[1-Step Guide] How To Change Nickname On Discord Easily!

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How to change nickname on discord with a quick guide in 2022: If you already don’t like your nickname or it is just too common for you to call it yours then read this article on paisahack to get through it.

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Nickname on Discord

Nicknames are the unavoidable elements of our age. We have different ones for everyone. Our family gives us various nicknames and our companions call us with various different names as well, we have various names via virtual entertainment like Facebook and Instagram, and so on Very much like that you can set and change your nickname in Discord too.  In Discord, nicknames are generally alluded to as show names.

Discord gives the capacity to change nicknames per each server, in the event that the server administrator hasn’t debilitated this element. Changing nicknames per server is a great component cause numerous clients have various different names on various games and administrations, and you can utilize the same nickname on the Discord server. On the off chance that the server administrator has removed the choice to change the nickname per server, your main choice is to change your Discord username.

Paisahack has got you covered and has some effective methods that will help you to get out of this issue.

How to change nickname on discord- The quick guide 2022

How to change nickname on discord
How to change nickname on discord

We know you are in a hurry to change your nickname, Here are a few effective ways to help you make it through.

1. Using the Server Settings

  • If you are willing to change your nickname only on a single server, then this method is to go for.
  • Login to the Discord account on whatever device you are using.
  • Choose the server on which you want to change your name.
  • You have to find the drop-down menu from the left-hand sidebar of the server. If you are looking on a desktop, the menu will be under a drop-down arrmobile, it will be shown as vertical dots or ellipsis. Right-click on that.
  • Click on the “Change Nickname” option.
  • Type the new nickname in the textbox and click on Save.

This is the easiest way and can be used to change nicknames on Discord Android or change nicknames on Discord iOS.

2. Change Nickname on Discord using Account Settings

  • Open the Discord app or visit the Discord web app and log into your account.
  • Select the Gear (cogwheel) icon from the bottom.
  • On the User Settings page, click on the Edit button next to your username under My Account.
  • Just delete the username and type the new name. Click the Save button to save the changes.

3: Change Nickname on Discord Server

Note: You can proceed with the steps given below only if the Discord server admin accepts your request to change the nickname of that server.

  • Go to the top of the Discord window to click on the server settings menu bar.
  • Select the server name and click on the drop-down icon.
  • On the drop-down menu, tap on Change Nickname.
  • Type in the nickname you want to use on the respective field and tap on the Save button.

4. Change Discord Server Nickname from a Text Channel

To change the nickname of the server, you need to find your current message in the text channel.

  • Open the Discord server and click on the Search bar at the top.
  • Type your name to find all your messages on the server
  • Locate your message and right-click the displayed image to open the Edit Server Profile menu.
  • Change your nickname from the menu below and you’re ready to go with a new nickname for the server.

Attempt this Trick!

Changing your Discord nickname is extremely simple along these lines. All you really want to do is to utilize the slash commands to change the nickname. i.e., You will type as ‘/josh’ trailed by a space in the message input region. It very well may be done on each server you approach, and the server bunch permits changing utilizing a slash.

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Final Words

There are some of the effective ways that will help you to change your nickname on Discord. We provided some of the best 4 ways that can be used when you need to change your nickname on discord.

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