How To Unlock Android Phone | Bypass Android Lock Screen

How To Unlock Android | Bypass Android Lock Screen

Patterns and Pin Lock are one of the most used security lock system in Android smartphones. The pattern lock consists of a multiple dots which allows users to set up a particular pattern and create a lock system. While pin lock consists of certain combination of number that creates a more secured system. And to unlock the … Read More →

You, A Geek ? 10 Signs You Know You Are A Geek

You, A GEEK ?

The term geek is widely used by today’s generation to depict how techy they are or how much knowledge they have about Gadget, Gizmos & Tech.  Everyone who’s has a little higher percentage of knowledge in tech, gadget and gizmos than others starts calling himself a Geek.  But are they really a geek or if you … Read More →

‘Unfortunately the process has stopped’ Error Fixed

“Unfortunately the process has stopped” is the most common error that u might face using your android smartphone overtime. This Unfortunately the process has stopped” can arise  on any smartphone whether its a budget phone or a flagship phone, when you are trying to use any of the Google Apps (Gapps). This error is only faced … Read More →

How to Fix SSL Connection Error: Solved

ContentsSSL Connection ErrorWhat is SSL Connection error ?Some Causes of SSL Connection Error:1. Correct The Date And Time Of Your System:2. Change The Settings Of Your Antivirus:3. Fine Tune Google Chrome Browser: SSL Connection Error If you are here, then probably you too are facing the SSL Connection Error in your Google Chrome browser. This error can … Read More →