10 Best Instagram Proxy Providers in 2023: Which One Is The Best?

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Instagram bots and scrapers enable rapid account creation and growth, automated follower engagement, and the extraction of useful data like hashtags and user profiles.

When used in conjunction with Instagram proxies, they provide a potent and lucrative approach to increasing your social media exposure and monetization.

Instagram has become very stringent with bots and scrapers recently. However, it is still possible to automate. Without a reliable Instagram proxy server, you risk having your IP address banned.

This article will educate you about Instagram proxies and assist you in selecting the most suitable proxy service for your Instagram bot.

What is Instagram Proxy?

When you need a proxy server that works well with Instagram, go no further than an Instagram proxy. These days, it might signify these two things

  • This indicates that the IPs are either mobile or home-based. Instagram proxies hosted in a datacenter are useless now that they have been there for so long.
  • When you begin utilizing these IP addresses, they won’t be blocked. With residential peer-to-peer proxies, where users share a single pool, this is much harder to guarantee. Even yet, the chances are in your favor given that millions of home IP addresses make up these networks.

Instagram proxies are equivalent to standard proxy IPs in every other respect. You may get them from any proxy service that offers access to sneaker-copping sites, video-sharing sites like YouTube, and classifieds like Craigslist.

Why should you use Instagram Proxies?

Instagram proxies have several uses for social media marketers and company owners. Just a few of the many good reasons to get them are:

1. For using multiple Accounts

You’re allowed up to five accounts total before being permanently banned. Instagram proxies are a great option for those who want to utilize several accounts simultaneously.

By making the proxy IP seem to originate from your location, they protect you from having your IP address or account disabled by Instagram.

2. Automating Social Media

It takes a lot of time and effort to manually maintain many Instagram profiles. Your range will also be reduced. Instagram proxies allow you to bypass these limitations by automating your account and expanding your reach.

3. For Increased Security

Instagram proxies protect users’ privacy and anonymity by hiding their true IP addresses. Therefore, it provides an extra safeguard for all of your online accounts.

4. To Be Used As Scrap

Instagram is not lacking when it comes to information that may be put to good use. Your company may benefit from scraping data like hashtags, followers, profiles, etc. for technical and economic purposes.

However, to the best of our knowledge, Instagram frowns upon this behavior and may take severe punishment against you if you are caught in the act. Using Instagram proxies, you may scrape safely and anonymously.

10 Best Instagram Proxy Providers in 2023

Now that you have a basic understanding of Instagram proxies and their function, we will provide a list of the best Instagram proxies currently available.

We have compiled a list of recommended proxy service providers for your convenience. All of these have been tried and shown to work well together and be reliable.

1. Bright Data

With 72 million unique IP addresses, Bright Data has more than any other proxy service. Bright Data provides a wide variety of proxies, but we’re particularly interested in their dynamic residential IPs.

The provider’s success rate is above 99%, and their response time is under 1.08 seconds, which is excellent.

Bright Data Review- Best Instagram Proxy Providers

The residential IPs include parameters such as location (country, state, city), autonomous system number (ASN), and more. You may choose to have your IP address changed after every request or whenever your Bright Data account is idle.

Bright Data’s primary benefits lie in its patented and compliant proxies, limitless concurrent queries, seamless interfaces, complete transparency, and more.

Also, you may get an Instagram proxy service with 24/7 worldwide support and personal account managers.

  • Read Full Review of Bright Data Here.

2. Smartproxy

Smartproxy is the finest Instagram proxy service because its residential proxies have the fastest response time.

Targeting 195 locations is possible because of its huge, dynamic residential proxy network, which uses its own separate subnets.

Smartproxy Overview

IP addresses are from computers and mobile devices alike. Smartproxy has extensive resources for Instagram automation and excellent customer service.

This proxy service is cheap and straightforward to use. In sum, it’s easy to see why Smartproxy is a favorite among those interested in social media automation and sneaker copping.

Smartproxy has many uses, but it isn’t ideal. Sticky sessions may last up to 30 minutes, however, these IP addresses are still shared among users and will eventually change.

There is no need to narrow your IP address targeting by carrier or ASN.

3. GeoSurf

GeoSurf is a VPN and proxy service that offers Instagram users both dynamic and static home proxies. The little pool is well-kept and curated.

We verified this by conducting rigorous performance tests on the dynamic IPs, which showed positive outcomes and reliable performance from the proxy servers.

GeoSurf Overview- Best Instagram Proxy Providers

Even though you should go with the static alternative, peer-to-peer residential proxies are good enough for account management because of their 30-minute session persistence.

More than a thousand different cities are available in GeoSurf for pinpoint geographical targeting.

However, GeoSurf is one of the most costly providers on the market because of the high quality of its proxies. How serious you are about Instagram marketing is, once again, the deciding factor.

4. NetNut

NetNut offers both permanent and dynamic proxies for homes for sale. Despite its emphasis on big and medium-sized enterprises, it is possible to get both kinds of proxies with as little as 1 GB of traffic.

