Blogging Vs Vlogging: Which One Is Better For You?

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Blogging Vs Vlogging, both the terms are pretty much known to all the people who uses internet today.

And who may not actually? As the internet usage is going up and continuous growth of internet users, everyone is finding new opportunities on the internet to express themselves.

Blogging and Vlogging are also one of the many communication mediums that enables ordinary people Just like me and you to express themselves on the internet, Blogging and Vlogging are two of the most popular mediums out there which allow people to put out content on the internet.

But both Are not the same, there are many dissimilarities when it comes to blogging and Vlogging.

And that’s what we are going to talk about in this article, Today in this article, you’re going the learn Blogging vs Vlogging, what are their differences, which one is better for whome and many more things.

So without a further due, let’s get started.

Blogging Vs Vlogging

Before we dive into what’s the main difference between Blogging Vs Vlogging, you should know what actually is Blogging and what actually is Vlogging.


As I just said in the above paragraphs that Blogging is communication medium, that means you can put out content on the internet through this medium.

Blogging is mostly written content and is usually published on a website. That means you have to create a blog and then you have to publish written content in it, that’s what is called blogging.


Vlogging on the other hand is a completely different thing, In Vlogging we have to publish video content.

There are a plethora of Vlogging platforms out their on the internet which allows you to upload videos and Vlogging there, but the most popular and the best platform for Vlogging is YouTube.

So now that you know what is Blogging and what is Vlogging, let’s dive into the actual differences between Blogging Vs Vlogging.

Ranking Content In Blogging Vs Vlogging

If you’re an online content publisher, you know what’s the hardship that we have to face when it comes to ranking our content, no matter if it’s Vlog content or Blog content, we see difficulties and competition everywhere.

But when we specifically talk about Ranking content of Blogging Vs Vlogging, here one is definitely better than the other one.

Vlogging or video content ranks better than the blog posts, and ranking Videos on YouTube is easier than Ranking blog posts. I have personally experienced it.

Let me explain why.

As you already know that there are over a billion blogs on the internet, that’s roughly 1 blog for every 7 people in the world. So you can guess out how competitive the blogging is.

Do you know why we have so much blogs? Don’t Know?

Here’s the answer ๐Ÿ‘‰ In blogging we just have to write Content without having to put ourself out directly infront of the people, and that’s why the Barrier to enter the Blogging game is very low.

Literally anyone can start a blog today in just a matter of minutes, and the cost required to start a blog is also very very low. So that’s why people feel more comfortable to do blogging and hence there are so much blogs out there on the internet.

  • Low Startup Cost
  • You don’t have to put yourself out infront of people, everything is written content and some images.
  • You can get started with blogging under 20 minutes
  • High competition due to plethora of blogs.

On the other hand Vlogging also has a low entry barrier, it costs you nothing to start Vlogging, in fact you can get started with Vlogging right now by Creating a FREE YouTube account and posting your videos.

YouTube doesn’t charge you anything for posting videos and it’s totally Free, therefore Vlogging is totally Free to start, you just need a mobile phone with good camera that can record yourself and a good internet connection and you are pretty good to go.

But do you know why people don’t Vlog so much, it’s because many people have a camera fear and most people don’t want themselves to put themselves out infront of the camera, therefore most people don’t so Vlogging.

And hence the competition in Vlogging is lot less compared to blogging.

And therefore video content rank better and faster than blog content.

Finding Content Ideas For Blogging Vs Vlogging

Finding Content ideas for Blog posts and Vlog Content is the same basically, whatever you can write about, you also can make a video about it basically.

So Finding Blog Post ideas and finding video content ideas related to your niche is the same.

But let me list out a few ways for bloggers and Vloggers to find content ideas.

How to find content ideas for blogging ๐Ÿ‘‡

  1. Research Competitors, what they are writing.
  2. join Facebook groups related to your niche and note down all the pain points of your target audience.
  3. join question and answer forums like Quora And Reddit etc.

We have an ultimate dedicated post related to finding Blog Post ideas: you can read it here. And I assure you that after reading this article you will never fall short of ideas for your next blog post.

