Top 10 Dangerous Social Networking Apps For Teens That Harbors Cyber Predators 2024

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Teenagers and cyber predators are a match made in hell. The world has opened up to the new frontier of social media and it is more accessible than ever before.

With one click, you can set up your profile on any number of social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat.

There’s all kinds of information that we share on these sites: where we live, what kind of car we drive, even our favorite color (well…maybe not).

But with this accessibility comes vulnerability – and dangerous apps for teens harboring cyber predators are just waiting to take advantage of unsuspecting kids who think they’re safe. 

The internet is a wonderful invention that has changed the way we do so many things in our lives. But with all of its benefits, there are also some risks. One risk is cyber predators.

These are people who pose as someone young to lure the young into an online relationship and then take advantage of them sexually or emotionally. As more teenagers embrace social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat; they’re opening up their world for these people to come in and prey on them. 

This blog post will discuss ten dangerous social networks for teens that harbors cyber predators based on research completed by The National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC). 

Social media is a wonderful tool to connect with friends and family around the world, but it can also be an easy way for cyber predators to find their next victim. Parents need to stay informed about what their children are doing on social media and know the dangers that lurk in these apps. 

In the digital age, computers and cell phones have become a part of our everyday lives. They are used to communicate with friends and family, purchase goods online, study for school, plan trips and vacations.

But they can also be dangerous tools that harbor cyber predators who want to steal your information or take control of your devices.  

Top 10 Dangerous Social Networking Apps for Teens-

Some apps are made just to be fun and give a fun experience to the users. Some other popular app are dangerous for teens, these apps are responsible for creating troubles, disasters or may disturb your child. Here are top 10 social networking apps which are not safe for teens.

1) Yik Yak

Yik Yak

Popular among the students of high school, this app is used for sharing the rumors and it can be easily misunderstood as a means of cyber bullying. In some cases, this app has been involved as the cause of violence as well as suicide.

2) Burnbook-

This app is not simply meant to unleash your anger on others but making many efforts in order to ruin them mentally by posting flat images of them.

3) Whisper-

This is a place where you can make your heartbreaking confessions or share the secret of your heart on the wall

4) Secret app-

This one provides more freedom for confession as compared to others as it’s open ended questions will be answered by people who are openly ready to respond about that issue.

5) Omegle


This app is not designed for teens at all, A person who has no idea about the other person on the other side can get more disturbed and caught by predators or child molesters.

6) Ask FM

Just like any anonymous gossip column, this is a place where you can share everything without thinking of the result.

Dangerous Social Networking Apps For Teens - Ask FM

7) Meet Me-

Meet Me

This app was designed for teens but now it’s more popular among the adults as it has a wide range of features like chat rooms, video calls etc.

8) Kik Messenger

Dangerous Social Networking Apps For Teens - Kik Messenger

Although this app is free from any threat that you might find in other apps still parents are advised to keep an eye on their child’s activity. This app provides texting facility without using any real name so it can be dangerous for teens.

9) Down-

No this not a place where you will get laid down but a video sharing platform with live chat facility where strangers are ready to share their private experience

10) Meet My Dog-

Dangerous Social Networking Apps For Teens - Meet My Dog

A simple app that allows you to share your images and name. The only information you give is the location of your house and other things about yourself to strangers which can be dangerous for teens because they don’t know who will get access to that information

Research conducted by Security Growth found out that popular social networking apps like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp etc. are widely used by teens.

How Do Social Networking Apps Impact Teens?

In today’s time, people have become busy, they have no time to meet their friends. They do not get enough time to talk to each other after office hours due to workload and family life, so it’s difficult for them to stay linked with friends.

In order for them to keep in touch with one another, they use social networking apps like Facebook, Twitter, etc. For this, they have to update their

Dangerous Social Networking Apps For Teens - Social Networking Apps Impact Teens
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status regularly so that their friends know what they are doing and these apps will help them do the same easily.

As soon as one goes on a social networking site he can keep in touch with his family members, relatives and friends from all over the world. These sites are free of cost and user-friendly. The sites can be accessed 24*7 and one does not have to spend money to keep in touch with friends, family members.

These networks are quite popular these days and many people of different age groups are more than happy with them. These sites help people feel better about themselves, gives them the feeling of security as well as helps build their self-esteem.

The use of social networking websites is pretty common nowadays or maybe all our friends and family members use it. The good thing about them is that you get to be in touch with your friends. You can even get connected with old school buddies.

Also, we can meet new people while using social networking sites and we need not give out our personal details, so these sites are safe for both parties. These websites help in the faster spread of information throughout the globe, where it could be news about sports, politics or any other important events.

Social networks are also used to promote businesses all over the world and one can use this platform in order to make money. It helps in getting a greater audience for your company all across the world.


Measure to be Taken to Keep Teens Away From Social Networking Sites-

Social networking sites are one of the most popular sources for wasting time in teenagers. Some teens prefer playing games, chatting or meeting friends on Facebook rather than doing their homework or learning in school. 

The use of social networking sites is increasing day by day among the younger generation. It becomes very important to think about it seriously because this has a bad impact upon teen’s behavior. 

Though there are some positive points of Facebook, make sure that kids should use it in the proper way. Here are five steps to keep your teenagers away from social networking sites.

The first important measure to take is establishing your rules about using Facebook or other social networking sites. Make sure that you should tell your children how much time they should be spending on these sites.

Be strict with them while imposing these rules and put some restrictions on them to stick to them in order to save their precious time by wasting it on social networking sites that have no use for it.

Another important measure to take is using some parental control tool that limits the amount of time your children spend on Facebook and other social networking sites.

This gives parents some freedom as well as makes them responsible for their activities on these sites. It provides information about what they are doing online, with whom they are chatting and at what time. You can also see their pictures, online activities etc.

In order to keep them away from social networking sites you should not allow teens to bring mobile phones or laptops in their room. In this way they cannot use these devices when you are not present in the house. If there is a need for keeping these devices, check their activities from time to time.

You should not let your children keep social networking sites as a homepage of their internet browser. In this way they cannot access it again and again to spend their precious time without noticing it.

In order to eliminate the option of keeping Facebook as a homepage, you can reset your browser’s settings after every few months.

Lastly, enforce your rules seriously because if it is not taken seriously then there is no special interest in keeping teens away from social networking sites.

You should also have a clear idea that teenagers can use social networking sites for negative purposes to get involved in cyberbullying, cybercrime, etc. so you should be alert about what they are doing on Facebook and other social networking sites.

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Conclusion- Dangerous Social Networking Apps For Teens 2024

These are the top 10 dangerous social networking apps for teens that harbour cyber predators.  The dangers of online life have been a topic of conversation in schools and homes, but there is an even more sinister side to surfing the internet with your smartphone or computer.

Cyber-predators lurk on many popular sites with one goal – to find their next victim. Although it may be hard for parents and teachers to know where they can go wrong when monitoring teenagers’ digital activity, this list will give you some tips as well as examples of how these predators operate so you’ll better understand what’s going on behind those screens.

The internet can be a dangerous place for children and teens, but the dangers are only amplified by social media. These top 10 apps in this list will show you just how scary it is when kids go online- whether they’re using these apps to chat with their friends or hook up with strangers. We hope that knowing about these risks will help parents keep their kids safe while they explore cyberspace.

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