11 Best Torrent Proxy Providers 2023: (Ultimate Guide)

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In today’s digital age, accessing online content has become easier than ever before. However, some content is only accessible through torrent sites, which can pose some privacy risks.

For example, your internet service provider (ISP) can monitor your online activity and potentially report you for illegal downloading. To mitigate these risks, using a torrent proxy is a popular solution.

A torrent proxy allows you to download torrents anonymously by rerouting your internet connection through a third-party server.

This way, your ISP won’t be able to see your online activity, and your IP address remains hidden.

However, not all torrent proxies are created equal, and it’s crucial to choose a reliable and trustworthy provider to ensure your privacy and security.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the best torrent proxy providers currently available. We’ll examine their features, pros, and cons to help you make an informed decision.

Whether you’re a regular torrent user or a first-timer looking to download some content, we’ll help you find the best torrent proxy provider that suits your needs.

So, let’s dive into the world of torrent proxies and explore the top providers on the market.

11 Best Torrent Proxy Providers 2023

Here’s a list of torrent proxy providers that we have hand-picked.

1. iDope:

If you want to download files on the go, the iDope mobile app is the best way to do it. The APK file for the app can be found on iDope’s website.

It gives you the most protection for your torrenting needs. The best thing about the app is that it never has ads or bugs, which is something that iDope guarantees.

iDope Overview

The fact that iDope’s mobile app has a collection of over 18 million files that get updated almost every hour is one of its best features. This means you can always find the most recent and best files, no matter where you are.

iDope Pros and Cons

iDope Pros:

  • Free mobile app for on-the-go torrenting.
  • Ultimate privacy with APK file download.
  • No ads or viruses are guaranteed.
  • Database of over 18 million torrents.
  • Desktop interface with Google-like appearance.
  • User-friendly, and free from pop-ups and ads.
  • Magnet links are available to speed up the download process.

iDope Cons:

  • No iOS app is available for privacy reasons.
  • APK file download required for mobile app.

2. Demonoid:

Demonoid was one of the first people to use torrenting, which is still popular today. Even though the government has put a lot of weight on the site in the past, it has stayed a popular place to download torrents.

Demonoid has a lot of different kinds of media, like movies, TV shows, songs, games, and more. It has more than 10 million people and 1 million leaks. Most people go to the site to watch movies and TV shows.

Demonoid- Best Torrent Proxy Providers

In the past, you had to be invited and make an account to use Demonoid. But now, anyone can go to the site and use it however they want.

“Night of the Living Dead” was easy to download without having to sign up or make an account. This change has made it easier for new users to find their way around the site’s huge pirate library.

Demonoid Pros and Cons

Demonoid Pros:

  • One of the original and still active torrent sites.
  • Over 10 million users and 1 million torrents.
  • Wide variety of media types available.
  • Popular for movies and TV shows.
  • It no longer requires an account or invitation to use.
  • Easy access to a vast collection of torrents.
  • A reliable site that has remained operational for four years.

Demonoid Cons:

  • Has faced political pressure and shutdowns in the past.
  • No standout features compared to other torrent sites.

3. TorLock:

TorLock is a trusted pirate site that cares about its users’ safety. It gives its users $1 for every fake file the report, which shows how much it cares about making sure its users are safe.

The fact that the site is one of the few that still uses its “.com” domain name shows how well-known it is.

TorLock- Best Torrent Proxy Providers

The library at TorLock has a lot of different kinds of media, but songs, eBooks, and anime shows are the ones that get the most attention.

One of the best things about TorLock is that its site shows the newest and most famous files in each area.

But it’s important to know that most new releases are protected by copyright, which means that downloading them is against the law.

Because of this, users should be careful when viewing the site and getting material from it.

TorLock Pros and Cons

TorLock Pros:

  • User safety is a top priority.
  • Established and reputable site.
  • Pays users $1 for every fake torrent reported.
  • Wide range of media types available.
  • Displays recent and popular torrents for each category.
  • Displays all file specifications for each torrent.
  • Easy to find desired content with the search function.

TorLock Cons:

  • New releases are often under copyright, so users should be cautious.
  • Limited content compared to other torrent sites.

4. Limetorrents:

Limetorrents is a well-known torrent site that has more than 10 million files of all kinds of media. The site has more than 20 million users every month, and its huge library is even bigger than that of The Pirate Bay.

