Graphy Vs LifterLMS In 2023– Which one Should you Choose?

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Confused between Graphy Vs LifterLMS?

Want to know which one of the two is better and why?

We can help you out. Here, in this article, we will be telling you all you need to know about Graphy and LifterLMS that will help you decide between the two.

So, stay with us to the end. 


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Pricing ₹2,999/month $120+ each per year
Best for

This service is a wonderful way to share and expand your knowledge with your audience while also earning money.

LifterLMS is a learning management system built of a core plugin.

  • Create Your Own Brand
  • Maintain A Record Of Your Progress
  • Course Builder With Drag And Drop Functionality
  • Integration With WooCommerce
  • No subscription fee
  • Live teaching experience
  • Build communities
  • 24 X 7 chat support
  • WordPress integration
  • Direct access to the LifterLMS team
  • Woocommerce integration
  • None
  • Limited marketing options
  • Dated designs in places
Ease of Use

The ease of use of Graphy is far better than that of LifterLMS

The ease of use of LifterLMS is good but not better than Graphy.

Value For Money

There is no beating up Graphy in Pricing either.they don’t ask You to Pay anything in the beginning.

LifterLMS is bit expensive In comparison of Graphy.

Customer Support

24 X 7 chat support

LifterLMS is renowned for its flourishing and well-supported LMS user community, which it fosters via active listening, social interaction

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Graphy Vs LifterLMS In 2023: Overview

What Is Graphy?

Graphy is a course creation and sales platform.

It’s a great way to earn money while also passing on your knowledge to others.

You can hold live sessions, develop courses, and broaden your community all on one platform.

You own everything you build with Graphy, including your website, audience, email list, community, and even your brand.

Graphy is a popular brand from Unacademy, India’s largest educational platform. It ensures the empowerment and strengthening of the creative ecosystem.

Graphy Overview - Graphy Vs LifterLMS

It’s a simple way to establish courses, broadcast live sessions, and build communities.

Graphy enables you to control every aspect of your business – your website audience, your email list, and so on. You may use it to share your expertise.

If anything were to go wrong during the launch of a course or the hosting of a session, Graphy’s secure servers would prohibit it.

Additionally, you will have access to 24/7 help if anything goes wrong!

Additionally, they offer excellent capabilities integrated into their system that streamline administration – such as automated email marketing campaigns after a participant completes a course! As a result, you may maintain contact with them even after they have completed their course.

What Is LifterLMS?

LifterLMS is a WordPress plugin that enables the creation of an LMS (learning management system) through which online courses may be delivered.

It may be used in conjunction with an existing WordPress theme or integrated into a new one, and it enables you to construct an online learning portal.

The main plugin is free, while add-ons start at $99. It’s simpler than ever to become the next Udemy!

LifterLMS is a learning management system built of a core plugin.

LifterLMS Overview: Graphy Vs LifterLMS

Additionally, it enables premium addons like payment gateways, content leaking, paywalls, and assignments.

On the internet, there are hundreds of websites that provide online training.

Numerous prominent websites include, but are not limited to, Udemy, Lynda, The Open University of the United Kingdom, The Digital College, Coursera, and edX.

These are all devoted to online education and creating a self-sustaining learning environment.

Other websites will provide online courses or training as a complement to or in addition to their goods or services.

These value-added features assist boost the likelihood of a purchase and have proved beneficial for a variety of online companies.

Additionally, you may construct a company entirely around courses you produce or distribute.

Whichever method you choose to implement online learning, you’ll need a platform to enable you to develop an online learning environment on your website.

LifterLMS does just that. It integrates with your current WordPress installation and allows you to construct comprehensive courses complete with lessons, exams, certificates, accomplishments, and social features.

How Does Graphy Work?

You may hold live sessions and courses on Graphy, as well as make use of cutting-edge features such as raise hand, Q&A, and whiteboard.

Connect to your community through Slack, Telegram, or Discord, or utilize their unique community tool.

Conducting instructional sessions may aid in your expansion.

You may grow your email database without incurring additional costs since each subscriber who joins your forum on Graphy automatically becomes a member of your email list.

Additionally, they do not charge a membership fee; they earn money only when you earn money.

As an instructor, you have a wealth of options when it comes to launching your course.

As a novice, you may want to attend free sessions, but if you achieve the right audience, you may offer your courses at your ticket price.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a straightforward platform to assist you in starting something greater than yourself, look no further! There are no limits to what you can do with Graphy as long as you are motivated to do so.

Graphy wants every client to feel as if they are an integral part of the platform, which they are! Additionally, if you any assistance or have any questions, please contact their customer support staff by email or live chat!

