Elementor Review: Is It The Best Page Builder For WordPress in 2023?

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No Coding skills or web design experience is required for Designing Websites with Elementor because it’s a Drag and Drop Page Builder, You can design beautiful websites without actually being a designer.

Price:$ 49
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Are you looking for the Elementor Review? If yes, then you’ve just landed on the right place.

In this article, you’re gonna find details, Pricing, Possible Discounts and Features of this awesome page builder plugin known as Elementor.

So lets Get Started.

Introduction to Elementor Page Builder

Elementor is a Complete drag and drop page builder that lets you create awesome, professional web design layouts for your WordPress websites without you actually being a designer.

Elementor is the most popular WordPress page builder plugin in the WordPress repository today with more than 5M+ active installations.

Elementor Black Friday Deals

Elementor works on the drag and drop mechanism which means you can actually see your actual preview of your website while building your website.

It’s the WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editor.

For using Elementor you don’t need to know any code HTML, CSS javascript, or any complex coding, just drag and drop the elements and design your website accordingly.


The Best Page Builder For WordPress

Type• WordPress Page Builder
Starting Price• $4.10 / month For 1 Site – Billed Annually
Features• WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get Editor)
• Theme Builder
• Popup Builder
• Premium Ready Made Templates
• Elementor Dark Mode
• Elementor Motion Effects
• Elementor Role Manager
Competitors• DIVI
• Beaver Builder
• Thrive Architect
Available Add-ons• Ultimate Addons For Elementor
• LiveMesh Addons For Elementor
• Essential Addons For ELementor
• CrocoBlock
• Envato Elements Premade Templates


The Best Page Builder For WordPress

Elementor pro pricing Plans

Elementor is a FREE page builder plugin and it is available in the WordPress plugin repository for absolutely FREE. However, there is also a PRO version of the Elementor page builder plugin that is more capable and is packed with more advanced features.

Most of the Elementor page builder’s features are FREE and you get almost 90% of the features in the FREE version but to take your web design to the next level, you should definitely consider upgrading to the PRO version of Elementor Plugin.

I personally use the Elementor PRO version of the page builder of the plugin to design my websites because i like the cool advanced features of Elementor PRO.

Here are the pricing plans of Elementor PRO Page builder plugin

Pricing Plans For Elementor Pro

Note: Elementor has a monthly pricing structure but it is billed annually.

The basic plan starts at $4.10 / month for 1 site.

PlansRegular Monthly priceNo. Of license
Personal Plan$4.10 / month or $49 / year1 Site
Plus Plan$8.25 / month or $99 / year3 Sites
Expert Plan$16.60 / month or $199 / year1000 Sites

Elementor is a Freemium page builder plugin that offers 90% of the plugins features for absolutely FREE.

But if you want to take your website designing experience to the next level and want to make your website look even more professional then I would highly recommend you to Upgrade to Elementor PRO.


The Best Page Builder For WordPress

Elementor Free vs Pro Version Features

Elementor Free versionElementor Pro version
The #1 Drag & Drop Builder
• 30 Basic Widgets
• 50+ Advanced Widgets
• Industry Leading Theme Builder
• Design-oriented Popup Builder​
• Visual Form Builder + Popular Marketing Integrations
• WooCommerce Builder + Over 15 Shop Widgets
Dynamic Content & Custom Fields Capabilities
• Motion Effects Inc. Parallax & Mouse Effects
Premium Support
Product Updates

So as you can see from the Elementor FREE vs pro table above that the free version is not enough for all your Page builder Needs and therefore you should consider buying Elementor pro.


The Best Page Builder For WordPress

And while there are other page builder plugins out there on the market today, Elementor pro is still the best Page Builder Plugin among all of them.

Personally I feel that Elementor Page Builder is changing the whole WordPress theming industry.

Elementor is a huge one and is packed with some really amazing cool features that you’ll never get to find on other Page Builder Plugins.

Elementor is a Freemium page builder plugin that offers 90% of the plugins features for absolutely FREE.

But if you want to take your website designing experience to the next level and want to make your website look even more professional then I would highly recommend you to Upgrade to Elementor PRO.

Features of Elementor Page Builder

  • Drag and Drop Builder
  • No Coding Knowledge Required
  • Elementor Theme Builder
  • Elementor Popup Builder
  • WYSIWYG Editor
  • 90+ FREE widgets, 50+ PRO widgets
  • 300+ Pre-made templates
  • woocommerce widgets
  • Elementor Dark mode
  • Elementor motion effects
  • Premium Updates for 1 year
  • Premium Support for 1 year
  • And many more inside the plugin.


