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In this post, you will get genuine reviews about the best surge protectors which will help you to remain safe against voltage fluctuations. 

Our electronic gadgets often fall prey in the hands of high voltage fluctuations and stop functioning thereafter. Although we have stabilizers to maintain the main source of power input, they are not the direct and handy answer to the damages caused by voltage hikes. Wondering what could be the easier and portable source of remedy? Think no more. The answer is here. The most accessible and non-cumbersome alternative to our problems is Surge Protector.

It is highly effective in balancing the voltage spikes and thus saves our appliances from untimely and sudden damage. Surge protectors are also known as Surge processor or Surge Diverter.  A Surge protector is one of the most inexpensive gadgets to protect your gear against haphazard voltage changes. It is highly trending as a most bought electronic purchase for every household as well as official purposes.


Also known as Surge Suppressors, Surge Protectors are way incommensurable than the easily available and cheaper Power Strips. Power strips only provide you with multiple outlets that resemble merely an extension of the wall outlet. Although they come with a circuit breaker of some sort yet they fail to provide any “real” protection from electrical issues.

But the best surge protectors provide a comparatively higher level of protection depending on their quality and variety. What can be better than a surge protector proving you with the advantage of switching off the entire appliance by just turning off one switch!

Safety Features of the Best Surge Protectors

Commonly acknowledged as the let-through voltage, this particularizes what amount of spike voltage will result in the safeguarding of the components inside a surge protector to channel away unnecessary energy from the guaranteed line. A diminished clamping voltage demonstrates good amount of protection, but can sometimes cause in a lesser life expectancy for the altogether protective arrangement.

There are three different types of protection in different levels based on the UL rating. They are 330 V, 400 V and 500 V. The authoritative accommodation voltage for 120 V AC devices is 330 volts.

Myths about Surge Protectors


It is a myth that these best surge protectors do work within the blink of an eye. It takes time to start working. There is a slight delay that exists. When the surge protectors take more amount of the response time, you need to be assured that it is going to take a longer time to get the attached equipment before getting disclosed to the surge.

On the other hand, we shall take into consideration that the surging effects too do not happen all of a sudden A few microseconds is the time it takes for a surge to reach its maximum voltage. Meanwhile, a surge safe-guarder will obviously take a nanosecond reaction time. After that, it would kick in quick enough to control the most destructive section of the lance.


It takes a lot of time, sometimes as long as forty to fifty hours, on research, reviewing and editing to bring to you the best products on the market. Here, we have effortlessly attempted to get hold of the finest pieces of the best Surge protectors and brief down the important features for your personal pick. Let us not waste much time and go through these best surge protectors quickly.

[Updated October 2023] 10 Best Surge Protectors

10. Tripp Lite 2 Outlet Surge Protector with 4 USB Charging Ports


The Tripp Lite TLP26 is of great use when you are planning to use it for domestic purposes by placing it on the table stand or desk instead of keeping it on ground. It shows a countenance that has an easy-to-use drive for tablets and cellphones and four USB ports made for machines of all categories. Unluckily, the only drawback is it has two AC sockets that are placed very near to each other. It is the lack of spacing that makes it go a notch lower than others.

  • impenetrable construction and a tiny footprint
  • rohs management for security
  • 110v only. Less travel-friendly.
  • Brand Tripp Lite
  • Model TLP26USBB
  • Weight 4 pounds
  • Rating 2 / 5.0

9. Lanshion 1875W

This one can be placed on the ground.  But its specialty is in its use by keeping it on the desk or on top of a table. The shape of this gadget looks more or less like an octagonal design. It is equipped with four USB ports on one side. These ports can be used for inculpating handheld devices. You can find two power switches at the above part.

  • The foundation is broad for strength purpose
  • comes in three different colors
  • brightness in the indicating light is a problem
  • Brand Lanshion
  • Model CECOMINOD067609
  • Weight 5 pounds
  • Rating 6 / 5.0

8. Uninex AWG Power Strip


It so happens that often we fail to see that the easiest solutions are right in front of our eyes. Talking of which, the customers should consider the Uninex AWG Power Strip. This one is available with six outlets placed in order in a line. It appears quite similar to the like of the traditional appliance. Some of have definitely come across this in your childhood.

