What is The Future of Blogging?

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When starting an internet company nowadays, everyone’s first port of call is blogging.

Blogging is the first thing that springs to mind for anyone trying to establish an internet company.

Someone trying to make money online will almost certainly search for “Make money online” on Google or YouTube.

future of blogging
“Make Money Online” Google SERP
future of blogging

YouTube SERP for “Make Money Online”

They will undoubtedly come across several videos and articles on blogging in the search results.

And there’s no criticizing the people who post those content; blogging is the genuine way to generate money online.

People see results and gain a lot of money through blogging.

But one question keeps popping into my thoughts, and I’m sure many of you have.

Is blogging still worth your time and effort in 2023 and beyond? What will be the Future of blogging?

People who have been blogging for a while or wish to start one are likely to have this notion.

With video content becoming increasingly popular, I’m sure you’re wondering about the future of blogging.

future of blogging
Arising New Video Platforms

With the advent of new video platforms like TikTok and the growth in the consumption of video content more and more, I can say that videos are the future.

As you already know, YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google; every minute, 400 – 500 hours of video are uploaded worldwide.

Similarly, approximately 1 billion YouTube videos are watched every day.

So this data is sufficient to demonstrate that video material is consumed more than any other content in today’s world.

And this is the main reason why many are skeptical about the future of blogging.

So, in this blog post, we’ll look at the future of blogging.


Blogging in the past

future of blogging

Blogging was and still is one of the most popular methods to generate money on the internet.

Everyone who knew how to develop websites and blogs launched their blogs and made a lot of money by distributing blog content over the internet.

But as time passed, everyone learned about blogging, and everybody who wanted to make money online began their sites.

Furthermore, the number of blogs on the internet has grown over time.

As Neil Patel says: There are over a billion blogs on the internet, roughly 1 blog for every 7 people worldwide.

People do not require this many blogs, and there is far too much information on them.

As a result, tremendous rivalry exists among the numerous blogs, and you may find one for any specialty.

DIY, parenting, making money online, blogging, and pets have their blogs.

Furthermore, people who started their blogs before others have an edge since search engines prefer their material to younger blogs owing to authority and other criteria.

People began blogging ten years ago, in 2010, and Google was not as clever at the time.

People used to make bad articles with little value for readers, filling them with keywords to reach the top of Google search results.

However, over time, Google built increasingly advanced algorithms to combat spammers and spammy material. This enabled Google to grow over time and become the dominant search engine it is today.

Furthermore, Google can now tell the difference between genuine and fake content.

Today, attempting to fool Google is the worst thing you can do for your blog. Google may also penalize you for doing so.

To fool Google now is like placing your hand in a snake’s hole.

Previously, people created blogs to share their expertise with the internet or as private journals.

But a lot has changed since then.

Videos began to be published in more significant numbers after 2010, even though they were already being watched in 2010 or before.

However, there have traditionally been significant connectivity issues and a scarcity of faster internet connections.

Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone, which makes information readily available. As a result, you may post and watch films from anywhere at any time.

There were far fewer people uploading films back then, and video platforms such as YouTube were not nearly as developed as they are now.

The year 2010 saw the start of things moving in a new direction.

People used to write blog articles about their experiences, but today they can easily express themselves through videos.

Films, whether product evaluations or introductory instructional videos, are easier to watch, more aesthetically attractive, and take up less time.

As a result, everything is shifting to videos.

Blogging in the present time

future of blogging

For many people, blogging has evolved into a full-fledged business.

Today, many make a living from their blogs.

It’s also become increasingly difficult for people to stay in the blogosphere as blogging has grown competitive.

Everyone on the block writes about something, and every niche is entirely saturated.

As a result, competition is quite fierce. Even if you have the world’s finest content, you must work hard to reach the top of the search engines.

However, blogging is no longer only a hobby as it was 10 years ago. Now, blogging is a full-time job.

Daily, blogs are launched with the express intention of generating money on the Internet.

People work hard for it, generate excellent stuff, and are dedicated to it.