The Best Page Builder For WordPress

Let’s have a look at some of the most amazing features of Elementor Pro One by one, Obviously we will not be covering each one of them because there are hundreds of features but here’s the main ones.

1. Drag and Drop page builder

Elementor is a Complete Drag and Drop page builder solution for WordPress which means you don’t have to do anything in the back end, just drag and drop the elements that you want and design the web page as per your needs of the web page.

Here’s a short video demonstrating Elementor’s drag and drop builder for WordPress

2. Elementor Theme Builder (PRO FEATURE)

Elementor Theme Builder lets you to create custom type posts and pages different than the custom theme.

You can create a different header, Footer, or even different layouts for Posts and pages then what the theme normally provides.

Elementor review

normally you are stuck with the themes default header and footer but by using Elementor PRO’s Theme builder you can create a custom header and footer, you can build them from scratch as you want.

Elementor review
Elementor review
Elementor review
Elementor review

There are lots of different headers and footers to choose from.

You can either apply changes to whole website or single page.

You can even change the design and look of default posts and pages by using the Elementor Theme Builder.

you can watch the below video to know in depth about the Elementor Theme Builder.

3. Elementor has a Separate Editor

Elementor doesen’t work with the gutenberg editor it has its own editor section from where you can control the whole design aspects of your website.

Elementor’s Editor is much flexible and easy to use and we just have to drag and drop the elements from one place to another.

here’s what the Elementor Drag and Drop Editor looks like.

Elementor review

4. What You See Is What You Get

Everything happens in the front end of the Elementor’s Editor that means you can watch the Entire Web Design happening in front of you, You can watch the building of your website live.

Gone are the days where you have to go to backend and test different things to make sure that everything is working fine on the frontend.

Everything happens Live In front of you, that’s the Good thing about drag and drop editor.

5. You Can Design Anything You can Think Of

If you have the power of Elementor in your website you can design any complex design that you can think of.

Elementor provides a lot of elements and blocks to help your website to look amazing.

6. 90+ FREE Widgets, 50+ PRO Widgets, Woo-commerce Widgets

Elementor comes loaded with the widgets that help you to add different elements to your website.

widgets range from texts, videos, images, and a lot of other different elements that help us to design a professional website from scratch.

Elementor review
All The Basic Elements that you get with Elementor PRO
Elementor review
Your Website Elements, Generally these elements are pulled from the WordPress Theme
Elementor review
All The General Elements
Elementor review
Single Post Element
Elementor review
PRO Elements For Premium Elementor Users
Elementor review
WordPress Default Elements

Elementor Basic Widgets

These are the basic elements, that is available to all FREE and Paid users also.

As I mentioned Earlier, Elementor offers 90% of the plugin’s features for absolutely FREE.

Elementor review

Elementor PRO Widgets

These are the pro widgets that is only available to Elementor PRO users.

Elementor review

Elementor Theme Elements

This block contains Widgets from the theme like Site Title, LOGO, Comment Box, Author box etc that you can use on Elementor Page builder layouts.

Elementor review

Woo-commerce Elements

These are the Elements which are only available to woo-commerce websites, Woo-commerce element block is only available to Elementor PRO Users.

Every Element has a Content, Style and Advanced Tab which helps you to further customize the selected element.

Elementor review

The Content tab helps us to edit the contents like If its a text widget we can edit the text of the content, if its an Image element then we can edit the image element etc, different elements have the different type of content settings.

The Style tab of the Widget helps us to style the Element, we can change the color, background, width, height etc from the Style element.

Elementor review

From the Advanced tab of the widget Element you can change the Margin, Padding, add the motion effects, center align the whole element etc.

Elementor Supports Lots of 3rd Party Integrations

Elementor review


The Best Page Builder For WordPress

7. Elementor Dark mode

Elementor also has a dark mode available which helps you to work comfortably according to the lighting conditions of your surroundings.

8. Elementor section Settings

Elementor review

Elementor section setting helps us to make changes to the whole section settings including

  1. We can change the background color
  2. we can change the content width
  3. we can change the gap, height, and alignment of all the elements inside the section.
  4. we can change the background color, change it to gradient background, video background or even a slide show background using this setting.
  5. we can also change the margin padding, Add motion effects, Add custom CSS using this settings.

Elementor section settings also has 3 settings within them Namely, Layout, Style and Advanced.

Elementor review

9. Adding New Section and Adding Templates

Elementor review

This section allows us to add templates, Add a new section to our website.

there are over 150+ FREE templates and over 300+ PRO templates that you can import to your website.

