17 Different Types of Blog Posts That Every Blogger Must Write

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Most of the newbie bloggers don’t know what are the different types of blog posts that can be written on their blogs and they just end up writing only a few selected types of blog posts.

Back in the time when I was a newbie blogger, I also didn’t knew what are the different types of blog posts that can be written on my blogs.

I ended up writing only a few types of blog posts like How to’s, tutorials, etc, and my blog became limited to only these types of blog posts.

But as times passed by and as I started to write more and more, I started to observe blogs on my niche more and more, and I discovered that there are many other types of blog posts as well that I was not writing for my blogs.

And that point changed the way I blogged, I started to think more openly and started to put my efforts on other types of blog posts as well.

In this article you’re going to witness all the different types of blog posts that I’ve seen over the past few years of my blogging journey and of which I’ve personally tried writing some of them.

So lets get started.

Different Types of Blog posts

Here is the list of different types of blog posts you should write in your blogs to get the most out of your blogging efforts.

1. How-to Articles

This is the most common type of blog post that every blogger writes in initial days of their blogging journey.

If you are a newbie blogger then you should start writing tutorials and how to’s related to your niche and in this way people will start noticing your blog and lastly they will also love to hang around your blog due to your amazing tutorials.

How-to articles are the articles that you can write for explaining something around your niche.

like for example:

  1. How to cook Rice in 15 minutes
  2. How to play basketball
  3. How to play the guitar
  4. etc.

These are the type of articles, where you explain to your blog readers how to do something, and these are the best articles you can write for your blog in the initial days of your blogging journey.

Here’s an example of a How to type post from my blog: How to Find a Niche For Your Blog

2. List Posts (Listicles)

List posts are the posts where you list down something related to your Niche.

Imagine someone reading your blog wants a solution to his problem, and for that, you can write a blog post like the top 10 ways to solve that problem, and each individual listing should have a separate blog post or resource around it and you should link to it.

Like for example:

  1. Top 10 ways to cook rice
  2. Top 10 guitar equipment
  3. Top 10 best mobiles under $500

And the Blog Post you are reading right now is also an example of a list post in which i’m listing down all of the different types of blog posts you can write for your blogs.

Here’s another example of a list post from my Blog: 15 Most Important WordPress Plugins List That Every WordPress Website Must Have

You can also generate a good amount of affiliate sales if you list some of the products in your listicles and explain to people why they should buy that product.

You can also write sponsored posts around listicles where you mention the top product as the sponsored product and company will pay you for that.

3. Review Blog Posts

Review Blog posts are articles in which you review something.

You can review anything related to your niche of your blog.

For Example:

  1. WordPress vs Blogger review
  2. Hp Laptop review
  3. Samsung galaxy s10 review

Here’s an example of a review post from our Blog: GeneratePress WordPress Theme Review

Review blogs posts are mostly about a product, service or anything that you have used in the past and that you would like to share your experiences about.

So as you can see from the above example that we write reviews for any product, and if your articles rank on search engines then you can make good affiliate commissions from these types of articles.

Mostly people make affiliate income through affiliate Review articles, so you should definitely write review articles on your blog.

4. Interview Blog Posts

You can interview influential people in your niche and you can ask people questions like a normal interview and publish it as a blog post in your blog.

Heres an example of an Interview Post: Harsh Agrawal Interview

The benefit of writing interview blog posts is that whenever you publish an interview, the influential person who is getting interviewed gets fascinated and will share that content with their audience and you will get more eyeballs to your blog in this way.

5. Alternatives Blog posts

Alternatives blog posts are the blog posts where you give an alternative product recommendation for the existing product

like for example:

  1. VISA debit card alternatives
  2. Yamaha Guitar alternatives
  3. Hp laptop alternatives
  4. etc.

Heres an example of Alternative Blog post: Fiverr ALternatives

So you get the idea right? these types of Articles also tends to give you good affiliate sales.

6. Coupon / Discount / Deals Blog posts

Coupon Blog posts are the posts in which you give information about a coupon or discount to your blog readers related to some product.

and from these articles also you can generate some good affiliate income.

here are examples of a coupon blog post:

  1. Amazon Prime coupon code
  2. Apple iPhone x coupon
  3. Hosting coupon codes.
  4. etc

here’s an Example of a coupon Blog post from our blog: Generatepress Premium Discount 10% OFF + 40% Renewal Discount

so you get the idea of what is a coupon blog post right? write these blog posts to maximize your revenue.

7. Pricing Blog posts

Pricing blog posts are the posts where you explain the pricing structure of any product related to your niche to your blog readers.

These types of posts are also useful in generating affiliate income.

Here’s an example:

  1. Price of realme2 PRO
  2. IphoneX pricing
  3. What is the price of Apple computers?
  4. etc.

Here’s an example of a Pricing Blog Post: Samsung galaxy S20 Price in India

8. Event Blogging type Blog posts

These are the type of blog posts that we write for a specific event.

These blog posts only gets read during a specific time of the year or any event.

for example, we can write blog posts for Indian festival Diwali, Christmas, or any event it shouldn’t necessarily be a festival.

