Email Marketing 101: Beginners Guide To Email Marketing In 2023

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Email Marketing is one of the best ways to build a highly engaged and loyal audience for your business or your blog.

The members of your email list not only trust you, but you also get the chance to turn a new person into your brand advocate by nurturing and providing them with insane value. And later, you can monetize that traffic in any way you want; you can sell ebooks, Courses, Affiliate links, or anything you want if they trust you enough.

Over the past few years, Email Marketing has proved to be the most profitable source of traffic you can get; not only do the members of your email list trust you, but they are also willing to buy anything you pitch them.

Building your email list from day one is crucial to capitalize on the opportunity hidden inside Email Marketing.

So today, in this Email Marketing 101 article, I’m Going to show you how you can get started with email marketing, and that too for FREE.

So let’s get started.

Email Marketing is the most critical skill in blogging and internet marketing.

It is an absolute game-changer if you know how to do it correctly and how to leverage the knowledge to maximize your profits.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the form of marketing where we market our business, products, or content to our target audiences or customers via email.

We get the emails of our target audience or customers via numerous lead generation techniques like offering a Free lead magnet, Offering something for free in exchange for their email address.

And after they are on your email list, you start nurturing them so that they become your warm audience and gain their trust.

After that, you can start sending promotional emails between value emails to make money off your email list.

Email Marketing 101

Why Is Email Marketing Important? And Why You Should Care?

Email marketing is critical, and it’s one of the best online growth channels that can exponentially explode your business traffic, revenue, and awareness.

Email Marketing can help you in the below-mentioned ways.

  1. Email Marketing helps you to build trust with your audience
  2. Email Marketing allows you to get more clients for your business
  3. Email Marketing strengthens relationships with your customers
  4. Email Marketing builds your brand
  5. Email Marketing can be used for small businesses to get more customers
  6. Email Marketing helps you to boost your sales and revenue
  7. Email Marketing can be used for ecommerce sites to make them buy more from your online store
  8. Email Marketing is easy to get started with
  9. Email Marketing can reach any device, desktop, smartphone, tablet, etc.
  10. Email Marketing helps you to generate leads
  11. Email Marketing allows you to sell your services
  12. Email Marketing helps you to attract new clients and customers
Email Marketing 101

How Does Email Marketing Work?

The working principle of Email Marketing is elementary and straightforward; you have to collect emails from your blog, website, or anywhere you want.

Next, you have to start sending some emails to them so that they get to know you, who you are, what you do, why they should care about your emails, etc.

Next, you should start sending them targeted emails for your audience who are on your email list that brings value to your audience, educates them, helps them solve a problem, etc.; this way, you will gain your audience’s trust.

In the meantime, you should also send some promotional emails about your affiliate products that you want to sell, your products like ebooks, Courses, or anything to make you some money.

That’s how email marketing works: you build a list, give them value, turn them into your fans, and then start monetizing them.

But remember not to send them promotional emails every time, or they will leave your email list because of the promotion.

Email Marketing is for building relationships and community with your audience, not just for selling. So remember that.

Email Marketing 101
Email Marketing 101

Is Email Marketing FREE?

Getting started with email marketing is very easy. It’s easier now than it used to be a few years ago.

Because there only existed premium quality services that beginners couldn’t afford, beginners were just left behind.

With the advent of many platforms offering world-class Email Marketing Features For FREE.

Now anyone can start email marketing and start implementing it right away.

Email marketing is not entirely FREE some Email tools offer FREE plans, but most of the Good Email Marketing Tools charge monthly fees to use their device.

Convertkit, Constant Contact, Sendin Blue, Drip, Aweber, Getresponse, and Mailchimp these some of the top Email marketing tools that charge monthly FEES to use their tool.

But Don’t worry. Below, you will find some great Email Marketing tools that you can use for FREE and get started with Email Marketing for FREE.

Email marketing is FREE, thanks to FREE email marketing tools like Mailerlite and MailChimp, which make it possible for beginner marketers to get started with their email software for free.

But as you start to grow your list, say more than 1000+ Email subscribers, you will need to pay for the bigger size of the list and the number of emails you send per month.

But as far as getting started with FREE is concerned, yes, Getting Started with Email Marketing is FREE if you start from scratch.

Here are two of the best Email Marketing tools with a FREE plan for beginner marketers.

  1. Mailerlite – I use this Tool, and I also recommend this Tool
  2. Mailchimp

Which Email Marketing Software will help you get started for FREE?

Mailerlite is the tool to go with. It’s FREE

But if you have to Invest in a Premium Email Marketing Tool, I suggest you Go with ConvertKit.

Most beginners don’t have money to spend on a Premium Email Marketing tool right away when they start their blogging journey.

Because they have already paid for hosting, domain, themes, and all that stuff, it’s tough for a beginner to afford a costly email marketing tool in the beginning.

If you are starting from the beginning, you should use the Mailerlite platform to create your email marketing journey.

Most premium Email Marketing Tools start charging you money immediately, even if you don’t have any email subscribers. But MailerLite is entirely FREE for up to 1000 subscribers.

You can remove the Mailerlite branding from your emails without hidden limitations.

You get all the full features like broadcasts, building as many email lists as you want, and automation; everything is FREE.

The only limitation is that you will have to pay for it monthly once you hit the 1000 subscribers mark.

