GetSiteControl Review 2023: Best Widgets Turn Visitors into Leads?



  • Easy to use dashboard & interface
  • Excellent support
  • Powerful targeting features
  • Fantastic designs and templates


  • Integromat integration would be a good addition

Getsitecontrol is an excellent online resource for increasing user engagement and generating new leads. All widgets are packaged together for convenience. You may use the same web dashboard to manage and modify any widgets you build.

Price:$ $390
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Whether you own a blog or an online shop, you’re well aware that just having visitors on your website is insufficient to develop your company.

Additionally, you must discover a method to convert visitors into consumers by reading this article on Getsitecontrol Review.

The reality is that 9 out of 10 visitors to your website will most likely depart and never return.

Therefore, if you want people to act on your calls to action on that first visit, you need to be proactive.

Visitors to your website are often uninterested in it for an extended period. They will depart in under seven seconds. You need to discover methods to keep users on the site longer, which may include providing them with additional reasons to remain, such as a newsletter or special offers.

Popups are not the greatest kind of window to have. However, they assist visitors to your site in obtaining information from you. Popups may entice consumers to purchase more of the product you’re offering.

Ascertain that they are not too intrusive, but they should be beneficial if you want to increase conversions. Utilize the appropriate tools to build a popup that benefits both your site visitors and your company.

GetSiteControl Review

This is precisely the purpose of Getsitecontrol. It includes a collection of popups that will assist you in engaging with your website visitors and gently nudging them to take action.

GetSiteControl Review 2023: Why You Should Use GetSiteControl?

Getsitecontrol provides a plethora of choices and functions. Among them are the following:

1. Triggers:

Widgets may be triggered in response to website users’ activities. Certain popups may be activated through pictures or button clicks. Additionally, you may use exit-intent triggers, scroll depth, session duration, and other factors.

2. Target specific audiences:

GetSiteControl Target Audiences

Segment your audience based on the locations of your site visitors. You may segment your audience based on their UTM, the device they are using, or any other parameters you choose. AND/OR operators can be used to define precise targeting rules.

3. Add animated GIFs and images:

Add high-quality pictures to your widgets to make them stand out. You get access to over 1,000 pictures from Unsplash, which you can search for and upload relevant images and GIFs directly from the Getsitecontrol dashboard.

4. Widgets may be accessed directly through the following links:

Apart from your website visits, you may discover other prospective consumers. You may copy and distribute any direct links to forms you’ve created on your social media sites, messenger, or email.

5. Simple-to-use interface: 

You do not need to be a technical specialist to develop conversion-optimized widgets. Presets, layout templates, and a very clear interface are included in the wizard-based popup builder.

6. CSS editor that is simple to use:

The integrated CSS editor enables you to customize the size of your widgets. The dashboard controls allow you to customize the color, font, location, and size of widgets.

7. Popups on mobile devices:

GetSiteControl Mobile Popup

On mobile devices, your popups may be both attractive and effective. The widget design is readily adaptable to lower screen sizes. This contributes to increased retention and an overall better user experience. 

8. A magnificent template gallery:

There are many pre-built popups available, which saves you time when generating popups. Simply choose the ones you want and add them to your site with a simple click of the mouse.

What Can GetSiteControl Be Used For?

GetSiteControl Use Cases

1. Create a unique contact form: 

Custom fields and templates may be used to create contact forms that are tailored to your specific requirements. You may get immediate alerts whenever a site visitor sends a message.

2. Increase email list size:

Additionally, targeted opt-in email forms may be included to assist in converting site visitors into repeat clients. You can utilize exit popups, slide-ins, time-delayed popups, and floating bars. Additionally, you may import fresh leads into your email marketing program.

3. Utilize popups to communicate a call to action:

Popups may be used to notify visitors about site changes, special deals, or any other relevant material that encourages active engagement with your site. They may be used to aid in cart abandonment prevention, improve conversions, and promote particular site content.

4. Conduct user surveys to get a better understanding of your audience:

You may use surveys to ascertain why particular pages are abandoned, solicit ideas, get input on new product features, and evaluate the success of your marketing campaigns.

You may build new forms, utilize pre-built templates, or create simple polls or multi-page surveys entirely on your own.