For example:

  1. Christmas sale for iPhone x
  2. Black Friday discount for Electronic items
  3. Electronics Diwali sale.
  4. etc.

Here’s an example of an event blog post from my blog: GeneratePress Premium Black Friday Deals

so you can write these specific articles and rank them for a particular event and generate huge affiliate incomes from these types of articles.

There are many different types of events going on every year, spy other bloggers, what they are writing on these events on their blogs and you can get a good idea.

9. Guest Post

Guest Posts are the Blog posts that you write for someone else’s blog, with the intention of getting a backlink from their website or blogs.

Always remember that we have to provide value in the blog post before you throw in a bunch of links into the guest post.

You should only take one or two relevant backlinks from within the guest post content.

if you just throw in a bunch of links into your Blog posts and expect the owner of the blog to approve your content then it’s never going to happen.

The Author or the owner of the blog will never approve your content by seeing all those links, so try to keep guest posts as natural as possible, assume that you are waiting for your own blog while writing a guest post.

Here’s an example of one of the guest post that I did: 17 Best FREE Keyword Research Tools for Bloggers [Ultimate List]

10. Thought Leadership Post

Thought leadership blog posts are the type of blog posts that shows expertise and your thoughts on a particular topic.

for example, you could write what do you think about a particular topic on your blog, etc.

For Example:

  • what I wish I had known before writing my first book
  • Mistakes I made as a Book Author
  • etc

you should only write these type of Blog posts once you have a good reader base.

11. Newsjacking Post

Newsjacking Blog Posts are the type of blog posts that covers recent news within your niche or industry.

The main idea behind writing these type of Blog posts is that we have to write these type of Blog posts faster than any other person, so we have the fair advantage of ranking our content at the top of search engines.

You may also call it the First mover Strategy.

These types of blog posts can be very beneficial for your blog as people are more likely to read a recent activity about their niche that is fresh.

and in this way you can get more eyeballs to your blog.

12. Infographic Blog Posts

Infographic Blog Posts are the blog posts that present the information of a typical blog in a more visual way using informative image.

in these types of blog posts, instead of presenting the information in the text-based format, we make an infographic (Visually appealing Image).

Infographics blog posts are usually Images which which are in portrait size.

I.e: width is less and the height is more.

There are lots of different tools on the internet today which helps us to create infographics.

Eg: Canva, visme etc.

Here’s an Example of Info graphics type of Blog Post

13. Blog Series

Blog Series is the type of Blog posts in which you post series of blog posts related to a specific thing.

lets For Example

you can write Interview Series, where you can Interview Influential People in your niche.

Review Series, Where you will review all of the products in your niche

you can create any series as you want for your blog, and create blog posts under that series.

These types of blog posts not only looks good to other people, but will also make your readers come back again and again for more fresh content.

14. Videos

I know it’s not comfortable for all the people to create videos, but if you are a video creator then its a plus point for you.

As you already know that video content is being consumed more and more.

And shift in attention towards visual platforms, people consuming less textual content, people listening to posdcasts more, and the emergence of new video platforms like TikTok.

I can definitely say that videos will rule future.

So of you are ok with creating videos then you should create videos, and post them on YouTube.

there are lot of places where you can post your videos on, and the best part about these platforms is that they will never charge you money for posting videos, they are all FREE.

So why miss that opportunity?

Create a video, post it on all the free vidoe creating platforms.

And embed your video in your blog posts wherever it makes sense, in this way you will grow your blog a lot faster.

Because people can now deeply connect with your blog as a human being, they now know that it’s not just a random brand putting out just Content.

People will know that there is a real person behind this brand who works his ads off to make his brand better than others.

That’s why you should consider creating videos for your blog.

15. Controversial Posts

Controversial blog posts can be a little bit risky for your blog.

So the main idea behind these type of Blog posts is writing content around a controversial topic.

And these topics get read more, shared more, and people engage on these content more because of its controversial nature.

It can be risky if you wrote wrong content on your blog related to a controversial topic then people could stop reading your blog, you may have some other threats if people don’t like it etc.

So always make sure you are writing data driven articles in controversial articles, and your article have enough proofs for supporting your article.

16. CheatSheets, Checklists and To-do’s

cheetsheets or checklists are the type of Blog posts where you give people a cheatsheet or checklist type of content which makes people’s work easier.

A cheatsheet is also a type of blog post where you lay out all the prerequisites that must be followed related to anything in your niche.

Like for example:

  1. A Cheatsheet for Cooking Amazing Cake that people will love.
  2. A Cheatsheet for Loosing 5 kg weight in one month.
  3. A Cheatsheet for Writing blog posts that goes viral.

So you get the idea right? you lay out all the different steps that have been promised in the Lead Magnet.

So that is the whole idea behind a Cheatsheet type of lead magnet.

These types of blog posts list out the resources for a specific topic.

For example:

  1. All the SEO resources that you’ll ever need.
  2. Blogging Resources to make your blogging work easier.
  3. All the online tools for better productivity online.
  4. Etc.

Final Words

Thus, these were all the different types of blog entries you might create for your website, and if you do, you can be sure that your blog will be successful.

Types of Blog Posts
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