Good-Bye To WhatsApp Groups:

 Graphy courses feature alternatives for community participation such as chat rooms, forums, and answers.

While students in your classwork on their projects, they will be able to interact and exchange materials through chat.

Not only can you assist students during sessions through live chat, but they can also engage with one another, exchange resources, and collaborate via the Community feature, allowing them to progress via peer-to-peer learning.

They may discuss their thoughts and concerns with the other kids in their class.

Additionally, you may communicate with them, exchange announcements, and contribute to the development of an exciting community!

4. Conquer Your Communications:

Create a mailing list and engage in direct communication with your audience.

Send, schedule, and automate emails without switching applications.

We live in the Information Age, in which technology is continually evolving and giving us incredible tools to make life simpler.

Email automation is one of these solutions that will boost your online teaching experiences.

For instance, if you’re giving an online class, you may send your students an email prior to the start of each lesson. Consider the following:

Before you begin, write a synopsis of the lesson.

Include some homework assignments in the email. In this manner, they may self-check before attending the lecture, which eliminates the need for you to grade their work during your online lectures, giving you more time for yourself.

However, it is critical that students understand that you will not be responding to their emails, but that they may check and respond if they like.

Inquire about their study of the last lecture (or lesson) and any questions they may have – this should encourage them to work independently without waiting for your comments. Additionally, you may provide a summary of the preceding lesson and much more.

5. Maintain A Record Of Your Progress:

Their detailed analytics and regular reports let you see what works and what may be improved.

Additionally, Graphy connects with Google Analytics and Google Optimise smoothly.

Features Verdict – Graphy Vs Thinkific

Both Graphy and Thinkific have really nice features and do the job.

However, you will see there are more features in Graphy and as we have tested it multiple times, it has a better customer experience and reviews as well.

Also, the ease of use of Graphy is better than that of Thinkific. Hence, we can say that Graphy is better than Thinkific.

Pricing Comparison

Thinkific Pricing –

  •   Free ($ 0): Take a free trial of Thinkific’s main features and explore the possibilities with our intuitive course builder.
  •   Basic ($ 49 per month and $ 39 per month if paid annually): Begin your course development journey by learning about the fundamental features and tools required to build your first course.
  •   Pro ($ 99 per month and $ 79 per month if paid annually): For course developers interested in establishing a successful online course company, a comprehensive set of tools for delivering an exceptional student experience.
  •  Premier ($ 499 per month and $ 399 per month if paid annually): For advanced consumers who are prepared to start their own learning company. Designed for large-scale online education delivery.

Graphy Vs Thinkific

Graphy Pricing –

  •   There is no subscription fee for Graphy. All you have to do is pay flat 5 % of each of your transactions and that is all.

Graphy Vs Thinkific

Pricing Verdict: 

Since there is no subscription fee for Graphy it is obviously the clear winner here.

5 % of your earnings is still not much. Their different pricing model makes Graphy the best platform for beginners.

Graphy Vs Thinkific: Pros and Cons

Thinkific Pros

  • Through a membership model, you may charge a monthly recurring subscription fee for continued access to a course.
  • For more costly courses, you might offer students payment choices such as a monthly payment plan.
  • A voice-over-PPT presentation tool that simplifies video creation.
  • While Thinkific will host your course, you may configure the domain to include it on your website.
  • You may match your business’s or website’s appearance and feel.
  • Thinkific is the only platform that supports users through the phone. Additionally, they provide priority phone help on higher-tiered subscriptions.
  • Thinkific’s free plan is excellent. The primary constraint that I notice is that you are restricted to a single free course.

Graphy Pros

  • The most intriguing aspect of Graphy is that it is applicable to any subject or genre. From lifestyle to Artificial Intelligence, Graphy is for you if you want to share your expertise with the world.
  • You may either have specific enrollment periods and start dates, or you can have evergreen courses that are continually accepting new students.
  • Educators may charge a premium for their material due to the content’s unique quality – based on years of expertise and study.
  • Students get an in-depth experience in which both instructor and student may speak about pain areas and challenges learning a concept – assuring an educator’s improvement.
  • In cohort-based courses, each student works at the same speed toward a defined learning objective; as a result, there is community participation and peer-to-peer learning, which is an extra benefit for educators.
  • On Graphy, you may adjust the content of your courses depending on student feedback, insights, and the learning curve.
  • Additionally, you may ‘Schedule a Demo’ to get a better sense of the platform.
  • Signing up for Graphy is a simple process. Simply visit their website and click on the ‘Sign Up’ button.
  • It takes less than 60 seconds to create a website with Graphy. Add a picture, an engaging description, good testimonials, and highlighted media, and you’re well on your way to developing a believable personal brand.

Thinkific Cons

  • There is no chat help, despite the fact that they are the only platform that provides phone assistance.
  • Although there is no native sales funnel builder, you can simply interface with third-party sales funnel builders such as Clickfunnels and LeadPages.
  • Although there is no integrated email marketing, you can simply interface with third-party email providers such as MailChimp and Aweber.
  • There is no marketplace for online courses where you may promote your course.

Graphy Cons

  • None


What is Unacademy's Graphy?

Graphy, an Unacademy product, is a platform that allows educators to expand their audience, monetize their abilities, and provide live cohort-based courses.

Is Thinkific compensated on a per-sale basis?

No, Thinkific does not take a cut or commission on the sale of your course. Thinkific earns its revenue entirely via premium plans, which are detailed on their pricing page.

Is Thinkific a fee-based service?

No, Thinkific does not charge transaction fees, even on the free plan, which distinguishes them from rivals.

Final Verdict – Graphy Vs Thinkific

Whether you look at features, customer experience, ease of use, pricing model, or customer support, Graphy wins it all.

Even though Thinkific is more experienced in the field Graphy is definitely the game changes here. Hence, we could clearly say that Graphy is the clear winner.

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