Blogging As a Career: Should You Consider It As a Career In 2021

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“Blogging as a Career” This is the debate that’s been around for the decade, and you all know the answer to this pretty well. But still I will try to shed my light of knowledge on this topic today.

With the widespread of information throughout the internet, Blogging is a common term nowadays and Every other kid in the block knows how to start a blog.

Due to this, the term “blogging” has gained a lot of popularity, and everyone is now aware of what a blog is and what it is used for. Everyone on the block has a blog and is now blogging about something for this reason.

According to Neil patel, there are over a billion blogs on the internet right now, that’s roughly 1 blog for every 7 people in the world.

Due to the sheer number of blogs on the internet, there is also an overwhelming amount of competition, and as a result of this fierce competition, many people have discovered ways to profitably monetize their blogs.

What could be better than getting paid to write about something you enjoy?

That is how effective blogging is. Blogging can help you pay your expenses, but it can also enable you to live a life of luxury.

So should you consider Blogging as a career?

Yes, blogging can be taken into account as a professional option, but only if you are truly passionate about the niche of your site and the information you will be writing.

But there’s a caveat to the above statement, and it comes with a lot of sacrifices and things you should keep in mind.

We will have a detailed look at this considering various different facts and figures later.

So, are you excited to explore this detailed guide? Yes !!

So let’s dive right in.

1. Blogging Is Not a Get Rich Quick Scheme

This is the most important concept for novice bloggers to grasp: blogging is not a get-rich-quick scam.

I notice that a lot of individuals just start blogging because they overheard someone say that it brings in money for them or because they read somewhere that blogging might bring in money with little to no investment.

That’s correct, real money can be made blogging, and starting a blog doesn’t cost much money, but many people believe that blogging is an easy way to make money.

That’s not true, though.

Blogging is a legitimate business, and it only pays you when you put in the necessary effort and that your content genuinely adds value to the lives of other people.

That value can be anything, entertainment, music, information etc.

If your blog doesn’t provide people Value, your blog is not going to yield anything.

When you blog, as with anything in the world, it takes time to start seeing some returns in terms of traffic, cash, and brand exposure.

Each process requires time. You didn’t become a contributing member of society for 20 years. Years are needed for even a little plant to grow into a giant fruit-bearing tree. Your blog will need your time, efforts, attention, dedication, and everything else required; this is also true.

Whatever you want from your blog will not come easily, but it will come.

2. You Have To Fall In Love With Writing

You must fall in love with writing if you are a blogger or want to start your very first blog.

The majority of people just start their blogs, but they despise creating blog posts. I constantly notice it. Because they don’t feel like making blog entries, those who have blogs have very little substance on them.

If you agree, blogging might be difficult for you if you don’t enjoy writing; but, you can develop certain writing habits that will allow you to make writing a pleasure.

Depending on the person, writing can range considerably from being uninteresting to being quite engaging.

If you enjoy writing or not, you must be honest with yourself. If not, blogging is probably not for you; nevertheless, you can experiment with other platforms like YouTube, podcasting, etc.

Not everyone enjoys writing every day, and not everyone can produce compelling copy. In reality, writing is an inherent talent for someone. And regardless of whether you enjoy writing or not, you need to be aware of who you are.

Welcome to the blogosphere if you enjoy writing and can produce extensive content. You can make it through.

3. Consistency Is The key To Success In Blogging

Consistency is the single most important thing that decide the success or failure of your blog.

People like to read blogs which are consistent in delivering valuable content. That’s why you have to be consistent in delivering valuable blog posts.

Now let’s understand this with a real life example 👇

You’re sure to have read one or more blogs or watched a YouTube channel at some point in your life, don’t you?

You’ve read every blog article and seen every video on that channel, and you adore them all. So you want more, right?

Therefore, I assume that you still frequently check that website for new articles and that YouTube channel for new videos.

This is due to the fact that the blog and YouTube channel gave you a reason to reflect; they provided you with information that was useful and that you loved, liked, and even admired; as a result, you frequently visit them in an effort to learn about what’s new.

That is how important consistency is; if you can keep your blog updated with valuable content on a regular basis, your traffic will grow and people will return frequently.

Consistency is crucial in this regard.