How Does LifterLMS Work?

LifterLMS finds a lovely mix between being an all-in-one LMS solution and connecting with other best-of-breed technologies important to course developers and membership site owners as an innovative self-hosted LMS platform solution.


All of this and more is bundled with LifterLMS, allowing you to avoid the “Software Frankenstein” issue (which occurs when too many plugins created by various businesses do not operate well together and have varying degrees of support).

LifterLMS integrates LMS, course creation, membership, retail, and engagement elements into one robust LMS platform solution.

Additionally, LifterLMS is renowned for its flourishing and well-supported LMS user community, which it fosters via active listening, social interaction, a course library, and solid documentation.

LifterLMS invests extensively in support and an industry-leading customer success program as a feature-complete LMS system.

LifterLMS is more than simply LMS software.LifterLMS fosters community and invests extensively in assisting LMS site builders.

LifterLMS leverages its product to produce a useful course library to aid the course development community in their education.  Beyond basic demonstrations, a business should use its software. Course development software created by course creators!

Graphy Vs LifterLMS: Battle of the Features

Major Features And Benefits of LifterLMS

Here’s Are 5 Reasons You should Choose LifterLMS:

1. Experiential Learning:

While creating a course using LifterLMS is straightforward, the process will take time depending on the length and complexity of the course.

LifterLMS has a course builder that works similarly to a page builder, so if you’ve used the latter, creating a course will be a breeze.

A course will include portions such as an introduction, an overview, and a review.

Lessons will be the primary substance of your course, and they are self-contained pieces that you may add, change, and rearrange as needed.

You create a course by adding a lesson, populating it with information, changing it to reflect your design, and then saving it.

Then, based on the addons you utilize and your specific requirements, you may add quizzes for class recaps, assignments, and other features.

2. Integrating Astra:

LifterLMS works seamlessly with Astra, a premium WordPress theme.

Astra is fully compatible with LifterLMS and even has a handful of example templates / start sites that are optimized for it.

These themes are included with Astra Pro, which starts at $59 and provides a nearly complete website design that integrates seamlessly with LifterLMS.

There are some substantial benefits to adopting Astra over alternative templates, which we discuss in further detail in our review.

In a nutshell, Astra is built for speed and loads very rapidly.

Additionally, it makes use of the Elementor page builder, which significantly enhances your drag-and-drop page creation capability.

It integrates with WooCommerce to sell textbooks and other things and contains comprehensive guidance for setting up LifterLMS.

LifterLMS Features


3. Integration With WooCommerce:

One of LifterLMS’s paid extensions is a WooCommerce extension that enables you to offer courses using the popular eCommerce plugin.

If you already use WooCommerce, this plugin integrates LifterLMS with your current shop or enables you to offer courses alongside textbooks or other items.

Because the main LifterLMS eCommerce plugin does not support VAT, this extension may be required.

4. Course Builder With Drag And Drop Functionality:

Additionally, LifterLMS features its course builder.

This operates similarly to the majority of page builders in that it enables you to construct course pages using a live editor.

Drag and drop page elements or select them on the page to arrange them.

With one single tool, you can create lessons, add material, make assessments or assignments, and even develop a full eLearning course.

5. Integration With A Page Builder:

LifterLMS integrates with your current page builder to help you match your courses’ appearance or brand.

You may either incorporate the plugin into your current theme or design a template around it for maximum brand impact.

If you’re already familiar with Elementor, BeaverBuilder, or another page builder, you don’t need to start from scratch with a new builder.

Major Features and Benefits of Graphy:

Here’s Are 5 Reasons You should Choose Graphy :

1. Maintain A Record Of Your Progress:

Their detailed analytics and regular reports let you see what works and what may be improved.

Additionally, Graphy connects with Google Analytics and Google Optimise smoothly.

2. Conquer Your Communications:

Create a mailing list and engage in direct communication with your audience.

Send, schedule, and automate emails without switching applications.

We live in the Information Age, in which technology is continually evolving and giving us incredible tools to make life simpler.

Email automation is one of these solutions that will boost your online teaching experiences.

For instance, if you’re giving an online class, you may send your students an email before the start of each lesson.

Consider the following:

Before you begin, write a synopsis of the lesson. Include some homework assignments in the email.

In this manner, they may self-check before attending the lecture, which eliminates the need for you to grade their work during your online lectures, giving you more time for yourself.

However, students must understand that you will not be responding to their emails, but that they may check and respond if they like.

Inquire about their study of the last lecture (or lesson) and any questions they may have – this should encourage them to work independently without waiting for your comments.

Additionally, you may provide a summary of the preceding lesson and much more.

