Dr. Lisa Su assumes her final form as ultimate head of AMD

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AMD announced that president and CEO Dr Lisa Su will also be adding the title of chair of the board to her impressive CV. Dr Su will be replacing John E. Caldwell, who served as chair since May 2016 and who remains at AMD as a lead independent director.

“Under Lisa’s leadership, AMD has successfully executed a multi-year strategy that has significantly re-shaped the company’s product portfolio and customer set and delivered industry-leading growth,” Caldwell says. “As CEO and chair, Lisa will now have an ability to drive an even sharper focus for AMD and create greater shareholder value.”

Dr Lisa Su assumes her final form as the ultimate head of AMD

If today wasn’t busy enough, AMD also completed its $49.8 billion acquisition of Xilinx. The purchase of the semiconductor producer allows AMD to expand its product portfolio and hopefully means an answer to the global chip shortage. This news comes nearly a week after Nvidia terminated its acquisition attempt of SoftBank-owned ARM for $40 billion citing “significant regulatory challenges.” Nvidia still is a licensee of ARM, though there would have been an obvious benefit of directly owning the supercomputing and AI giant in the great GPU Wars to come.

Last year, Dr. Su shared an optimistic view regarding the end of the chip shortage and now that statement is starting to make more and more sense.

“Xilinx offers industry-leading FPGAs, adaptive SoCs, AI engines, and software expertise that enables AMD to offer the strongest portfolio of high-performance and adaptive computing solutions in the industry and capture a larger share of the approximately $135 billion market opportunity we see across cloud, edge and intelligent devices,” AMD CEO, President, and newly appointed chairwoman, Su says.

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