Folding iPhone Launch in 2023, with the same size as the Ipad mini

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Folding iPhone launch in 2023 with the same as the Ipad Mini and rumors said they are working LG and Samsung.

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A folding iPhone Launch in 2023, with the same size as the Ipad mini

folding Iphone launch
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If you are an iPhone user and want to use a folding iPhone then you need to wait for another 2 years. Rumors said that Apple may launch its new Folding iPhone in 2023 and its size is the same as the iPad Mini. But this product is not final yet, this is still under on research stage and if everything is not going to plan then they will cancel the Folding iPhone.

Rumors: Folding iPhone Launch in 2023

According to the analyst, the Folding iPhone supports the main display between 7.5 to 8-inches and resembles the Samsung Galaxy Z flip and they will also come with support for an activity pen (stylus).

This is not decided which company will make Folders for Apple’s new product, rumors said they are working with LG and  Samsung. However, after the development phase is over, Lg, Samsung, or one of the other firm that ends up becoming the supplier. But for now, nothing is officially announced. They also said Company is in no rush to launch their new product soon so maybe their launching date will be changed.

This is a fact that there are already some companies available who are working and already launched their folding mobiles like Samsung.  Maybe the year 2023 for folding iPhones is too late but we will say after they launched their first folding iPhone. We are hoping for a Good device as is the case with most Apple devices.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who has an excellent track record of breaking apple news has given some new information. According to Kuo, Apple’s Folding iPhone could be apple’s flagship in 2023 alongside usual iPhone releases.

Rumors said Apple also going to release their Apple pen with their new flagship model in 2023. Apple Pen/Pencil excels in handwriting and productivity tasks that take good control.  So apple may have determined that its utilities can not be taken advantage of on smaller iPhones in past years. With the same size as iPad Mini, there is a much clearer use of apple pencil.

Rumors said Apple is working on folding the iPhone since 2016 and in January, iPhone was tasting foldable iPhones with a range of display sizes. Rumors said 2 devices passed during the internal tests and they will be launched in 2023.



There is not any official news regarding the Folding iPhone launch from Apple. All are rumors but if we get any Official News from apple we will update the article.


Final Words

Not any official news has come from Apple but if rumors said to be true then Maybe Apple will launch their folding iPhone in 2023 and we will use a Foldable iPhone same as the size of the iPad Mini with an Apple pencil. We are not sure about anything but if these are true then do you want to use a foldable iPhone and also want to try Apple pen? Tell us in the comment section.

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