Domino’s India Data Leaked: 1 Crore User Details Available On Dark Web For Sale

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Domino’s India Data leaked almost 1 crore user details available on the dark web for sale.

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Domino’s Data Leaked

domino's data leaked

Once again user’s data leaked and this time this data is leaked from domino’s pizza which is one of the most popular pizza brands. Almost 18 crore Indian user’s data was leaked and now available on the dark web for sale.

Data contains user’s phone numbers, email addresses, payment details, and credit cards of the users.

This is not the first time user’s data was leaked. Earlier in April, a hacker got access to the Indian domino’s servers and he downloaded data of the employees and customers. Hackers also confirmed that they know the information of credit cards over one million users.

The Cybersecurity Firm Hudson Rock also said that hackers were trying to sell the information of users for around 10 Bitcoins and they also planned to make a search portal for queries.

A security researcher Rajeskhar Rajaria posted a tweet and reported about this data leaked incident was almost 18 crore Indian users’ data leaked. He revealed that the hackers created search engines on the dark web for their hacked data.  If you also used Dominos then there a chance of finding your data on the dark web.

He also informed that the data includes the user’s name, email address, mobile number, credit card details, and GPS location. The researcher also posted a screenshot for proving his claim.

In April, Alon Gal, CTO of security firm Hudson Rock, had said that a threat actor had claimed to have hacked Domino’s India’s database worth 13TB (terabytes) on the dark web, including details of more than 250 of the pizza chain’s employees across verticals such as finance, operations, IT, marketing, and legal, among others.

He also confirmed that the user’s data was leaked and their GPS location, Payment details, and credit card details were also leaked.

However, Domino’s  India Had said no data were leaked that contains financial information like credit card and payment details of any person was accessed and this incident did not result in any business or operation impact, said by Domino’s India.

1 Crore Indian users’ data were leaked including their credit card details and even addresses of the users who have ordered pizza using the domino app. However, Domino’s India has denied these financial details leaks and said financial details were not leaked.

The company has not taken any steps to get back the user’s data while Sourajeet Majumber, an Independent Security Researcher has posted a tweet explaining this data leak. he said he saw the personal details of the user available on search engine. He Said,

“On using the search portal made by the threat actor, I was able to find my phone number/email, all delivery addresses, delivery amount and order time & date.”

Domino’s is one of the most popular dominos brands that work in all many other countries. Their user’s data has leaked and now available on the dark web for sell

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