How to Add Proxies to BP Proxy Switcher 2023? Free Proxy Chrome Extensions

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While proxies can be highly advantageous in terms of online privacy, setting them up can be time-consuming, especially if you frequently need to switch them.

You will agree that repeating the same process repeatedly is time-consuming as well as tedious. By using BP Proxy Switcher, Chrome proxies can easily be changed, requiring only a few clicks on average.

What is BP Proxy Switcher?

BP Proxy Switcher is offered by It is one of the leading providers of private proxy services.

You can effortlessly add all of your proxies from a clipboard or URL with our Chrome proxy plugin. Then, after the upload, you can switch between proxies with a single click.

BP Proxy Switcher

In addition, it contains an auto-rotate function that switches the proxy every 60 seconds. This one has the advantage of displaying the country of origin of the proxy. In addition, the cache can be cleaned before switching proxies.

A per-tab proxy is not available as with other extensions; instead, the browser chooses which proxy to use at any given time.

How to Add Proxy to BP Proxy Switcher?

You can load a list and switch between proxies by simply clicking using this chrome proxy extension, which loads proxies from the clipboard and URLs.

Proxy plugin options

Step 1: Identify each proxy’s associated countries.

Step 2: Clear the cache before changing proxies.

Step 3: Your current tab should reload when you change the proxy.

Step 4: Automatically change proxies every X seconds.

Step 5: Load the proxy list every X minutes from a .txt file.

Add Proxies to the BP Proxy Switcher

  1. Click the extension after you’ve added it to your Chrome browser to see this.
  2. Click “edit”.
  3. Use the encircled format to add the proxy.

Chrome’s limitations make it impossible to set a proxy per chrome tab; the proxy for all chrome profiles is configured.

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Conclusion: BP Proxy Switcher 2023

In conclusion, adding proxies to BP Proxy Switcher is a simple process that can be completed in just a few minutes.

By following the steps outlined in this article, you should be able to add your desired proxies and start using them with the proxy switcher tool.

Have any questions? Feel free to reach out to us for help. Thanks for reading!

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