Two of My Favorite Blogging Software And Why Should You Choose Them 2024

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Being a blogger, I love using WordPress for all my blog posts. It is an easy to use software that has many features that make it perfect for blogging like its SEO tools, themes, and plugins. However there are other options such as Blogger which is also a popular choice with bloggers because of how easy it is to set up your blog post on the site without any coding knowledge necessary.

If you have never used either WordPress or Blogger before, this article will help you decide what one is best for you! 

The main difference between these two blogging platforms lies in their simplicity: Blogger allows users to create a free account with no coding skills required, whereas WordPress requires someone who knows HTML and CSS coding languages in order to properly make a blog.

Two of My Favorite Blogging Software-

I just wanted to share with you two of my favorite blogging software. They are Blogger and WordPress

Just today, I read this post from a blogger wherein she mentioned about Blogger’s new timeline feature . I was really happy when I saw it. It is so cool! But the only problem is that it is available in the US only.

Moving on to my second favorite blogging software, WordPress . I can’t say enough good things about this software. It is just too powerful and it has so many great features (for example: SEO, etc.) and themes and plugins (that’s what makes me love WordPress even more).

All of these will surely help you drive a lot of traffic to your site. And the best thing is that it’s free!

So there, I suggest you use these two blogging software for your website(s). Just visit Google and WordPress ‘ websites and sign up for their services now.

What is Blogging Software?

A blog is a website that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer. It usually consists of entries in reverse chronological

order and includes a “comments’ ‘ section where readers can respond to individual posts. It is hosted on either FTP or Gopher site.

The first type of blog software was developed in 1997 by Brad Fitzpatrick for, now owned by Google.

Word processing blogs now make up the majority of those hosted on dedicated blogging websites with many writers experimenting with this form as well as using distributed social networking schemes such as Twitter to augment their blogs.

These sites also incorporate a variety of two-way forms of communication between readers and writers, such as a “comments” section (answering the question “What is a blog software?”), forums or polls.

The most used blogging sites are,,,, and among others.

Two of my Favourite Blogging Software are-


Favorite Blogging Software - blogger is a popular site for creating individual web blogs, similar to the type of service provided by As with most blogging services, individuals are able to create their own blog specific to their interests or needs without having any knowledge of HTML coding or other web design languages.

The first template offered on was a simple HTML template, which constantly updates with new content from other users.

The site became one of the top 100 most visited sites in 2003 and quickly grew to be a target for spammers and hackers, leading Google to purchase it in February 2003.

In June 2004, that number increased to more than 1 million pages viewed per day, serving up almost 300 million pages per month. By 2004 end, the company had a reported 42 million users and about 100 employees.

In October 2005, Google released a new version of Blogger with upgraded features including a cleaner look for the blog editing page, rich-text editor functionality through an iframe, new layouts and color schemes, a customizable navigation menu, and the addition of a permanent p tag for posts.

Google also provided a new template called “Collection,” intended to integrate well with other Google products such as Picasa Web Albums. In April 2007, an iPhone application was introduced that allowed users to post from their mobile device using text messaging or by voice.

In June 2008, announced it had officially changed its name to “Blogger” and unveiled new versions of the service for desktop computers and mobile devices.

The change was intended to convey that both services were now under a single brand, with results from tests involving more than 1,000 users showing greater familiarity with the Blogger name.

In July 2008, Blogger introduced a video sharing service called BlogTV. Designed to allow bloggers “personal broadcasting,” the service enabled users to create live video broadcasts and provided viewers with text updates on the progress of the broadcast in real time.

The company hoped for similar success in introducing a photo-sharing feature that would also allow users to create slideshows from selected pictures and broadcast the show live.

In November 2009, Google announced that it would be providing free ad-supported hosting for “nearly a million” non-spam blogs as part of a promotional offering related to its Google Voice application. The promotion was expected to boost the number of Blogger users by 30 percent.

As of May 2011, Blogger continues to be a successful site with over 400 million blogs, and Google plans on releasing new versions to keep it up-to-date.

Two of My Favorite Blogging Software - blogger


  • Its free
  • Provides environment to design your own templates/themes/designs
  • Provides unlimited bandwidth
  • You can create unlimited blogs
  • No downtime


  • Limited features
  • Not SEO friendly as WordPress is

2. WordPress-

WordPress is a free blogging tool, also available as a community hosted blog platform. WordPress has had more than 100 million downloads since its birth. More than 75000+ plugins are added to extend the functionality of wordpress. Some popular websites are powered by WordPress like TechCrunch or Time Magazine.

Favorite Blogging Software - wordpress

So what makes it so famous?

Well, it’s very easy to install and use. Secondly, the community support is awesome. You can get help from millions of other bloggers in the WordPress community. If you have a problem, somebody will always be there to sort it out for you.

The cool thing about wordpress(and something which makes it different from other open source projects) is that you are not alone. There is a whole community there to help you out and solve your problems.

Yes, WordPress has its negative points too. For example: it’s famous because its easy to use and install, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, still think twice before installing the themes and plugins. Some plugins will slow your site down. So I would suggest, take a backup of your website before installing new plugins and the likes.



There are tons of premade themes available for WordPress, which you can use out of the box or modify to suit your needs. There are some great theme marketplaces that have been created by the community, like Themeforest and Envato . They have a marketplace where all the themes are sold.

You can even create your own theme from scratch. Themes are made mostly in HTML/CSS or PHP. If you’re not that good at those languages, then its better to use an existing one.


Plugins are the extension of WordPress. They add new features to your site like:

  • Adding ‘like’ or ‘follow me on twitter’ buttons to your website.
  • Filtering and displaying content in a different way; like showing random posts from a category, displaying latest comments etc.

You can find a lot of free plugins from the wordpress website or from the community marketplaces.


  • Most flexible blogging platform
  • Lots of option to customize your theme/template
  • Plugin feature makes it easy to add new features to our template
  • Best for professional blogging
  • SEO friendly, Google loves WordPress
  • User friendly


  • According to me, WordPress has no disadvantage that I can think of


Why to use Blogging Software?

If you want to start writing blogs then your first step is to decide which blogging software you are going to use. This will be the backbone of your blog so it’s important to get this right before you even start writing blogs.

There are many different blogging platforms available, but only a few are very popular and have good support for users who need help or have questions about how they can use it. Examples of popular blogging software include WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr and many more.


For those who do not know what a blog is or how to start writing one, learning how to use any of the above mentioned platforms would be a great option.

Of course you could always learn by yourself and find out how the system works, but if you do not have any experience then it would be very hard to find out how it works until sometime after you’ve been using the platform.

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Conclusion-Two of My Favorite Blogging Favorite Blogging SoftwareSoftware  2024

The blog post has gone over two of my favorite blogging software, WordPress and Blogger. I’ve also given you a few reasons why one might want to use each option. It’s up to you which service will work best for your needs!

Which do you prefer? Do any other options exist that are worth mentioning? Let me know in the comments below so we can have an engaging conversation about all things digital marketing.

I’ve used both Blogger and WordPress over the years, but they are two of my favorite blogging software. They each have their strengths and weaknesses so it’s important to figure out which one is best for you before committing too much time or money.

When deciding what platform to use, I recommend asking yourself these four questions: What features does this service offer? How customizable is it? Is there a mobile app that will allow me to post on-the-go with ease?

And finally, how do other people like using this platform (and can I find tutorials)? These questions should help guide your decision when choosing between the two platforms.

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