Users can download movies, games, music, apps, and TV shows, and the site shows the top 100 files in each area.

LimeTorrents Overview

But it’s important to note that most of the new releases on the top 100 list are copy-protected and illegal to download, so users should be careful.

Limetorrents has some files that are illegal, but it also has a lot of files that are in the public domain and can be viewed easily.

The site has a nice-looking design, and users can sort files by how healthy they are or if they have been verified.

Limetorrents Pros and Cons

Limetorrents Pros:

  • Massive torrent library with over 10 million torrents.
  • Attracts over 20 million users every month.
  • A wide variety of media types is available for download.
  • Displays the top 100 torrents for each category.
  • Sleek and visually pleasing interface.
  • Can filter torrents by health or verification status.
  • Plenty of public domain files are available for download.

Limetorrents Cons:

  • Most of the top 100 list comprises illegal content.
  • Lots of fake torrents on the site.
  • Irritating ads are common.

5. EZTV:

Popular pirate site EZTV focuses on high-definition (HD) TV shows and gets about 20 million users each month.

Even though it might not have as many TV shows as bigger sites like The Pirate Bay or 1337x, EZTV is a great choice if you only want to watch TV shows.

EZTV Overview

The site has a useful “live countdown” list for new releases and a lot of old shows.

Users should be careful when getting new releases, though, because they are often protected by copyright and can get users into a lot of trouble with the law.

EZTV also takes material from other download sites, which can also get them in trouble with the law.

EZTV Pros and Cons

EZTV Pros:

  • Specializes in HD TV shows.
  • Useful “live countdown” list for new releases.
  • Large collection of old shows.
  • User-friendly search function.
  • Plenty of results for searches.
  • A reliable source for TV show torrents.
  • Has a dedicated following of around 20 million visitors per month.

EZTV Cons:

  • Downloading new releases could lead to legal trouble.
  • Copies content from other torrent sites, which can also lead to legal issues.

6. Torrentz2:

Torrentz2 is a well-known torrent search engine that can help you find the file you want if your favorite torrent site doesn’t have it.

The search engine collects files from more than 90 pirate download sites, making it quick and easy for users to find the content they want.

Torrentz2 Overview

After putting in a search question, users can click on the magnet link to download their torrent from one of the sites to which they are moved.

The user’s download speed will rely on the site they are sent to, and Torrentz2 gets between 10 and 20 million hits per month.

Most people use the site to listen to music, and its huge music library has a wide range of styles.

Torrentz2 Pros and Cons

Torrentz2 Pros:

  • A torrent search engine that indexes torrents from 90+ sites.
  • Great alternative if the preferred torrent site doesn’t have the file.
  • Extensive music library with a wide selection of genres.
  • Quick and easy to find the desired content.
  • Convenient option to filter torrents by verified status.
  • Resolved issues with fake pop-ups and misleading links.
  • Simple and easy-to-use interface.

Torrentz2 Cons:

  • Lacks filtering options for other media types.
  • Torrenting activity can still be exposed to prying eyes.

7. YTS:

YTS, which is also called YIFY, is one of the best download sites for high-quality movies. It has more than 75 million users all over the world.

It has more than 40,000 movie titles, and many of them can be watched in 1080p with subtitles. It has small files, so it’s a great choice for anyone, no matter how fast their internet is.


The site has an easy-to-use layout that looks like Netflix. When a person searches for a movie like Carnival of Souls, they are given technical details, a summary, IMBD scores, related movies, and pictures from those movies.

YTS Pros and Cons

YTS Pros:

  • Offers over 40,000 high-quality movie titles.
  • Small files without compromising quality.
  • Available subtitles for many films.
  • Clear and simple interface.
  • Similar to Netflix in appearance and usability.
  • The user base of over 75 million worldwide.
  • Provides technical specs, ratings, and similar films for each title.

YTS Cons:

  • Specializes exclusively in movies.
  • Annoying pop-up ads can compromise user privacy.


A group of editors and a busy community make RARBG a famous download site known for its high-quality files.

Each file that is posted to the site is checked, which gets rid of the bad ones. Because of this, it has a smaller library than other sites, but it is updated often.

RARBG Overview

The customizable and helpful user experience of RARBG makes it easy to move around and find the material you want.