If you won’t be able to produce as much content the next day, avoid publishing every blog post you’ve saved as a draught on the same day. Instead, you can maintain a frequency of one or two blog updates per week, which will guarantee that your blog is always filled with information and that you are regularly drawing readers.

This is definitely not a smart habit to publish all of your blog pieces at once, then go months without publishing anything.

It will be far more advantageous for your blog if you can maintain a set frequency of postings per day or per week rather than releasing everything at once and not writing for months.

4. You have To Continuously Explore New Things In Your Niche

You cannot just be a hobby blogger when you pick blogging as your career; you must be serious if you want to pursue blogging as a career.

Since it is ultimately your career, if you decide to pursue one, you cannot treat it casually because doing so would result in financial loss.

Therefore, if you plan to be a professional blogger in 10 or 15 years, you must constantly learn new things about your subject and stay up to date with its developments.

The easiest approach to stay current on your topic is to regularly read the top blogs in that field and watch videos from the top YouTubers in that field because they are continually sharing fresh information.

Therefore, if you want to start blogging professionally, you must constantly stay in touch with your field so that you never miss anything and so that you always have fresh content to write about it with additional research.

5. Most Bloggers Don’t Earn Enough Money

This is the harsh truth that most people won’t tell you, most Bloggers don’t earn a single penny from their blog.

According to a study done by ProBlogger, most people don’t earn even $5 from their blog. That’s not even a sustainable amount of money to even buy them coffee.

blogging as a Career

Only the top 15 – 20 % of people actually make reasonable good amount of money to sustain their life from their blogging endeavours.

That’s because of the fierce competition out there on the internet.

If you are choosing blogging as a career then you gotta be extremely competitive or you better don’t expect anything sustainable if you are not competitive.

You see, setting up a blog today is really inexpensive, so inexpensive that everyone has a blog about something. The cost to launch a blog today is merely $100 or less. which invites a deluge of opposition for you.

You should think about blogging as a job because if you are competitive and specifically better than your rivals, you will be able to stand out from the rest of your competition and draw the most readers.

People choosing the wrong theme or something in which they have no interest is another reason why they are unable to make money from their blogs. Their new site fails as a result of this.

Thus, if you take your writing career seriously, your topic should be similarly important to you.

Another element in any blog’s collapse is the competition in the niche. When a novice blogger starts a blog, they publish popular content right away without first investigating the level of competition for that keyword. As a result, their content doesn’t rank and gets little to no traffic.

Google won’t trust your blog because you just started it and have no authority in your field. Therefore, before progressively going on to well-liked, high-competition topics, you must first establish your credibility by writing blog entries on low-competition topics.

6. You Always Have To Learn and Unlearn

Blogging is the only profession which allows you to be a lifelong learner.

If you already have a blog then you probably taught yourself how to create a blog, how to bring traffic to your blog, how to monetize your blog etc, etc right? You didn’t knew those stuffs but still you taught yourself from the various resources available on the internet.

That’s what I like about blogging, blogging allows you to be a lifelong learner it allows you to constantly test out new things so that you can leave what’s not working for your business.

If you start blogging you become a lifelong learner and while you learn new stuff, you also gotta unlearn old things which don’t work anymore.

So if you are choosing Blogging as a Career then congratulations you are on your way to become a lifelong learner who will test out and learn various different new things on your way through the journey.

7. You Can’t Grow Alone

When we first start a blog, all we think about is how we’ll publish things, people will read them, and we’ll be paid, right?

It’s actually the exact opposite; in order to develop as a blogger and deliver your audience with content they will enjoy, you must do much more than just publish blog posts. You must connect with other bloggers in your niche in real life, make a connection with your audience, and constantly seek out their feedback on their challenges and needs.

Blogging is not just for the self Benefit of one person, it’s for the benefit of whole community.

Expanding your network will bring you more opportunities, amazing people, new experiences, and, most importantly, the chance to learn something from everyone. As a result, networking and developing genuine relationships with other bloggers and your blog readers will only benefit your blog’s growth and never hurt it.

Here’s one good example: When I got started with blogging, I used to hang out on various different forums and online groups in my niche, I still do it, as a result, I built good connections with many good bloggers and Marketers in my niche, and they recognise my blog.