10. Most Important Settings of Elementor

Elementor review

The update icon helps us to update our current web design done using elementor

The icon which looks like an eye is the Preview button and that button opens a new window and you can see the live preview with the help of that feature.

Elementor review

The desktop icon is the responsive setting, which helps to check the look of website in mobile, Tablet and, Desktop devices respectively, this feature is very crucial element because before publishing a page we have to make sure that everything is looking good on all the respective devices, and if something is not good in any device then we can check and correct with the help of responsive check button.

Elementor review

The history button shows us all the changes that have been made on a page, and we can always revert back to the previous version of our web design using this history button.

Elementor review

and that layer type of icon is navigator, it shows all the different section os a web page, you will barely need this, I myself don’t use this feature very often.

Elementor review

And that settings icon opens up the page settings where you can edit the page title, Featured image, Page layout for your page.

Elementor review

The elements tab displays all the available elements in th Elementor Page Builder Plugin

Elementor review

You can set the global settings for Title, Images and many more things from here, it will reflect on all entire site

Elementor review

You can do the SEO settings from here, you can set the SEO meta title, SEO meta description and also you can add a focus keyword from this settings.

Elementor review
Elementor review
Elementor review

That three-line hamburger icon opens up the settings for the entire Elementor from where you can change the preferences, theme styles, default colors, Enable dark mode, etc.

and that 9 dot icon brings you back to the elements page where the elements various different widget elements are displayed, which you can drag and drop.

Once you have made any changes to the page you have to update that page, the update button is on the bottom left side, its a green colored button which has Update written on it.

11. Elementor Finder

Elementor Finder helps you to go from one page to another without having to leave the Elementor editor.

Elementor review

just enter the name of the page that you want to navigate into and it will show that page and after you click on that page, you will be taken to that page.

To open Elementor finder just press keys CTRL + E on windows or command + E on mac.

12. Save as Template option

Elementor review

this can be accessed by just clicking on the small arrow button besides the update button.

If you’ve designed a really beautiful design and want to use that design on other parts of your website too without having to redesign that same thing again and again then you can save the design as template and download that template, and then re upload to Elementor in this way you can use the same type of layout on all the different parts of your website, and also you can use the layout on any website using Elementor.


The Best Page Builder For WordPress

13. Elementor Popups (PRO Feature)

With Elementor popup builder you can easily create beautiful popups for your WordPress website, you can create exit intent popups, SIn up forms, and many other different types of popups.

Elementor review
Elementor review

Elementor popups can be integrated with all the major Email marketing services like Mail chimp, Convertkit, Getresponse, Convertkit, Aweber, Mailerlite etc.

Here are some of the examples of the popups that you can create using the Elementor’s Popup builder.

You can also add various kinds of display rules like when to show popup etc.

Elementor review
Elementor review
Elementor review
Elementor review
Elementor review

14. Elementor Theme Style

Elementor review

Theme style helps you to make changes to the entire design of your website where Elementor is used, You can set the default settings for your website for Fonts, background, Form fields, Images, and custom CSS, It only affects the pages designed using Elementor.

Like for example if you set the default typography to Poppins from here then entire site pages fonts Designed using Elementor will be changed to Poppins.

15. Elementor Motion Effects, Mouse Effect, Mouse Track Effect

Elementor Motion Effects allows you to give motion effects to the elements of the Elementor Widgets.

This is a very cool feature if you want to build a fancy website, and this is a PRO feature that means you have to upgrade to Elementor pro if you want to use this feature.

Elementor review

16. Elementor Role Manager

If you have many different people working on your website like different Editor, Author, Contributor, Subscriber, etc then you can set accessibility to the Elementor’s Features for the specific type of role.

If you want to give access to only specific features to user roles then you can do it from here.

Elementor review

17. Elementor Version Control

If your site breaks, crashes, or has some errors after you updated to the latest version of the Elementor then you can always revert back to the previous version of the Elementor using ELementor’s Version Control Feature.

Elementor review

18. Elementor Support

Elementors Support is also good, you can get in touch with them if you have specific query or having issues with the Elementor plugin which i think you will never have.

They have an active Facebook Page and an Instagram Page where they keep updating their users with the new features that they release or any new announcement they want to do regarding Elementor.

Elementor’s Community is super awesome you will find lots of tutorials regarding this awesome page builder and you will barely need to contact support and even if you need to contact support then they are also super supportive and Generous.


The Best Page Builder For WordPress

How to Activate Elementor PRO?

Buying Elementor PRO is pretty simple, just go to Elementor’s Website using this link and follow the Screenshot mentioned below.

