How To Batch Rename Multiple Files in Windows 2022?

batch rename

Want to learn some pretty cool hacks that can save you a good amount of time. If yes, then you cannot afford to miss this article on How to batch rename multiple files in Windows?  So, let’s get started: How to Batch Rename Multiple Files in Windows? Let’s say you went for a picnic with your … Read More →

How To Change Desktop Background In Windows 7/8/10 2022?

desktop background

Today’s guide is how to change the desktop background, will tell you the steps to change the desktop background in almost all versions of windows. No matter if you are a user of Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10Windows 10, this guide will prove to be handy for all. Along with Windows 7 desktop … Read More →

How To Change MAC Address 2022? Hassle Free Guide

how to change mac address

Without knowing what is a mac address, learning How to change mac address won’t make any sense. Before starting out our tutorial, we will go through some basics on MAC address and then we will walk you through the steps to change mac address.  Mac address stands for media access control. We also know mac address by the name physical address. It’s … Read More →