Now let’s move on to finding video content ideas ๐Ÿ‘‡

  1. Watch out what other YouTubers and Creating content on who are on the same niche.
  2. Find out all of your Competitors in Vlogging and make a list of all the content ideas.
  3. You can also refer to our finding Blog post ideas guide here, because finding blog Post ideas and video post ideas is very similar.

Money Making Opportunities in Blogging Vs Vlogging

When it comes to money making opportunities, Blogging is definitely a better option. Why I’m saying this?

Because I’ve done both and I’ll only say what I’ve personally experienced. I once used to have a YouTube Channel named Creative Skills Online, in which I used to post regular videos, in fact that was my first YouTube channel, and after posting nearly 50 videos on that channel I gave up on it.

I know this is not the perfect answer and I was not pushing out the right content at that time but when j entered blogging, I made money way faster, after only writing 13 posts on my blog I made my first income from blogging.

And that was the first time I ever made Money from the internet actually so it was a very happy moment for me and I decided to do blogging.

Read: How I Made my first Dollar online from blogging.

Don’t get me wrong you can also make good amount of money from Vlogging and YouTube also but it’s all about self awareness. If you think that blogging works for you then do blogging, on the other hand if you think that Vlogging works for you then do Vlogging.

In blogging you can make money from these below givwn methods ๐Ÿ‘‡

  • Affiliate marketing
  • AdSense
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Selling your own products
  • Selling digital products

And there are many more ways by which you cna make money online with blogging.

My personal method to make money form blogging is Affiliate Marketing ๐ŸŽฏ

In YouTube you cna make money by below given methods ๐Ÿ‘‡

  • AdSense
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Sponsored videos
  • Selling your own products
  • Selling your digital products

But the most preferred way for most people to make money from YouTube is AdSense, and it has some basic prerequisites that you need to fulfil if you want to make money from AdSense like, you have to have a certain amount of followers and you have to have a certain number of watch time in your channel before AdSense approves you.

Therefore my preferred way to make money online is always blogging and Affiliate Marketing. It may be different for people to people.

There are endless ways of making money through both blog and Vlogging but it’s not easy, you have to put in continuos efforts, work smartly and then only you can earn money.

Ease of Content Creation Between Blogging VS Vlogging

Blogging is easy as compared to Vlogging when it comes to Content Creation.


Because when it comes to Blogging, you just have to Write out Content in a structured way, throw in some images with some interesting facts and figures and your blog post is ready.

On the other hand In Vlogging, you have to learn Video editing if you want to create visually appealing videos which captivates your audience While that’s not necessary in but it definitely makes a difference.

And you also have to be good at presenting yourself out infront of the camera because that’s what people are going to be watching and listening.

So that’s why creating a blog post requires less effort and is definitely much more easier than creating videos content.

While that may not be the case for everybody because some people actually do liek creating videos and some people like blogging, again it all comes down to personal preference, whatever you love creating you will find it easy to create.

Time Required For Content Creation Between Blogging and Vlogging

No matter whether if it’s Blogging or Vlogging, both requires time for Creating Content.

But when the question arises that which one takes less time to create then hands down Blog post can be written much faster than video content, while it’s more of a personal thing but I find creating blog Posts more time efficient.

I have both a YouTube channel and this blog and whenever I have to Create video content then it easily consumes a lot of my time, because I’m not that good at Creating videos sk I have to do a lot of retakes and all that thing, and after the video is done again you have to do video editing for adding some special effects, create thumbnail and other Optimizations which is definitely s lot of work.

So definitely creating videos is a lot difficult task then writing blog post and Creating videos actually takes s lot of time.

On the other hand blogging is simple and straightforward for me, I can write a 2000 words blog post in one hour and then publish it in next hour including all the images, Optimizations etc.

Definitely blogging has become easier for me overtime and it’s totally a personal choice on what takes more or less time, because some people would be taking more time in creating videos but they can surely be better at Creating blog content like me, so it’s personal openion.

Some people can create videos faster and some people can create blog posts faster, so know what you can create faster and choose accordingly.

