Faking Disconnected Text Message 2023: What are the steps? (Sample Texts)

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In this post you’ll get to know about How Do You Make a Faking Disconnected Text Message? Here’s how to create a text message indicating that your cell phone has been disconnected.

In summary, there are three ways to spoof a disconnected text message from a cell phone. You can send a message manually in response to a text message sent to you.

Alternatively, you can use a service like Google Voice or an app like YouMail to automate your false message. Additionally, you can block the number rather than fake a message.

Therefore, if you’re interested in learning more about fake disconnected texts or obtaining sample texts, you’ve come to the proper place.

Let us immediately begin!

How Do You Make a Faking Disconnected Text Message?

The simplest thing to do in this circumstance is to create a fictitious text and send it to the individual you’re attempting to convince.

There are numerous possible messages, and we’ll discuss a couple that is unquestionably utilized by some of the major cell carriers in North America. Similar messages are available for carriers worldwide.

Before you begin writing your text message, it’s critical to grasp a few concepts. To begin, these SMS messages will be useless if the recipient dials your number.

In such a scenario, you’ll also need a message to disconnect them when they call. This procedure is detailed in the Google Voice section.

Faking Disconnected Text Message

Additionally, keep in mind that disconnected phone numbers are eventually recycled. If you claim to be disconnected, the illusion is only temporary for anyone who is aware that numbers are recycled.

As an alternative, you can pretend to be another individual with the same phone number. As long as the caller’s voicemail is obscured, the ruse will remain undetectable.

This method is less effective at removing spam callers/texters, although there are workarounds in a later section.

Therefore, let us examine some real-world notifications that major carriers use when a text cannot be delivered.

Examples of Verizon Disconnected Text Messages

When you text an unreachable number on Verizon’s network, you often receive a response inside the same text conversation. It will be accompanied by an error notice.

You may return the message verbatim. Bear in mind that Verizon performs this function automatically, so you would anticipate an error message to be provided rather shortly following a message’s failure to deliver.

Verizon’s two most often used error messages are listed below.

Message to <number> failed: Network problem.

This message implies that the issue may be transient, and thus is not always the best course of action. However, if you’re only looking to pull a short-term joke, this method works quite well.

Error 97: SMS origination denied.

This indicates that the message cannot be delivered to the specified phone number. While this is more likely to be persuasive in the long run, it may also result in a phone call, so keep that in mind.

AT&T Disconnected Text Message Examples

3412154 Invalid Number Error Kindly resend the message using a valid ten-digit mobile number or shortcode.

As you can see, this message is likely to elicit additional communications. It could devolve into a childish prank, or if you’re vigilant, you could continue giving the error message until they give up.

With AT&T, your best bet is to either automate the error message or simply block the number. That is always an alternative, and it does not necessitate this deception.

However, if the purpose is to spoof the disconnect message, this is a confirmed message used by AT&T.

T-Mobile Disconnected Text Message Examples

T-Mobile provides a couple of messages that might suit your purposes. It truly depends on the nature of the task at hand.

2106 – The target email address is invalid. Please fix the format and retry.

This is used for non-SMS digital messages. It’s vital to remember if you’re not utilizing text messaging.

2110 – The customer you tried to text is unavailable.

T-Mobile uses a similar notification when a subscriber is briefly disconnected. Shorter versions are not recommended.

Msg 2114 – Invalid number of digits used. Replace with a 10-digit or valid shortcode.

This is virtually the identical message used by AT&T, however, the two messages are formatted somewhat differently. To be thorough, perfecting the quotes is important.

This is why you should type your text in a saved note. Make sure the note is perfect. If you need to email it, you can copy and paste it to avoid autocorrect or spelling errors.

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How to Send Fake Disconnected Text Messages Automatically

Manually sending the SMS is simple and effective for a hoax. A better system may be required if the bogus communication has a different aim.

People enjoy the notion of employing phony disconnect messages to curb spam. It might work, but you’ll have limited success doing it by hand.

So you can employ automated services. There are certainly innumerable services that can accomplish the job, but we’ll focus on one. You can advise callers or texters that your number is disconnected using Google Voice.

Forward Calls to Google Voice

When it comes to automating disconnect messages, Google Voice shines. Google Voice is cool since it will automatically send SMS or voice messages stating that a number is unavailable. You have a lot of influence over it, but you must understand it.

Need a Google Voice number? You can obtain them for free or extremely cheap, depending on your preferences. Just go to the website and register for a number (unless you want a business number).

Once you have a number, you may set it up to receive text messages. Basically, you’re diverting your cell phone calls to Google Voice. There are instructions on Google.

You can either forward all calls or set up rules. You decide. It’s important to include the numbers in your setup. For the remainder to work, a call must be redirected to Google Voice.

Block Numbers

Once set up, you can block numbers on Google Voice. Let’s be clear. Your Voice account, not your cell phone, should be blocked.

When you do this, any blocked contacts who call your Google Voice number will be told “phone disconnected.” This covers SMS and phone calls in detail.

You don’t have to make calls or send texts. Set it up and let Voice handle it.

Is it possible to send fake messages with apps?

The Google Voice method is useful, but there may be a better approach. Isn’t there a phony messaging app?

There is an app. Several apps exist. Rather than reviewing them all, we can focus on the most important ones.

YouMail is perhaps the most well-known software for this service, and it includes a few noteworthy features.

Some Apps Let You Specify Which Numbers Receive the Message

One of the most powerful aspects of these apps is the ability to define which numbers receive the disconnect message. You can block specific numbers so they are always disconnected.

For those not on the approved list, you can create a white list. This form of control is simple to utilize with decent programs and far more powerful than doing it manually.

For those who are determined to call after receiving a disconnection text, apps can deliver the message for texts and phone calls.

Apps Can Automatically Send Message to Spam Numbers

Returning to YouMail, there is one particular feature worth investigating.

YouMail has a spam registry. If you sign up for the service, everyone trying to reach you will get a disconnect message. This protects your legitimate contacts from spam and saves you time.

But it’s not ideal. Many spam callers frequently alter their numbers to escape detection. Many spammers impersonate numbers.

The caller ID number differs from the actual number used to make the call (or send the text). This method circumvents spam number registrations.

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Conclusion: Faking Disconnected Text Message

This explains how to send a fake error SMS and how to block one. We have shown you how to use Android and iPhone on a computer. Those approaches work on any device.

If you liked the story, please share it with your friends. If you have any questions about the topic, please leave a comment below. We will do our best to resolve it.

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