What Kind Of Mindset Is Required For Blogging?

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Blogging Mindset play a very crucial role in the Success or failure of a blog or any business.

Without the right blogging mindset, you’ll not succeed.

So I want you to be in the right mindset for Blogging so that you can excel in your Blogging Endeavours.

I want to make sure you’re in the right Blogging mindset before you receive all the training that will turn you into a badass Blogger.

Because mindset plays a huge factor in Blogging.

The Required Blogging Mindset

I wanna ask you why do you want to start a blog?

is it for passion, is it for money, or is it for sharing what you know?

See let’s be honest, there are over a billion blogs on the Internet and everyday almost 2 million blog posts are getting published, and nobody reads 95% of them, and only 5% of the published content survives.

only the best of the best content survives.

Do you know why that 95% of blog posts don’t get read?

here’s the Answer – Most of the content that people publish does not provide any value to the Reader, their content is not properly optimized for getting ranked, and lack of proper blogging knowledge.

Do you know why people’s content does not provide value?

It’s just that the author of those articles lacks the necessary enthusiasm for what he is writing.

Do you now recognise the significance of mindset in blogging? Ah, I see.

Unless you’re in the appropriate frame of mind, blogging won’t be successful for you.

What are the Important Blogging Mindset Qualities that you must develop within you in order to Excel in Blogging?

1. Passion for the Niche:

Yes, this is the most important thing when it comes to blogging or anything you do as a matter of fact because passion is something which will keep us going in the right way when things will not be alright.

If I say you that you will have to blog about for a year without getting anything in return from your blog.

Yhen will you continue to blog? I’m sure most people won’t. and that’s where passion comes into the picture, if you will have a passion for what you are writing then you will blog selflessly.

Obviously blogging doesn’t take at least a year to show results, but you should be prepared for the worst, you should give blogging at least 1 year’s time to see it works with all of the required efforts.

Don’t worry I’ll talk about the Profitable niche selection in the upcoming email.

2. Patience

Patience is the no 1 factor why people quit too soon in blogging.

When I started blogging 1 made nothing for the first 13 months straight, could you believe that?

and yet I continued to blog because I love writing and sharing knowledge, connecting with my audience, and that’s what hade kept me blogging and have helped me grow.

You should give at least 1 year’s time to your blogging journey.

3. Skills

It’s not necessary but it’s good to have it, if you’re skilled enough on whatever topic that you’re gonna write about on your blog then its a plus point but its not necessary.

You can also write about something that you wanna learn and share your learning experiences in your blog.

4. You don’t need to be an expert to write a blog post

Yes I’ve personally been a victim of this and I didn’t write on my blog just because of the self-doubts I had in the beginning and that kept me from posting an article.

Guys, you must understand that nobody is perfect in this world, and there’s no harm in sharing your personal experiences about a topic.

You don’t need to be an expert on the topic to write a blog post, just give your blog a personal touch.

remember your blog is yours and you can write whatever you wanna write about in your blog about a particular topic.

there’s no one stopping you, and you can publish as many blog posts as you want, there’s no limitation.

5. Don’t Blog Just For Money

Do you want to hop into blogging just because it generates money?

If yes then you will never survive in the long run, Blogging is all about making connections and making this world a better place by helping people with your blog.

Your blog must deliver value to your readers, and having a money mindset will never let you succeed.

Instead, think about how you’re going to help your audience/readers.

Think about the positive impact you will put into people’s lives from your blog.

Yeah money is important but money shouldn’t be the primary focus of your blog, your goal should be to help your readers.

Money will find its way into your blog.

6. You need to Practice daily

Yes this is the most important skill of all the things stated above.

You can have the best blogging platform, best hosting, perfect domain name, and lots of time but if you’re not gonna Implement, then everything is going to be a waste.

So I request you to please Implement whatever you will learn in this course every day.

7. Know who you are writing for

Knowing for which person you’re gonna be writing for is very crucial for your blog and it actually makes the writing work easier, and You’ll know for whom, what type of people You’ll write for.

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Action Item For You: Ask yourself why do you want to start your Blog, ask yourself can your blog bring positive changes to other people’s lives, ask yourself does your blog help this world to be a better place, ask yourself can you bring something better than what’s already existing? if yes then you’re in the right mindset for Blogging Success.

Conclusion of Blogging Mindset

I hope this blog post changed your perception about blogging and what it.

Blogging requires the same mental preparation as the outer hard work.

Most people don’t see the inner mental game and just notice the outcomes but it’s not like that, people develop serious Blogging mindset that’s why they Succeed in Blogging.

How to be a better blogger?

Just focus on delivering the best Content possible on your niche to your readers and help them to achieve something. This will help your to become a better blogger.

Why should you not focus on the money first?

If just focus on the money and not on providing real value to people then you will never be able to grow your blog to the next level and people will eventually realise that you are always trying to sell them something and your audience will stop reading your blog.

How Should you balance your daily life, job with blogging?

See we all have something that we do other than blogging.

It all comes down to what is your priority.

If you’re a student, you have a job or you’re a mom or housewife then you do blogging on the side and Infact blogging doesn’t require a lot of time either.

2 hours per day is enough to run a blog.

And when you see that your blog is growing and giving you good return on investment, then you can think of doing Blogging as a full time.

Should you invest money in blogging?

Yes definitely, if investing money is something that will make your blog grow then definitely you should invest money on it.

Now that investment could be anything like your time, money on Buying ads traffic, investing money on a paid theme, investing money on domain and hosting etc.

Whatever makes your blog grow, you should invest in it.

Blogging Mindset
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