After you’ll visit this link, then you will be taken to the Elementor pro pricing Page which will look something like the screenshot attached below.

Elementor Black Friday Deals

Select any plan that you want to buy. Personally, I would recommend you to buy the $16.60 / month plan because it’s the best value for money and you will get to use Elementor on 1000 websites by paying just $8.35 / month more than the plus plan which only gives license for 3 websites for $8.25 / month.

After you have selected a plan for yourself click on the Get started button and follow the screenshot attached below to get Elementor Pro.

Elementor Black Friday Deals

After you click on the get started button, you will land on this page, enter your billing information with your credit card or PayPal details, and click on checkout.

Elementor Black Friday Deals

After successful transaction you will be taken to your account from where you can download the elementor pro plugin (Screenshot attached below).

Elementor Black Friday Deals

After you have downloaded the Elementor pro plugin, you can Install the Elementor pro by just simply uploading the Elementor pro to your WordPress using your WordPress plugins area.

Elementor Black Friday Deals

Install the Elementor PRO plugin and you will be done, You will have Elementor PRO on your WordPress website.

Note: Elementor will not work without the FREE version of Elementor Installed on your WordPress website, so make sure you have installed the FREE version of Elementor in your WordPress website before uploading the Elmentor PRO plugin into your website.

After that you can connect your Elementor account with your WordPress and Elementor PRO will work fine after that.

Congratulations: You should have successfully activated Elementor PRO Page builder


The Best Page Builder For WordPress

Which Elementor PRO plan is best for you?

It totally depends on you, if you don’t have a lot of Websites to work on then you can go for personal or plus plan.

But if you are a web designer, Freelancer, or someone who works with lots of websites and would want to use Elementor PRO on lots of other websites then I would highly recommend you to buy the expert plan which will cost you only $16.60 / month.

I think the value that you are getting for price is worth it and it’s quite underpriced when it comes to the value that you are getting for money.

So definitely worth buying Elementor PRO.


The Best Page Builder For WordPress

Elementor Pro Discount, Are There Any?

You will see many websites that are making misleading claims Regarding Discounts and offers related to Elementor Pro. something like listed below. Those are all unofficial 3rd party websites.

  • Elementor pro discounts
  • Elementor pro discount
  • buy Elementor pro cheap
  • Elementor Coupon
  • Elementor Pro Coupon
  • Elementor Discount Code 2021
  • Elementor discount code
  • Elementor Discount
  • Elementor Pro Discount Code
  • Elementor pro deal

Elementor does not offer any such Discounts.

However every year they do give some discounts like:

On June 1 2020 Elementor offered 4th Birthday sale in which they offered 20% Discount on all plans of Elementor Pro, you can expect to see such Discount Next year also on Elementor Birthday Season.

Also Every year on Black Friday, Elementor Offers Elementor Black Friday deals.

On 2019 Black Friday, Elementor Offered 30% Discount on Elementor Pro on all plans, this year also you can expect to see such Discount happening for Elementor Black Friday.

So here’s a quick overview of how much can you save on your Expenses during the black Friday searson.

Note: Elementor has a monthly pricing structure but it is billed annually.

PlansRegular Monthly price30% Discounted Monthly priceNo. Of license
Personal$4.10 / month$2.87 / month1 Site
Plus$8.25 / month$5.7 / month3 Sites
Expert$16.60 / month$11.62 / month1000 Sites
PlansRegular Annual price30% Discounted Annual priceNo. Of license
Personal$49 / year$34.31 Site
Plus$99 / year$69.33 Sites
Expert$199 / year$139.31000 Sites

Elementor pro pricing Plans are very high during normal days, but during Black Friday you can save 30% on all plans of Elementor PRO.

And during Black Friday, you can get Elementor Pro for as low as $2.87 / month or $34.3 / year..

So as you can see from the above table that Elementor gives a huge amount of discount during their Black Friday and I’m sure you don’t want to miss out on this 😉.

But You should not wait for the black Friday to buy yourself a revolutionary page builder, You shouldn’t wait for the deals and put your online business on hold just to save a few bucks.

Who knows they may never offer black Friday the coming time. That’s why you should not wait for the black Friday and Buy Elementor Pro Now.

Note: The Black Friday Deals For Elementor is Expired Now, And it will become live during November month when Black Friday will begin.


The Best Page Builder For WordPress

How to Use Elementor

For using the Elementor page builder plugin you just have to install the FREE Elementor plugin from the WordPress plugin repository, its FREE so you don’t need to pay any money for installing and using it and most of the features, I would say 90% of the Elementor’s features are for FREE.