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Unique Features and Benefits of Using GetSiteControl

There are hundreds of plugins available that promise to enhance website engagement.

However, none of them offer what GetSiteControl delivers for its customers, which is a collection of seven extremely sophisticated and helpful widgets. (There is no longer a requirement for distinct payment services for each function.)

Why I recommend Getsitecontrol

Email Subscription Widgets, Contact Forms/Widgets, Promotional Widgets, Chat System, Social Sharing System, Survey System, and Social Follow Widget.

1. All users have access to the following services:

I’m not going to say much more. Simply compare the plethora of services offered by GetSiteControl (at a SINGLE price) to its users to any rival solution. You will notice a difference.

2. The Messaging System:

Numerous websites, because of the nature of their content and services, need a chat system. All of the current businesses that provide this kind of chat service demand an exorbitant fee.

However, not Obtain Site Control. All users have access to the full-featured active chat service (irrespective of any plan you have purchased).

For instance, while we were organizing an oral health awareness campaign, real-time contact between volunteers and visitors was required. All dedicated website chat solutions were too expensive.

3. Widget placement: 

This is an area where Get Site Control excels. You have full control over where the widgets are placed.

They provide a plethora of choices. Listed below are some of the possibilities — Fullscreen mode, fly-in functionality (left, right, top, or bottom), and the much-discussed notification bar on top (many plugins demand an exorbitant annual fee for these capabilities.)

However, with GetSiteControl, a free user also has access to these great placement choices based on their website’s requirements.

4. Possibility of Editing the Forms: 

All GetSiteControl users can customize the widget’s look. If you wish to make any sophisticated changes to the appearance of your widget, you may simply do so from the widget dashboard. You get the ability to include animated GIFs into your widgets. 

5. Statistics in Real Time:

Every user of GetSiteControl receives real-time data. Even if you are a free user, you will get an incredible map view and data that will show you precisely how your viewers are reacting to your material.

It’s an incredible feature. Numerous rival plugins will charge you an exorbitant premium fee only for the numbers.

6. The much-discussed Exit Intent Facility:

Can be used with any of the seven widgets. Once again, all plans are eligible.

7. All widgets and forms are Responsive (adjust to device and screen size variations):

This functionality is accessible to all GetSiteControl users. Numerous rival e-mail opt-in plugins provide this responsive capability as a paid add-on.

8. There is no coding required:

On the user side, it’s fantastic to look at opt-in forms and widgets.

9. Flexible Usability (according to your requirements):

After signing up for GetSiteControl (there is no credit card needed), you will have access to all widgets for a 7-day free trial period. You may choose a suitable plan based on the average number of visits to your site. As a result, there is always the option of spending just on what you need.

10. Seven Unique Widgets in One Place:

These are the only widgets you will ever need for your website. There is no need to purchase individual plugins from different suppliers.

GetSiteControl Pricing: How Much Does GetSiteControl Cost? 

They have 3 pricing plans to offer – 

GetSiteControl Pricing

  • Small ($ 390 per month): This will include 20,000 monthly widget views. 
  • Medium ($ 790 per month): This will include 100,000 monthly widget views.
  • Large ($ 1190 per month): This will include 500,000 monthly views. 

You will get the following benefits from these plans –

  • Response details
  • Response summary
  • Performance charts
  • Widget API
  • A/B testing
  • Autoresponder
  • Precise schedule
  • On-page behavior triggers
  • Audience targeting
  • Multipage widgets
  • CSS editor
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • All features
  • All integrations
  • All templates

GetSiteControl Pros and Cons

Here are some pros and cons of GetSiteControl

GetSiteControl Pros

  • Easy to use dashboard & interface
  • Excellent support
  • Powerful targeting features
  • Fantastic designs and templates

GetSiteControl Cons

  • Integromat integration would be a good addition

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GetSiteControl Review 2023 – Conclusion

Getsitecontrol is an excellent online resource for increasing user engagement and generating new leads. All widgets are packaged together for convenience. You may use the same web dashboard to manage and modify any widgets you build.

What you receive out of the tool is directly related to the amount of effort you put into it. You may conduct A/B testing and build widgets to fully use the possibilities of your site.

Getsitecontrol is a top-notch program. It’s an effective method of retaining existing users and attracting new prospective consumers to the site.

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