Download Change My Software for Windows: Explained! Step By Step Guide

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Are you interested in installing Change My Software on your Android device? Are you interested in using Windows on your Android device? Keep reading to learn how!

A popular and widely used operating system, Android is controversial. Even though sometimes you would prefer another operating system because of its more advanced features.

Here we are going to show you how to switch from Android to Windows.

Change My Software

The software which you need to change your device’s operating system is exactly what you are looking for.

Using this software, you can customize an Android device so that it has a completely different look with a Windows interface. 

This app changes your device’s entire operating system to make it more original. This is the complete guide to know about and how to download it.

What is “Change My Software”?

Currently, Android and Windows smartphones and tablets are growing at the same rate. Android is popular because it is versatile, but Windows OS is more secure and offers better performance.

That’s where Software comes in. Installing Windows OS on Android is made easy with Change My Software, also known as CMS.

Change My Software

As a result of this software, you can run both Windows and Android OS on the same device, since it allows you to use the former on an Android Smartphone.

In addition, two operating systems can run simultaneously on the same device.

Rather than buying two devices, why not enjoy the features of both Windows and Android on the same device? You can download the dual booting feature on your phone in just a few simple steps.

How do you install the Change My Software Apk on Android?

Change My Software can be downloaded and installed on Android devices with only a few requirements. Therefore, you should take the time to go over the following list before installing your dual-boot software.

  • As the software does not detect any external devices, external storage is not required. As a result, ADB must be used.
  • A minimum of 1GB of space is required to install the software.
  • Activate the USB debugging option on your Android device.
  • It requires 8GB of internal storage space for the Change My Software installation.
  • As well as an Android smartphone on which to install the software, you will also require a desktop.
  • A USB cable and a good internet connection are also necessary.

Check the following technical specifications of the software after you have done all of the above. After this, you can start downloading and installing.

Technical Requirements To Install Change My Software

  • Licensed as freeware
  • Version 3.2 is the latest version
  • There is a requirement for more than 2GB of data
  • The file size is 12.78MB
  • Almost every language is supported
  • Compatible with Windows XP, 8, 8.1, and 10
  • Additional software such as CMS drivers is required
  • Platform based on ARM

Installing Change My Software APK

Depending on your Android device, you can download Change My Software from either the official website or a third party website.

You will be required to complete some surveys if you purchase the software from the official website.

In contrast, third party websites give you a free download of Change My Software without requiring you to complete any survey.

For all the versions of Change My Software, here is a link to the zip file. You can download it by clicking the link below.

On clicking the following link, you will be able to download all editions of Windows XP, 10/8.1/8 and 7. These can be used whenever you wish.

What is the procedure for installing Change My Software on Android?

There seems to be a long installation process for Change My Software for Android. You will be able to install it easily if you follow the steps given below.

The first step is to open your Android phone’s settings. Then you should enable USB debugging on your PC and your Android device.

Connect your Android device and computer using a USB cable.

Extraction of the zip folder is the next step in the installation process. After that, choose the Windows OS version from the pop-up window.

The fourth step involves launching Change My Software. To install Windows 8.1 or 10 on Android, click on Android.

Click on the Next option to continue. We suggest that if you experience any difficulties during installation, you take a backup of your important information.

The diver will download data from an online server, so you will observe a new pop-up window as you continue.

The following step is to select the language, time zone, and keyboard input format. You will see that the downloading process has begun.

The eighth step is to download Change My Software on your device. Click the Install Now button. On your device, click the button to begin the Windows 8.1 or 10 installation process.

The Android device will reboot automatically after the Windows OS is installed.

Your phone will display a progress bar during step 10. Personalize your settings at the end of the process.

Uses of Change My Software XP/7/8.2/8/10 2019 Edition

Change My Software provides some more benefits over installing a Windows OS on top of your Android device. Here are a few.

  • The apk files can be converted to .exe files and vice versa.
  • The operating systems can be dual booted. Thus, you can boot Windows and Android operating systems from the same device.
  • Android and Windows can both be installed on each other.


Change My Software is what it sounds like?

You can install Windows OS on your Android device using the Change My Software app.

How much does Change My Software cost?

Certainly. Change My Software is available for free download!

What are the risks of changing my software?

It is considered safe to use CMS. Please, however, use caution when granting permissions to new applications.

Change My Software Installation Requirements?

ADB must be used in this procedure. In your Android phone or tablet, enable USB debugging mode. To install, a minimum of 1GB of memory is required. The minimum required amount of external storage is 8GB.

What are my options for reverting to Android?

Both systems are compatible with Android devices. Overall, this means a single device can run both Android and Windows operating systems.

What is the legal status of Change My Software?

Certainly. It allows you to switch between Android and Windows on your device with a simple program.

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Conclusion: The Best Reason to Download Change My Software

The best software to run a different Operating System such as Windows on your Android phone.

Using this app will allow you to run two different Operating Systems at once.

Therefore, you should download and install on your smartphone today so you can take advantage of both operating systems.

Do let us know if you encounter any problems during the downloading and installation of the software.

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