Money and Investment Required To Start Blogging Vs Vlogging

The barrier to entry on both Blogging and Vlogging is very minimal.

You can start Vlogging by creating a FREE YouTube channel and by starting to upload your videos, it’s absolutely FREE.

And blogging is also Free, you can start a blog with a FREE service called, however if you want to start a blog professionally then I would recommend you to start a self hosted WordPress blog which requires a little investment in beginning, and that investment is not too big either, you just have to pay for domain and hosting and your professional blog will be ready to rock and roll Under $100.

Also Read: How much does it cost to start a blog.

Equipments and Appliances Required To Start Blogging VS Vlogging

You must be thinking that you will require best of the best equipments to start blogging or Vlogging isn’t it?

But that approach is completely wrong, yeah good equipments definitely help in our work but that’s not important if you don’t have yet, you can use what you have.

I see this misconception in every newbie blogger or blogger, they think that they will need the best equipments and infrastructure to succeed as a content creator, but they don’t realise that it’s just a small part, what really matters is the actual value that you are giving.

So use what you already have, if you don’t have the most expensive video camera then it doesn’t mean that you can’t make good quality videos from your phone, if you don’t have the best laptop the it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to publish high quality content.

You just have use what you have and be resourceful with your already existing resources, sure upgrading them may help you, but it shouldn’t be a barrier in your way of content creation.

So here are the basic Infrastructure requirements for Vlogging ๐Ÿ‘‡

  • A basic camera for shooting videos, even a smartphone camera will do the work
  • Basic knowledge of video editing
  • Basic computer that can handle tasks like video editing, photo editing etc (optional) because you can shoot videos, edit videos and upload from your phone itself.

Here are the basic Infrastructure requirements for Blogging ๐Ÿ‘‡

  • A basic laptop and a Mobile phone for designing blog and writing blog posts.
  • You can’t do blogging without laptop
  • Internet connection

Now let’s talk about the skills that is required for Blogging vs Vlogging

When it comes to blogging and Vlogging, skills are something that you should keep an eye on and both requires different skills from you to really master whatever that you choose to do.

If you’re a video creator, Vlogger you would require to have a good video making skills, you would require to have good communication skills infront of camera, you would also require to develop a good sense of humour, you would require skills taht will engage people in your videos, that’s how you will grow as a Vlogger.

And in the other hand if you’re a Blogger, then the primary skill that you should have is writing great content, creative thinking and expressing your mind through your words that’s the most important skill that you should develop. Other skills also add up like Graphics design, SEO, email marketing etc are also the expected skills that a blogger must definitely have.

Content Updation In Blogging Vs Vlogging

Content Updation is definitely a huge factor in content creation and here Blogging is definitely better than Vlogging or videos, because you can always update your blog content but you can never go bad and change something in your uploaded videos.

A video will be valid through that period of time only when you created it, when something changes in future, you will have to again create a new video about it from scratch, so Creating videos is definitely a tedious task and videos can’t be updated like blog posts.

On the other hand, blog posts are just written words and images that are open to edit everytime, it’s not like once you have published something and you can’t edit them like videos, no it’s completely different, you can always go back and edit your blog posts, Change some images and do updation work.

That’s the benefit of blogging over Vlogging.

Team Required For Blogging Vs Vlogging

Content creation is a no joke, I say this because I’ve done both Blogging and Vlogging and definition both takes time to Create content.

And there are other important think other than just content creation like content promotion, graphics designing, SEO, content Updation, social media marketing and a lot more. And it’s definitely a tedious task for a single person to handle unless you are a superman.

So that’s why a team is required for content creation, whether it’s Blogging or Vlogging, every Content requires great team that can help it to reach its full potential.

So the question is do you Even need a team? Well that’s totally dependent on you, your niche and your needs.

If you think that you have a heavy burden of work that you can’t handle alone, then definitely you must look for expanding your team that will save your time, and energy.

You must also look at your Competitors, see if they are doing something taht you can’t do Alone, that’s the sign that you must expand your team.

So let’s talk about what team members you want to look for as a Vlogger.

As a Blogger you must look for the best Video editor as you can because videos is the main content of a Vlogger.

