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Writing is a big job. Even more, writing creative, quality web content is a whole lot of jobs. Every creative piece deserves to be treated with the respect commensurate with the skills and efforts the writer invested into it.

At Contentmart, freelance writers are given the honor that an inventor and a producer of quality products are accorded. Contentmart is a content creation, marketing and sales platform where creative writers in India and abroad converge with businesses in need of quality web contents to create writing solutions.

If you think your works are of good quality but not being accorded the needed value, Contentmart might just be you’re the answer. Or, if you are a Freelance writer in India and you are dying to commercialize a load of creative contents with no buyers in sight, Contentmart should be your next call.

With well over 90,000 users working to provide creative writing solutions, the possibilities are simply limitless.

How to use Contentmart as to sell your creative works

  1. First you need to visit and register as a content writer. This is necessary because you can neither bid for works nor submit your works on Contentmart without being a registered member.
  2. Secondly, clearly state your field of expertise. You can be versatile and have a range of writing interests, but a clear definition of your area of writing prowess helps clients can see you as a professional.
  3. Fill up your profile. This includes very important information that can sell you to the buying audience. It also contains your previous works. It is good to ensure 100% completion of this page and upload quality works that won’t put your skills in doubt.contentmart-reviews
  4. Take the writers’ tests. This is a series of tests on three different levels. The Beginner test, the Intermediate test and the Advanced English users’ test. There are questions that are quite technical here so, you need to be in the right frame of mind and carefully read through the questions before you answer them. The more tests a creative writer takes the better for his brand across the board.
  5. There are other levels of ratings and verifications that both Contentmart and clients you are working for will give you to build up your work experience on the platform. So, beyond the pay, you need to take every job seriously and try to satisfy the needs of every client. These will work for your good as you become more assertive on the platform.

Some of these ratings are:

  • Positive ratings (from clients you worked for)
  • 10 orders verification (Becomes a verified writer)
  • Write an essay ( Contentmart uses this to grade your writing skills)
  • No warnings and the rations of the work taken and completed.

IF you are really serious as a freelance writer in India or any other creative writer and wants a load of freelance content writing jobs, ensure you fulfill all your obligations brilliantly and watch your accounts swell in response.

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