Google Stadia Failed to Meet Expectations after Spending Millions

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2021 is not Good for Google Stadia, after spending millions Google stadia failed too many an impression on many gamers due to its extreme lack of games, many of which cost the tech giant tens of millions.

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Google Stadia Failed to Meet Expectations after Spending Millions


Google stadia Failed

Earlier this month, Google has confirmed the plans to shut down the development of stadia, after allegedly praising the studio for its development. Google stadia should be a big thing but now google is realizing that they just can not throw its bottomless wallet at game development to make it succeed. After spending millions of money they do not have any game to support it. Google is a big and famous company but apparently, they did not understand what they need to make a successful gaming studio and this is a reason why Google stadia has failed.

In a new report of Bloomberg, Google stadia failed to meet expectations in subscribers and controllers by hundreds of thousands. This happened after internal teams suggested launching a beta version for feedback of customers but they ended up giving away controllers for free. Most of the people felt that Google stadia do not stand a chance in competing the Big gaming Giants like Xbox and Playstation.

A source also said that it felt Google was funding to sell stadia rather than sell games. Developers were struggling internally and the service failed to meet the expectations in 2020. according to Wired and Bloomberg, the latter of which said the service missed targets for “sales of controllers and monthly active users by hundreds of thousands.”

Initially, the Google stadia announcement was splashy and promised that everything felt that they will revolutionize the world of gaming in a new direction with a mix of first and their party titles but Google was so focused on getting games to sell Stadia that it apparently shelled out tens of millions of dollars to get ports of big titles like Red Dead Redemption 2.

Earlier this month, Google ended up shuttering Stadia’s first-party development team, cancelling all exclusive games in the process.  Now, the service will just allow users to only stream games. There’s nothing else really driving the platform now, any potential games that could’ve been made with next to no hardware restrictions cease to exist. The future of Gaming is dead and there’s no chance currently for its comeback.

Final Summary: Google Stadia Failed after spending Millions

Whether or not Google stadia continue for more than a few years or not it is unknown but after the failure of Google stadia, we know that Making Games is hard but making a Platform for gaming is also harder than think. Both Big Companies Google and Amazon have failed in this shuttering gaming divisions, canceling games, and just having generally bad leadership. Although Google seems to have folded, Amazon remains committed and can hopefully turn it around.

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