And as a Blogger you must Hire a good graphics designer, SEO guy, and content writer in demand.

So these were all the team members that you would require as a blogger and a Vlogger.

Blogging and Vlogging Both Works Hand In Hand

Yeah you read it right, Both Blogging and Vlogging can work together for your brand.

As a brand you would always require that you would have all the type of content for your brand like videos, blog posts etc right. Well that’s where both comes hand in hand.

If one Content doesn’t do well then videos will back them up, you might already know that videos also have a description section on YouTube, so you can promote your blog posts in your YouTube videos.

While on the other hand if you have a good following on your blog then you can ask your blog readers to view your videos also, in this way Both Blogging and Vlogging can work hand in hand and help each other.

Blogging and Vlogging both teaches you something new, whether you are a blogger or a Vlogger, Creating content for blog and a blog will teach you various different things.

I’m a blogger and I can tell you that, choosing blogging as a career was the best thing that I did, I learned a lot of things along with blogging like: content writing, SEO, WordPress designing, e-mail marketing, digital marketing and a lot more.

On the other hand if you decide to do video content or Vlogging then you learn various different things like presenting yourself on camera, video editing, video SEO and a lot more.

So if you choose something then definitely it teaches you something.

But don’t do this mistake of focusing your energy on both the things, if you are a blogger then keep your most of the energy for blogging purposes and only use videos as a complimentary thing, if you will Focus on both the things at once then nothing is going to happen.

Both goes hand in hand but use the other thing as complementary thing, and focus more on your primary thing. That primary thing can be Blogging as well as Vlogging.

Convenience In Creating Content iN Blogging VS Vlogging

This Blog post would be incomplete if I didn’t include Convenience in artcile.

Convenience is definitely something that every content creator should aim for when creating content.

Now what do I mean by that?

Well by Convenience I mean that you should be convenient enough for Creating Content.

Let me give you one example: I can write a blog post wherever I am, no matter what I am wearing or not wearing, the reader will not be able to view all those things, while on the other hand if you want to create a video then obviously you have to create a nice setup, you have to get ready, look good, be confident while talking while Creating a video.

So here definitely Creating blog posts is much more convenient than Creating video content.

Not I’m not saying that blog posts are good and videos are bad or anything like that, Convenience can differ from person to person as everyone is not comfortable with writing lengthy content and they can make videos better while on the other hand some people find it easier to write content than Creating videos, so it’s definitely a personal openion and differs person to person.


So that was all about Blogging Vs Vlogging, and I hope you enjoyed reading this content.

Remember both are individual content platforms and both content videos and blog posts are equally valuable, none content is superior than other, everything holds its unique value.

One Small Request ๐Ÿค˜ If you gained something valueable, learned Something, Found this article helpful then please do give this article a share on your favourite social media networks, it would help us in reaching more awesome people like you who actually need this content.

Thanks for reading ๐Ÿ˜Š

Which one is Easier Blogging Vs Vlogging?

Nothing is easier and you only get better at something which you love to do every single day, So if you love writing then blogging will be easier for you on the other hand if you love creating videos then vlogging will be better and easier for you. Find out what fits you naturally and work on it. Everything Requires Hardwork, Discipline, Patience.

Which one is Better For Making Money Blogging or Vlogging?

I have tried Vlogging before and found it really hard to make money via Vlogging because naturally i’m not good at Creating videos but i’m definitely better at writing blog posts and withing the first year itself I started Making decent money from blogging. And the results differ person to person so your results may vary.

Blogging and Vlogging Both are good but everyone should choose according to their preferences

Which one has more money making opportunities Blogging or Vlogging?

Both have equal money making opportunities you can make money in every possible way that you can make from the other one. both can make money from Affiliate, Adsense, Sponsored Posts etc.

Which One Requires Less Time Blogging Or Vlogging?

I will say that Blogging will require less time because we only have to write content, Put some images and Publish the content and its done while on the other hand Videos take a lot of time, you have to shoot the videos, Edit the videos and also optimize the videos for search. So definitely Creating video content takes a lot of time.

Blogging Vs Vlogging
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