4 Blogging Mistakes to Address and Correct Right Now

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I just finished scanning Quora.

I discovered another classic.

“What forums can I join for copying my link to get my site out there?” a new blogger inquired.

There are no such forums. Why? No communities generate traffic by putting links to “get your blog out there.” If blogging were so simple, we’d all be billionaires.

Let’s look at four blogging blunders to avoid and rectify right now to boost your blogging success.

blogging mistakes to avoid

New and novice bloggers feel that merely joining a forum and creating a bio with your blog link stimulates others to click on your link and visit your site.

Nope. Nobody on forums cares about you until you care about them. How do you show your concern for others? Respond to their inquiries generously, carefully, and compassionately.

Generous bloggers who take the time to appropriately answer queries acquire the trust of fellow forum users who click your link to visit your blog.

Forums demonstrate your long-term dedication to truthfully and freely addressing inquiries.

Add Value. Become valuable. Drive traffic and profits through forums.

2: Being Attached to Your Email List

blogging mistakes to avoid

Most bloggers fail because they invest their trust, clarity, heart, and soul into growing an email list.

They mistakenly feel that their business and traffic will fail if their list does not expand.

None of these restricting notions are correct because email is only one of more than a billion methods to engage with readers.

I recommend that you create a list but never rely on it as the source of your blogging success.

Everything that is successful flows from your head to your laptop and then to unlimited web outlets.

Sometimes, people read my blog posts through Twitter, Facebook, email, LinkedIn, Quora, Warrior Forum, and carrier pigeon.

I never attach to one channel – especially email – because doing so blinds me to the countless channels for accessing and developing to become successful online.

Never attach to your list from an energy of fear. Keep creating through your blog but build traffic through social media and forums to be less attached to your email list.

Besides, all blogging Success begins and ends in the mind. Success, money, traffic, and all that good stuff flow from you through the internet as your predominant thoughts, feelings, and actions. Be generous. Be grateful. Feel rich. Succeed.

3: Impatience Manifest as Rushing, Panicking, and Failing

blogging mistakes to avoid

Bloggers often complain about blogging or guest posting and not seeing actual results in 1-3 months.

Relax, Young Blogging Padawan! Be patient. Stop being so impatient. What genuinely successful venture comes together in 1-3 months? None.

Did Jeff Bezos panic after Amazon did not take off and develop into a billion-dollar company in 1-3 months? Nope.

Good things take time, excellent service, patience, persistence, and a deep trust in self and the process.

Be patient. More importantly, observe your impatience without acting on the fear.

Allow panicked feelings to arise and pass but NEVER act from panicked energy because you will do silly, failing stuff.

Failing bloggers usually act impatiently, bailing on successful strategies and quitting or doing failing stuff like spamming or cold pitching bloggers for link exchanges.

Be with your fears, release the fears, and generously create, connect, and monetize through multiple income streams.

Blogging Success finds you but takes its sweet time in doing so. Why? Success weeds out impatient bloggers who lack the persistence to make room for the generous, patient, trusting bloggers who see the journey through.

4: Winging It

Crazily enough, new bloggers with obviously zero blogging experience ask if they should wing it. HUH? Would you try to wing it to become a doctor? Would you wing it to become a lawyer? Nope.

Never wing it to be a professional blogger because you have many skills to learn from pros.

Learn from the best to do what works. Do what works to position yourself to succeed.


Correct blogging mistakes, pronto, guys, and you can change your course overnight.

Becoming successful takes time and excellent service, but things change fast if you see yourself and your blogging campaign in the light of truth.

Own mistakes. Correct mistakes. Be well on your way to becoming a pro blogger.

Aishwar Babber

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  1. All mistakes are so real, Ryan.

    Most of the beginners are just running for money instead of spending a period for learning and helping the audience. Eye-opening post, indeed!


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