Excellent results were seen in the United States, where the average response time was 0.86s, thanks to the use of the rotating residential IPs, which span more than 150 nations with a pool of 10-20 million IPs every month.

NetNut Proxy

With NetNut, you may stay with the same IP address for as long as it’s usable, or forever if you’re using an ISP proxy.

Residential proxies from NetNuts, however, perform more slowly outside the United States. Features like city-level targeting, a web scraping API, and an account manager are reserved for higher-paying customers.

5. Soax

With a success record of over 96% on Instagram, SOAX’s mobile proxy pool has 3.5M IP addresses on 3G and 4G networks.

SOAX’s filtering capabilities are quite versatile, letting users choose their preferred country/region, city, and ASN.

Soax Overview

Since most social networking sites only allow addresses within certain ranges, that’s the standard by which Instagram accounts are managed.

The period of the mobile proxies used by SOAXs may be set anywhere between 90 seconds and 10 minutes.

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6. IPRoyal

When it comes to proxies that are supplied ethically, IPRoyal is at the top of the list. Authentic user IPs are made available. As a result, it prevents users from ever being flagged or banned.

IPRoyal provides proxies from over 195 countries and uses city-level targeting to maximize effectiveness. Users are free to use the proxies to access any website, provided they are not doing so illegally.

IPRoyal Overview

IPRoyal’s many useful features include dynamic IP address assignment, automatic IP address rotation, persistent proxy connections, residential-based dedicated proxies, and much more besides.

In addition, there are no limits on the number of sessions a user may have open at once, allowing them more flexibility. The website claims a 99.67% success percentage with permanent traffic for IPRoyal.

IPRoyal is the best social media marketing service available. IPRoyal currently has a starting price of $7 for the first 1 GB, with reductions applied at higher tiers.

7. Oxylabs

Avoiding Instagram bans while scraping for likes and followers couldn’t be easier than using Oxylabs’ exclusive proxies.

Oxylabs can effectively guard your Instagram account since it uses proxies that are both high-quality and ethically supplied.

Oxylabs Overview

You may safely acquire public data without Instagram thinking you’re a bot by utilizing a genuine IP address. Its high availability is crucial to the success of web scraping initiatives.

Oxylabs’ main features include global coverage with 100 million+ reliable IP addresses, unlimited concurrent connections, and state and city-level targeting.

In addition to proxies, you will also get access to proxy management utilities, Lloyd’s Insurance, and a personal account manager.

Using a continuously-rotating proxy pool is possible because of Oxylabs’s single back-connect entry.

You can regulate your sessions, steer clear of roadblocks, and increase your success rate to an astounding 99.95 percent with its aid. Pricing for Oxylabs services now begins at $300/month.

8. Proxy Seller 

Proxy Seller is a relatively new service that does what its name implies: it sells private Socks5 and HTTPS proxies. Proxy Seller has already shown its worth and has a bright future ahead of it.

The developers implemented two-factor authentication, making it secure for users to access restricted content without fear of their personal information being compromised.

Proxy-Seller Overview

Proxy Seller gives you access to more than 300 networks, subnets, and proxies from 15+ countries that may be targeted down to the local level.

In addition, if you have any questions or concerns, you can use the chat feature to get in touch with them, and they are available around the clock to help you out.

Instagram IPv4 proxies from Proxy Seller include a lot of useful extras. Proxy replacement or money back guaranteed within 24 hours of receiving personal proxy data, up to 1 GBPS connection, dedicated proxies for single users, etc.

9. ProxyEmpire 

ProxyEmpire provides its customers with over 9.75 million unique IP addresses from over 170 different countries.

You may filter out certain regions, cities, Internet service providers, and more with the use of its rotating residential proxies.

ProxyEmpire Overview

All major software stacks are compatible with ProxyEmpire’s proxies, and the service supports all common proxy protocols.

It also offers residential proxies or ISP proxies that remain static over time, allowing customers to keep the same IP address for as long as they choose.

In addition, it comes with a plethora of practical extras like unlimited simultaneous connections, data rollover, dedicated mobile proxies, and more. ProxyEmpire charges a minimum of $45 per month for its home proxy service.

10. The Social Proxy

High-quality 5G and 4G proxies are available from The Social Proxy for use by social media marketers and enterprises.

Companies may utilize several Instagram accounts with our fast IP proxy network without worrying about being banned. It has a never-ending supply of IP addresses really in use by people.

The Social Proxy Overview- Best Instagram Proxy Providers

Now you may more easily and secretly scrape data and carry out other essential operations to make your Instagram account flourish.

All of The Social Proxy’s proxies have been fine-tuned for streamlined automation. IP address changes, real-time access logs, connection limits, REST API support, and more are just some of the advanced capabilities it provides.

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Conclusion: Best Instagram Proxy Providers 2023

As you can see, Instagram proxies have many valuable applications, such as removing geographical limits, automating social media tools, managing several accounts, facilitating the seamless operation of many marketing campaigns at once, and so on.

We’ve compiled a list of the top Instagram proxy sites for businesses here. Pick the one that works best for you, and your company’s bank account will soar to new heights.

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