So blogging is no longer what it was ten years ago.

There may be exceptions, such as if someone wishes to establish a blog to share information, but most people do not start a blog solely to share information.

To master the art of blogging and become a great blogger, you must acquire and use many skills.

If you want to shine in the blogosphere today and become a professional blogger, you must master a variety of professional blogger skill sets, which include.

  1. Copywriting ✍️
  2. Writing content for the actual need 💯
  3. Creating Visually appealing images ✅
  4. investing in proper tools, proper knowledge of tools ⚒️
  5. Writing better content than competitors 🆚
  6. mastering different article formats 📚
  7. Email Marketing & building list, proper nurturing 📩
  8. Community and audience Building 🌍
  9. Writing good emails for pitching 📧
  10. Creating backlinks 🔗
  11. SEO ✅
  12. Good knowledge of WordPress 🌐
  13. Marketing your content on different platforms ✅
  14. Consistency ✅
  15. And a good heart ❤️ to help people with your Content ✅

All of this is only possible if you put in the effort. Blogging is not a one-day game; we only grow better by putting in consistent effort over time.

Blogging, like any other talent, can be learned if practiced regularly.

A professional blogger was once a novice and has mastered all of the aforementioned areas via persistent work over time.

Every professional blogger has spent numerous hours creating and updating material throughout their career, perhaps 10000 – 20000 hours in total.

Remember, it’s a long game, and you’ll have to tread that route.

So, if you want to be a great blogger today, you must master all of the abovementioned abilities.

I’m not claiming you’ll master all of the talents listed above all at once. It will undoubtedly take time and persistent work, but you will eventually succeed if you try.

And, in an age where video material is becoming increasingly popular, there will always be those who prefer to read the content rather than watch it.

For example, I would instead read about something than watch a video because I enjoy reading.

While the number of people watching videos is increasing quicker, the number of people reading content is also growing.

People will never stop reading online stuff, nor will they stop reading blogs or textual content.

Blogging has altered the way things were done in the past.

Suppose you want to thrive in the blogosphere today. In that case, you must write better material than your competition and master all the fundamental blogging Elements described above to become a successful blogger.

What is the Future of Blogging?

future of blogging

The future of blogging is illuminated, and nothing will ever replace it.

People will continue to consume textual information in 100 or 1000 years.

Even before the development of technological gadgets, people consumed textual literature.

The Holy Bible, the Bhagavad Gita, and the Holy Quran were all written thousands of years ago, yet people still read them today, despite the passing of so many years.

People have been viewing movies since the 1900s but have also enjoyed reading books about the same subject. People never disputed reading about anything because they had already seen a film about it.

So you can predict what will happen in the future.

People will continue to consume textual information; there is nothing to worry about, but you will need to boost your game if you want to survive.

There are currently over a billion blogs on the internet. Differentiate yourself from the throng by providing a distinct slant to your blog; do what others are not doing, and you will make a difference.

Since the early 1990s, people have started blogging. However, blogging rules have shifted from what they used to be to wholly new ones.

To survive in the blogosphere, look at what your rivals are doing and outperform them.

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The future of blogging is pretty safe, and no need to worry about it. Ask yourself, “are you a good writer”? “Do you want to be the top blog writer in your niche”? If so, no one can stop you.

What is the future of blogging in 2020 and beyond?

The future of blogging is still very bright, but only for dedicated and motivated people who can write exceptionally better content.

Is blogging Dead?

Blogging is not dead, and it’s not going to die anytime soon. Blogging has just evolved from what it used to be to a whole new thing.

Will videos Platforms replace blogging?

No, never; videos are just another type of content. Some people love watching videos, and some people love reading, so people will never stop reading or writing.

Is Blogging still profitable in 2020 and beyond?

Yes, Blogging was very profitable in 2023, and I’m damn sure that it will be profitable in future also, but the barrier to earning money with the blog has been raised; only the Top notch bloggers can earn money or, say, consistent people, deliver the most value and whose content is best can earn from blogging in the long run.

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