When a user hovers over a pirate file, for example, they can see images, record art, and posters. Users can also sort files by size, date added, or the number of seeders and leechers.

RARBG Pros and Cons


  • High-quality torrents verified by moderators.
  • Easy to navigate and personalized user experience.
  • Small library updated regularly.
  • Display the top 10 rankings and reviews for each category.
  • Filtering options for torrents by size, date added, and seeders/leechers.
  • A hybrid between a private and a public torrent site.
  • Screenshots, album art, and posters are available for each torrent.


  • Smaller library compared to other torrent sites.

9. 1337x:

1337x is a well-known pirate site that gets more than 53 million users every month. The site is mostly about movies, TV shows, and music, but it has a large number of games as well.

The fact that 1337x has a busy community that makes sure its files are updated every few hours is one of its best features. The site is easy to use and has a lot of helpful information about each file.

1337x Overview

For example, it shows if a show or movie was recognized for an award and how many times it has been watched, which can be a sign of how good it is.

This is a big change from a few years ago when the user experience was slow and difficult to use.

1337x Pros and Cons

1337x Pros:

  • Over 53 million monthly visitors.
  • Active community and regularly updated torrents.
  • User-friendly interface with useful information about each torrent.
  • An impressive collection of movies, TV shows, music, and games.
  • Few intrusive ads.
  • Demonstrates dedication to protecting users’ privacy.
  • Only accepts Bitcoin donations.

1337x Cons:

  • Fewer torrents are available compared to some other sites.

10. The Pirate Bay:

The Pirate Bay is one of the best-known torrent sites, and every month, millions of people use it to download files. Since 2018, it has been called the best download site in the world. It is offered in 35 languages.

Even though The Pirate Bay was shut down for a short time in early 2020, it is still going strong and has avoided several attempts to shut it down over the years. It is thought that the site has millions of pirated files.

The Pirate Bay Pros and Cons

The Pirate Bay Pros:

  • Millions of torrents are available.
  • Relatively safe, with verified uploaders.
  • A vast community of seeders for faster downloads.
  • Simple, easy-to-use interface.
  • Available in 35 languages.
  • Has avoided multiple takedown attempts.
  • Established as one of the most popular torrent sites.

The Pirate Bay Cons:

  • No guarantee of protection from malware and spyware.
  • Has faced temporary shutdowns in the past.

11. IPTorrents:

IPTorrents stands out from the other torrent sites on this list because it is a secret site for downloading torrents. Users need an offer and a payment to get into the site.

This makes the site more exclusive and safer. Once a person is in, they have access to a huge library of material and a lively community where there are no pop-up ads.

IPTorrents is much safer than other download sites, which is one of the reasons to use it.

Since it is a secret site, it is harder for people to spread bugs or malware, and anyone can’t use it. This function gives users and their info an extra layer of protection.

IPTorrents Pros and Cons

IPTorrents Pros:

  • Private site with exclusive access and an active community.
  • Safer site with no pop-up ads and less malware risk.
  • Large library with over 7 million monthly visits.
  • Faster download speeds due to seeding quotas.
  • Easy navigation without any distracting ads.
  • High-quality content is available for download.
  • An excellent option for those who prioritize security.

IPTorrents Cons:

  • Access requires an invitation or a $20 donation.
  • Entry requirements may limit accessibility.

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Conclusion: Best Torrent Proxy Providers 2023

Using a reliable torrent proxy is essential for ensuring your online privacy and security when downloading torrents. There are numerous providers available, each with its own unique features and drawbacks.

Before choosing a provider, it’s important to consider your specific needs and preferences. For example, if you’re primarily interested in downloading high-quality movies, YTS might be the best option for you.

Alternatively, if you’re concerned about downloading unsafe torrents, TorLock’s commitment to safety might be appealing. Additionally, if you’re looking for a user-friendly interface, EZTV or RARBG might be more suitable.

Regardless of which provider you choose, it’s crucial to use a VPN in addition to the torrent proxy.

This will further enhance your online privacy by encrypting and rerouting your internet connection through a different IP address.

Remember, using torrent sites to download copyrighted content is illegal in many countries, so always use a reputable and reliable provider to avoid legal consequences.

I hope that this article has provided you with valuable insights into the world of torrent proxies and helped you find the best provider for your needs.

By using a reliable torrent proxy, you can safely and anonymously access the content you want without compromising your online privacy and security.

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