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Amazon affiliates have always been the most sorted marketing strategy for businesses online, due to their skyrocketing list of products. This, in turn, creates a ripple of frequent commissioning which grows larger with the product. Fresh Store Builder is that one extension that can help you make a lot of money from such 200 million products.

FreshStore homepage

Let’s find out the key features which makes it the best in its class, in this Fresh Store Builder review.


Fresh Store Builder allures the beginners and experts with a like-minded platform. Beginners can choose from a number of templates for a vibrant display of their store. The construction part is fun and assisted by a quick tour through the store set up options.

For expert level coders, Fresh Store Builder has left 95% of its code unencrypted. Simply, get to its page and begin manipulating the entire display from its roots. Further, the automated feature allows the store to take regular updates on associated products and run by itself.

Apply search options

With it, you can categorize your own niches of products along with sub-categorization. Filters and search bars can also be deployed for facilitating a quick browsing to the visitors. The inserted filters slim down the results on the basis of built, color, size, etc.  On the other hand, search bars are self-populating and maintain an Amazon class throughout.


FreshStore how it works

Fresh Store Builder understands that pitching sales is a matter of SERPs, so it provides the rich snippet markup, RSS feeds, internal page linking and search oriented URLs, for required modifications.  Also, there are automatic Meta tags, XML and page sitemaps for further optimizing the store.

Easy editing

Building the store is as simple as drag and drop gesture of the mouse. You can begin with two templates and six beautiful skins present in the free version of Fresh Store Builder. Pull the resources on the visual editor and begin applying from a variety of guided tools. A code-free environment of operation is a big plus for any newbie.

Free content

For the sake of content marketing or providing product review, written material is the key to great online ranking and hence with impressive content the sales are made. But, with an Amazon affiliate, you can consistently derive content from manufacturer’s site and guide your viewers to a trustable purchase.

Guest View

As the content piles up, users can add new pages to their Fresh Store and update product info. To ensure that the final appearance holds real time appeal, you can edit the website in guest mode. The guest view option allows you to visit your website as an outsider and introduce necessary visual effects.


FreshStore themes and templates

Fresh Store Builder is a product that comes with many features, which frankly makes it quite worthy. For your website’s better performance the add-ons in Fresh Store Builder database is regularly cached for an optimized performance and a simultaneous upload time of your page.

Extended cookie-life

Usually, an affiliate page only pays on the cookie history of last 24 hours, so does Fresh Store. However, it still manages to extend the cookie timeline to 90 days as per the product displayed. This means if the visitor clicks a product on your page and purchases the same item in next 90 days, you still get commissioned.

Success secret

Amazingly, Fresh Store Builder is also a community of business experts who share their experiences on the discussion forum. Follow this link for a free signup and build your own plans with their time-tested strategies. Here, you can find relevant materials on generating traffic, database, hosting, development and other microscopic aspects.


Your trust with Fresh Store Builder is covered in a risk-free manner. First of, you get a free trial period to make the best decision and then opt for a subscription. However, if the results does not suit you during the first 30 days of your paid usage, then a complete refund is arranged.

Tension free commission

Pitching sale with Fresh Store means a worry free transaction. Your user account is not responsible for the product inventory, delivery or any form of complexity. Fresh Store Builder is meant to promote online business by repeating the already perfect plan. You just need to purchase a domain, update its content with Amazon and include niche products in the store.

You get the freedom to add as many websites as you can manage under a single account. There are options in the top bar for checking the status of your account membership, store license, licenses being used and licenses remaining.

Being the largest online store, Amazon sells all kinds of products, including some very expensive ones. Use the editing option to create stores on organic food, PlayStation, petting items, LCD, or anything that blends with your content. Higher the price tag; better are your chances of reaching 15% commission.

Premium Packages

FreshStore why is it best

Although Fresh Store Builder is quite a handful even in its free edition, there is no limitation whilst speaking of the premium packages. A paid membership of Fresh Store means you are entitled to a 24-hour responsive team of customer support, on all business days.

You receive additional credits on the feature request system, free access to fresh case study program, and a great discount on its web hosting plans. The plan has been marked at just $47 per year, with the provision of one image or three links in the signature forum, for a premium member.


Support at Fresh Store Builder is available in different forms, which includes reporting bugs, requesting new features, and forwarding business or technical questionnaires. The entire support network is distributed across a private forum, mastermind group, and helpdesk.

The knowledge base has a compiled list of relevant FAQs, the private forum has loads of demographic materials, and mastermind group links you to a secret Facebook page of experts while tickets can be raised at the helpdesk.


After going through tons of features and a business catalyzing support forum, my trust has grown stronger with Fresh Store Builder. This one stop shop has everything that an Amazon affiliate may require. With this you can build your own Amazon Affiliate Script and start making money. 

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