‘Unfortunately the process com.google.process.gapps has stopped’ Error Fixed

“Unfortunately the process com.google.process.gapps has stopped” is the most common error that u might face using your android smartphone overtime. This Unfortunately the process com.google.process.gapps has stopped” can arise  on any smartphone whether its a budget phone or a flagship phone, when you are trying to use any of the Google Apps (Gapps). This error is only faced … Read More →

How to Fix SSL Connection Error: Solved

SSL Connection Error If you are here, then probably you too are facing the SSL Connection Error in your Google Chrome browser. This error can be very annoying and irritating when your are unable to open Gmail or Facebook etc. After performing a lot of research on Google Chrome SSL connection error, thankfully I found … Read More →

Unblock YouTube – Top 6 Ways To Access YouTube Unblocked


YouTube is one of the best sources of entertainment, allowing you to steam limitless videos, it also allows you to share your own videos with people. Unfortunately, lots of schools, offices, and universities have a different opinion and sees it as a time waster, distraction and productivity killer,  at such places you will need to unblock … Read More →

How To Put iPhone In DFU Mode & Restore

One of the most popular operating system IOS, is much appreciated by many people and iPhone users simple love it. There are many apps present that makes the iPhone one of the best smartphone in the market.  Syncing your iPhone with itunes is must for optimum. Itunes runs smoothly in windows as well mac but … Read More →

How To Save Google Map For Offline Use

Google Map gives you all the information about any location you want and thus enables you to navigate to different places with an ease. But only when you have any data connection. So what if when you are out of data and balance ? Don’t think too much as Google Maps does offer you ability … Read More →

How To Disable Facebook & Twitter Inbuilt Browser?

Facebook has lately in 2014 rolled out inbuilt browser for Facebook App. This inbuilt browser shows optimized content of the webpage you open, i.e whenever you open or click on any link in the App it forces you to in-app browser, opening optimized version of the webpage. Followed by Facebook, Twitter also rolled out their … Read More →