So whenever I want to guest post on someone’s site I can just pitch them an email for guest post, or backlinks and they are more than happy to do it, same goes out for the social shares, if I publish something new, my friends and audiences share my blog posts.

This is all because of the networking I have done, the relationship I have built. Without Networking and Building connections, this would not have been possible for my blog.

8. Your Success Will Depend On Your Niche And Your Hard Work

Yes this is the true, Your Success will entirely depend on your niche, your situation and your hard work.

See every niche is different and different types of people working towards Different Niches, so the competition also varies from niche to niche.

If you are a one man army and you want to blog about a niche which is highly competitive, Where world class bloggers are fighting for the same keywords, then it’s better for you to either leave the niche, or bring in more competition from your side by expanding your team and improving your work.

People who are blogging today are Blogging for Business and have dedicated team for everything, like Content creation, content marketing, graphics design, SEO, technical team etc.

So you as a newbie blogger wouldn’t be able to compete with them as a one man army until and unless you have your own team, who are highly qualified. And every beginner blogger starts from zero I get it, but you have to carefully pick the right fights.

Without analysing the competition, you will end up wasting a lot of your precious time.

Go for it if you can bring the correct fight, a lot of effort, and similar teamwork to bear on your rivals. However, if you’re fighting the greatest bully in your industry alone, it won’t be doable for you.

9. You Have To Learn Marketing

When you are blogging as a career, you are not just blogging and writing content, Content, Content. You also have to do marketing for your content so that it reaches the right people, and for you to ultimately make Money.

See the philosophy is that the more readers you have for your blog, the more money you can make from it, so if you are just writing and not focusing on the content promotion part then you can’t expect to get good returns from your blog.

Without marketing your content, no one is going to read it. What’s the use of the best Content in the world that no one reads, that’s why you have to learn marketing for your blog Post.

And the best thing that you can do for your blog is to learn SEO or Search Engine Optimization, it’s the process of making your blog posts optimized for search engines so that search engines can easily identify your content topic and present it to the people who are actually searching for it.

There are also lots of other things that you can do to market your blog, you can learn complete Digital Marketing, which includes:

  1. SEO
  2. Content Marketing
  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. Paid Advertising
  5. Content Updates
  6. Conversion Rate Optimization
  7. Email Marketing
  8. Analytics
  9. Copywriting
  10. Building a community

All the above mentioned things are a part of digital marketing and will help you to bring lots of traffic to your website.

10. Blogging requires Hard work, Plan, Dedication

Like any other business, Blogging is a business Today and everyone aspiring to choose blogging as a career today wants to make money from their blog.

So to make your blog a full time Income source, you must plan and make every move strategically.

You will encounter difficulties in every aspect of your life as a blogger since, like any other business, blogging has competitors in every niche. As a result, you must prepare, research your rivals, and move forward deftly.

If you plan, and take time to analyse Your Competitors, then you will far ahead of the rest of your competition.

Anyone who has been successful in their line of work Today’s leaders planned ahead of their real moves, so if you want to do the same and entirely rule your site’s specialty, you must do the same and make strategic decisions for your blog.

Conclusion of Blogging As a Career

I am very glad that you made it till the end of this article and took your time to read the important information before choosing or starting Blogging As a Career.

Now that you know all the important things that you should keep in mind before choosing Blogging as a career, now you can go ahead and start your Blogging journey as a professional blogger.

Everyone starts from zero, no one comes into blogging knowing everything, Everyone finds out their way to the top.

If you haven’t started a blog yet and is looking to start your blog the right way, Refer to this guide on starting your blog the right way, it will help you to get started in your Blogging journey.

Learn Blogging From Scratch

Should You choose Blogging As a Career?

Yes of course you should, in fact everyone should start a blog and run it as a side project.

Can You make money From Blogging?

Yes absolutely, people make 100’s and 1000’s of dollars from Their blog every single month.

Should you leave your job, school for choosing Blogging as a career?

No, you shouldn’t do that because no one can predict if a blog will be successful or not. Instead, it is advisable to start your blogging career as a side business or to combine blogging with your other obligations, such as attending school or working a regular job.

How much time is required to make money from Blogging?

Before deciding to devote your whole time to blogging, you should at least give it two years to see if it will generate enough income to either completely replace your day job or at the very least cover your living expenses.

Blogging As a Career
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