So up to 1000 subscribers, MailerLite is entirely FREE.

Which Email Marketing Service Is The Best?

There are many Email Marketing tools in the market, and choosing the best among them is a very time-consuming task.

But it all comes down to your preference because different email tools provide additional features and pricing.

So here are some things that you should keep in mind while buying an Email Marketing tool 👇

  1. Deliverability
  2. Features
  3. Data monitoring and Analytics
  4. Automation
  5. Reasonable Pricing
  6. Third-Party Integrations
  7. Customer Service and Support
  8. Spam Filters and Testing

The better the tool, the higher will be the price.

Here’s an image that shows different Email Marketing tools in Decreasing order of Customer Satisfaction.

Email Marketing 101
Source Forbes

So as you can see from the above image, Mailerlite is the best Email Marketing tool, and most people are satisfied with the Mailerlite email marketing tool. I am also personally using Mailerlite for my email marketing purposes.

How to Make Money With Email Marketing?

Email Marketing 101

Making money with Email Marketing is pretty simple.

  1. Build an email list of people who know and trust you.
  2. Add value to their life through your valuable emails
  3. Solve their problems through emails
  4. Relate to them, build community and trust.
  5. After you’ve built an extensive list, start sending promotional emails, Affiliate sale emails, eBook or Course selling emails, etc.
  6. That’s how you make money with Email Marketing.

Can You Do Email Marketing Without a Website?

Many people think that having a website is crucial if you want to do email marketing, but it’s just a myth.

There are lots of people in this world who are doing email marketing without a website.

I have seen YouTubers building their audience on YouTube and sending them to a link where they collect email subscribers with the help of a lead magnet.

In this way, You can do email marketing without a website; if you have a social media following, Youtube channel, or any other thing where you have an audience, you can send them to your email marketing tool’s landing page, where you can collect email subscribers.

Most email marketing tools nowadays provide a landing page feature where you can build your landing page for a lead magnet where your audience can put their email addresses and get a freebie in return.

After collecting email subscribers, you can start sending emails and do Email Marketing without a website using your Email Marketing tool. You can send messages, receive emails and reply to emails all within your email marketing tool.

Where To Learn Email Marketing?

There are many ways of learning email marketing, but the best way to learn email marketing is to perform and do email marketing; you will get way more knowledge and experience by actually doing email marketing than by learning from any course or article.

Another best way is to learn from a course and parallelly do Email Marketing practically on any email marketing tool so that you can learn different Email Marketing terminologies + How to use tools, how to send email etc. + you will also be gaining email list subscribers on the side and building your community.

Another way to learn email marketing is to work for someone who needs email marketing. Still, first, you must know everything about email marketing from a course, everything ins and out, and then only you will be eligible for work. This way, you will gain practical knowledge and experience in Email Marketing.

Email Marketing vs. Other Marketing Channels

Email Marketing is very different from other marketing channels for the reasons below.

  1. Email is very private; people only give their email addresses because they trust you and believe you will add value to their life through your emails.
  2. Unlike other social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, or others, where there are different things and distractions, emails are very separate; Emails are private; they only receive emails from sources they trust and know will help them or bring them value.
  3. You can do marketing on social media as long as you have social media accounts; if somehow or the other that social media platform dies tomorrow, you will have zero chance of marketing to your audience; emails are different, it’s your asset, and nobody can take that away from you.

Important Terminologies of Email Marketing

Email Marketing is very complicated when we first look inside the tool and when we first hear about it.

But really, it isn’t.

You need to remember a few basic terms when email marketing with any tool.

1. Email Marketing Software

this is the email software tool that will help you to do email marketing.

For example, mailer lite, Convertkit, etc.

2. Email List

Whenever someone joins your email service at your blog, they are sent to an email list.

In Mailerlite, its called the groups

3. Automation

Automations are the automated series of emails explicitly created for a targeted group or list.

Whenever someone joins a list with autoresponders, it will send the autoresponder messages on complete autopilot.

4. Subscribers

Subscribers are the unique email addresses that reside inside your email list.

every subscriber has a unique email address

How To Grow Email Subscribers?

Step 1: Sign up for any Email Tool like Mailerlite or Convertkit or any tool you want

Step 2: Create a Group (Email list) on your tool

Step 3: Integrate your mail Tool account with your WordPress blog.

Step 4: Create Signup Forms and Popups on your blog using Thrive leads or any other email option plugin to help you create email option forms.

Step 5: Create a lead magnet to give them something in return for their email addresses.

Email Marketing 101

Example Of Lead Magnets From This Website

This is a Lead Magnet at My Homepage
This is a Lead Magne that you will see on every one of my blog posts before the actual blog post.
 This is a lead magnet on the footer of my website, and it’s present on every single page and most of my website.

Do’s and Don’t of Email Marketing

Email Marketing 101
Email Marketing 101

Learn Blogging From Scratch

Is Email Marketing FREE?

No, it’s not FREE, but some Email Marketing tools also offer FREE plans to try and test their Tool, with limited features and EMail Subscribers count.

Can You Make Money With Email Marketing?

Yes, you can make money from email marketing if you have an audience that knows, likes, and trusts you.

What is a Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is an ethical bribe that you give to your email subscribers in return for their email address.

What’s The Best Email Marketing Tool?

There are many tools in the market and every tool seems to do its core job very well, however, if you want the best go for Mailerlite.

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