Elementor review

Install and activate the Elementor plugin (Screenshot attached below)

And go to any page that you want to edit, and click on edit with Elementor.

Elementor review

If the Edit With Elementor is not in the Front end i.e in the live page, then it will always be there in the back end like shown in the screenshot above.

Do the above step and enter the Elementor editor to design your web pages using Elementor, the Elementor editor will look something like the screenshot attached below.

Elementor review

Simply drag and drop any element that you like to the Elementor canvas, and edit them as per your need.

If you want to take your WordPress web design to the next level then Investing in Elementor pro is the best option.

Note: Disable the sidebar and Enable the content full width of the page that you are going to edit because if you don’t do that then the sidebar will remain and also content will be contained inside a container and it will not be full width.

Every theme provides functionality to disable their page, posts sidebar just find the settings to do that in the theme customize or your current page, post settings.

Elementor review
Elementor review

The settings shown above are of our website using the GeneratePress theme. Your theme may have some other type of setting to disable the sidebar and for enabling full width.

And Remember to only do the above setting on the page that you want to edit with Elementor.


The Best Page Builder For WordPress

BloggingPal’s HomePage is Designed Using Elementor PRO

You can also build the exact same type of layout using Elementor, we have designed our Homepage using Elementor Pro and Generatepress premium theme.

Here is the List of some more sites using Elementor Page Builder.

The Reason Why I Recommend Elementor Page Builder Plugin

The Single biggest reason Why I recommend Elementor Page Builder Plugin is because I have personally used all of the different Page Builder plugins in the market today.

And most of them are good as well but I’ve never seen a page builder as good as Elementor PRO.

Im Impressed by:

  1. Impressive design
  2. Responsive Web Designs
  3. Ready-Made Templates for you and you can import those templates anytime
  4. The Page size is way lesser than other page builder plugins
  5. You can create, save and build your own layouts
  6. The immediate support you get whenever you need it.

And Yes Elementor is the Most Trusted Page Builder Plugin by Renowned experts all around the World.

Elementor Black Friday Deals

So what are you waiting for? Get Elementor PRO NOW


The Best Page Builder For WordPress

Pros and Cons of Elementor Page Builder


Pros of Elementor

✅ No coding or Website building experience required to build websites with Elementor
✅ Offers 90+ Professional widget elements to design your website
✅ Has theme builder and Woocommerce builder that lets you design custom pages, Posts for your WordPress websites, and woocommerce websites.
✅ Elementor works perfectly with all the themes that mean you can plug in any theme you want to build your website.
✅ Plenty of 3rd party plugins available for Elementor as addons and extra functionality for Elementor.
✅ Elementor Keeps pushing out new features and templates with every update.
✅ Great Compatibility with Woocommerce and other plugins.


Cons of Elementor

❌ Adding custom styling to links is difficult with Elementor’s Editor, and no option to edit text with block editor.
❌ Some of the templates and blocks are pretty boring,
❌ outdated user interface
❌ the website can look different while in editing mode
❌ can’t adjust margin and padding with drag and drop.
❌ No lifetime pricing plan and due to that users are forced to pay every year

Conclusion Of Elementor Review

I Hope this Elementor review was Helpful for you to decide whether to go with the Elementor Page Builder Or some other page builder.

If you are looking for the best page builder for WordPress that’s beginners friendly, budget-friendly, and High-End Page builder that supports all the Modern-day page builder functionalities then it’s the best investment that you can make for your WordPress website.

I’ve been personally using Elementor for more than a year now and I am stunned using Elementor, and needless to say that this is the best page builder I’ve ever used and it’s probably the Best page builder you’ll ever Find.

It’s a phenomenal builder with Revolutionary Features and Elements that you Won’t Find in any other page builder.

One Small Request: If you found this article useful then do consider sharing this article with your friends, it helps us to reach more awesome people like you.

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The Best Page Builder For WordPress

Will Elementor PRO work With your Theme?

Yes, Elementor PRO is compatible with every Theme, You can use it with any Theme you want.

How To Activate Elementor PRO?

Visit This Link, you will be presented with three Pricing plans namely – Personal, Plus and Expert plans, Choose any plan and activate Elementor PRO.

Does Elementor PRO have any Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, Elementor Offers a 30 Days Money Back Guarantee. In case if you’re not happy with your purchase, you can ask for a refund within 30 days of purchasing the Elementor PRO.

Is Elementor PRO the Best Page Builder For WordPress?

Yes, Elementor Pro is the best page builder for WordPress right now i the market today.


The Best Page Builder For WordPress

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