Graphy for Business

3. Say Good-Bye To WhatsApp Groups:

Graphy courses feature alternatives for community participation such as chat rooms, forums, and answers.

While students in your classwork on their projects, they will be able to interact and exchange materials through chat.

Not only can you assist students during sessions through live chat, but they can also engage with one another, exchange resources, and collaborate via the Community feature, allowing them to progress via peer-to-peer learning.

They may discuss their thoughts and concerns with the other kids in their class.

Additionally, you may communicate with them, exchange announcements, and contribute to the development of an exciting community!

4. Create Your Own Brand:

Naturally, a few critical considerations about commercialization arise.

The first is that YouTube already has a vast collection of pre-existing videos. Therefore, why bother devoting time and effort to creating a fresh, unique avenue?

The genuine benefit of developing your distinct brand comes with authority and trust. If you’ve been writing for a while, your followers should be familiar with who you are and what you do.

They come to class trusting you; they understand what they’re receiving out of the sessions, particularly when it comes to supplementary items such as activities or handouts.

This is not an easy feat on YouTube, where anybody can create a channel and submit videos with little or no explanation and yet get followers.

Whatever you produce for your online course will be distinct and distinguishable from others.

They will assist you in developing a distinctive brand. You can develop your brand, website, community, email lists, and audience, among other things.

A unique brand image will compel people to take you seriously; this is a need that Graphy fully meets.

5. Establish A Financially Sustainable Business:

They exist to aid you in developing new revenue streams.

Profit from your audience by offering live sessions, courses, and more. Create an account and make use of all of the features available.

By now, you’re aware that you can develop an online course and deliver it in a variety of forms, including live sessions and pre-recorded materials.

Another option to bundle your information is to make recordings of live sessions.

By incorporating many formats into a single course, you present the student with a plethora of learning alternatives.

This is an excellent approach to monetize your information without complicating the delivery process.

Features Verdict – Graphy Vs LifterLMS

As you can see, the features of both these platforms are incredible, however, the ease of use of Graphy is far better than that of LifterLMS. Also, the user reviews for Graphy are better than that of LifterLMS.

Hence, we can say that Graphy is the clear winner here. 

Graphy vs LifterLMS Pricing Comparison:

Here is a pricing comparison between Graphy vs LifterLMS. Let’s find out which is more cost effective:

LifterLMS – 

They have 2 bundle plans as follows – 

Universe Bundle ($ 360 per year): Enhance your online course website’s passive income potential with passive income eCommerce, attractive design, marketing technology, and scaling automation solutions.

Infinity Bundle ($ 1200 per year): Increase student engagement and transformation potential with sophisticated features utilized by the top instructors, experts, and coaches in your immersive training programs.

You can also add individually –

Individual Add-ons ($ 120+ per year): Launch your online course website using the LifterLMS core plugin plus a payment gateway or any add-on of your choosing.

LifterLMS pricing plans

Graphy Pricing –

The pricing model of Graphy is a little different and in turn so far the best in the market.

They don’t ask you to pay anything in the beginning.

All you have to do is make your course and on each of your transactions, they take a 5 % commission.

This way, you only pay when you earn, hence making Graphy the most user-friendly, cheap, and beginner-friendly platform. 

Graphy Pricing

Pricing Verdict – Graphy Vs LifterLMS

As you can again clearly see, there is no beating up Graphy in pricing either. Graphy wins again. 

Graphy Vs LifterLMS– Pros And Cons

Graphy Pros

  •     24 X 7 chat support
  •     Live teaching experience
  •     Maximize your revenue
  •     Unlimited audience members
  •     Host webinars
  •     Build communities
  •     Data-driven insights
  •     No subscription fee

LifterLMS Pros

  • Woocommerce integration
  • WordPress integration
  • Direct access to the LifterLMS team

Graphy Cons

  • None

LifterLMS Cons

  • Dated designs in places
  • Limited marketing options
  • Addons are a must

FAQs About Graphy vs LifterLMS 2023

Is graphy included in Unacademy?

Graphy, a subsidiary of Unacademy, is a platform that enables artists to scale their audience, monetize their abilities, and deliver live cohort-based courses.

What is the purpose of the LifterLMS plugin?

LifterLMS is a free WordPress Learning Management System plugin that simplifies the process of creating, selling and managing courses on your website. Lifter's basic plugin offers a simple course builder, quizzes, and dripped material, while premium add-ons include social learning, assignment management, and eCommerce functionality.

Graphy vs LifterLMS Final Verdict: Which Is Better? 

As you can see, Graphy excels in everything, so the clear winner of this comparison is Graphy.

Please let us know in the comment section whether you liked Graphy or not. 

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