  • rough plastic design
  • mixes well with yellow paint
  • the territory for brick adapters is less
  • Brand Uninex
  • Model PS09S-12
  • Weight 7 pounds
  • Rating 8 / 5.0

7. 360 Electrical Revolve

The model, 360 Electrical Revolve, is a closed wall measure which is fit for a particular kind of users. Its amazing feature is that the cord doesn’t get coiled up on the floor. It demonstrates a creative rotating outlet construct. Therefore it can provide space for plugs of almost any size and shape.

  • two high-energized USB ports
  • all the units here are not long-lasting
  • Brand 360 Electrical
  • Model 36038
  • Weight 12 ounces
  • Rating 8 / 5.0

6. APC P11VT3

The APC P11VT3 is excellent for audio and video furnishings. All the credit goes to its immobile noise percolating technology. It reduces the chance of speakers decapitating or screen modification. It arrives with a $100,000 warranty for any connected machine.

  • Safeguards the data line
  • A few units load more than required
  • Brand APC
  • Model P11VT3
  • Weight 8 pounds
  • Rating 8 / 5.0

5. Bestek 8-Outlet

The Bestek 8-Outlet comes with a charitable layout. It has four high-powered USB ports, six customized outlets along with two adapter block let outs. It lets you plug in all of your equipment in the same time. You don’t have to think much about crowding it more.

  • Fit for domestic purpose and also official work.
  • Brightly lighted on and off toggle
  • Fails to support rapid USB charge
  • Brand BESTEK
  • Model MRJ1870KU
  • Weight 2 pounds
  • Rating 0 / 5.0

4. Accell Powramid

In this surge protector, the channels are spaced in even lines along all parts. Accell Powramid is a multi-talented device that provides you with adaptable power affinity to many users at one go. It is rightly designed for confabulation room tables, computer laboratories, and similar other purposes.

  • Out there in two shades of black or white
  • An amazing pick for 1980s lovers
  • USB ports are clumsily packed
  • Brand Accell
  • Model D080B-015K
  • Weight 1 pounds
  • Rating 8 / 5.0

3. Belkin Pivot-Plug

This product has a thin construct and interspersed cable management system. The Belkin Pivot-Plug is an apt choice for those who need less space and prefer a clear look. There are altogether eight outlets. Each one of the outlets keeps rotating around its midpoint to result in enough area for great adapter chunks.

  • Long time warranty
  • six-foot cord with 90 degrees plug
  • safety and earth indicator led’s
  • Brand Belkin
  • Model BP108000-06
  • Weight 8 pounds
  • Rating 7 / 5.0

2. Tripp Lite Protect It

The Tripp Lite Protect It has several numbers of outlets that can provide full power to your electronic gadgets at your home and office.  It helps you a lot to provide safety to keep the gadgets running. It arrives in an affluently compressed amalgamation that is convenient to climb on the wall.

  • two phone line out ports
  • sufficient 8-foot cord
  • allowance for data non-profit
  • Brand Tripp Lite
  • Model TLP1008TEL
  • Weight 5 pounds
  • Rating 0 / 5.0

1. Belkin 12-Outlet

The Belkin 12-Outlet is compatible for the amalgamation of more than required AC plugs. For example, adapter blocks and smaller plugs. These can be bracketed along the middle line. In this process, you won’t have to let out a few channels space less if you use a bigger charger.

  • Touch is more smooth
  • Can tolerate spikes up to 4000 joules
  • retractile USB port cover
  • Brand Belkin
  • Model BV112050-06
  • Weight 1 pounds
  • Rating 5 / 5.0

How does these Best Surge Protectors work?

This device, surge protector, makes an effort to achieve the limit of the voltage provided to an electric device in some common ways. One of them is either by hindering or causing an obstacle to ground any unrequired voltages above a protective threshold. In this treatise, we shall primarily make some discussions about the various designations and integrations correspondent to the categories of protector that channels away (shorts) a voltage spike to ground.

Nevertheless, we have other methods to cover these glitches as well. For the users who got to plug in more than one appliance at a given time, there couldn’t be anything better than Surge Protector. It provides you cover for protection between your gear and the outside world by adding a layer of safety to it.

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[Updated October 2023] 10 Best Surge Protectors

Therefore, the list of the best surge protectors will help you to take the conclusive decision. There are many other surge protectors which are not reliable and have caused serious issues with electronic devices. So, decide for yourself and choose from these best surge protectors.

Hope you find this information on the best surge protectors helpful in taking decision.

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