How To Create Wifi Hotspot For Windows 7/8/10 Using CMD

Create Wifi Hotspot For Windows

Creating Wifi hotspot can really piss you off if you are unaware of the proper techniques of creating one. With some simple steps you can easily create your own wifi hotspot without using any software. By creating your own wifi hotspot for windows you can easily share your computer’s internet with your smartphones and tablets. In this … Read More →

LEO Privacy Guard

LEO Privacy Guard Homepage

Smartphone is quite a useful product; they have made our life very easy. With startups and big e-commerce websites offering services through application we are able to buy products and services very easily, but in order to do that you need to enter your card or bank details. A lot of these apps also have … Read More →

Best Smartphones Under 25000 INR


After the popularity of the flagship killer, OnePlus One, last year, the smartphones category under sub Rs 25000 is much saturated. Major OEMs like Motorola, Asus etc are now are bringing down the price of their flagship smartphones to compete with new players like Xiaomi and OnePlus. And for this price these smartphones offers a complete … Read More →

How To Download Facebook Videos | Easy Ways To Save Videos FREE

Download facebook videos

Facebook is one of the most used and popular social networking sites today. It has millions of users who daily login to their account and shares some amazing moments in form text, images or videos. Moving forward from the trend of sharing texts to images and now uploading videos, we can find many videos in our news feed. And … Read More →

Download Movie Box For iPhone / iPad / Android Smartphones

Movie box for iphone android

Movie box is one of the best app available in the market for entertainment like watching movies, trailers etc. Movie Box is an application where you can easily find and enjoy Movies, TV Shows and Trailers. This app is widely popular over the world, having a huge number of active users watching their favourite movies within this app. … Read More →

Spy WhatsApp: How To Spy On WhatsApp Messages

Spy WhatsApp

WhatApp being one of the most poplar messaging app and grow vigorously. With increasing number of users everyday WhatsApp recently announced that now they have over 900 million monthly active users. WhatsApp is basically a messaging app that allows users to send text along with images videos and voice messages. Recently WhatsApp also announced free … Read More →

Best Smartphones Under 8000 INR

Lenovo A6000 Plus

With release of new smartphones everyday and with the increase of features and decrease of price, there are over a dozen budget smartphone under 8000 INR in the market. Smartphones OEMs are now focusing more on budget smartphone, which has gained as lot attention and demand these days. There are many budget smartphones that has a lot … Read More →

How To Unlock Android Phone | Bypass Android Lock Screen

How To Unlock Android | Bypass Android Lock Screen

Patterns and Pin Lock are one of the most used security lock system in Android smartphones. The pattern lock consists of a multiple dots which allows users to set up a particular pattern and create a lock system. While pin lock consists of certain combination of number that creates a more secured system. And to unlock the … Read More →