7 Best Gaming Laptop Under 100k In India in 2023

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Looking to Buy a Best Gaming Laptop Under 100k in India in 2023?

You are at the right place for that.

The gaming craze is increasing day by day.Time by time, the graphics in video games are becoming more realistic.

Can you imagine the time when we used to play games like Super Mario and Contra instead of Pubg and Clash of clans?

If so, then you can see a substantial amount of difference in the quality of these games.

Some experts believe that the gaming industry is growing very fast and will one day evolve to such a phase where smart people like you and me will love gaming/ VR life more than real life.

I don’t know whether that’s possible in real life or not.

But I make sure that you can make the most out of the best video games through some of the best gaming laptops under 100k in India that I am going to discuss below.

The gaming laptops I will discuss below are some of the top gaming laptops in the world and are EVERGREEN.

So, Let’s begin with Best Gaming Laptop Under 100k in India.

Best Gaming Laptop Under 100k in India

7 Best Gaming Laptop Under 100k In India

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HP Pavilion Gaming 9th Gen Intel Core i5 Processor 15.6-inch FHD Gaming Laptop
HP Pavilion 9th Gen Intel Core i5 Processor – Best Gaming Laptop In India

HP Pavilion is a great and one of the best gaming laptops with a 9th Gen Intel i5. This laptop has been recently bought by one of my college friends.

With gaming, you can do so many things such as install heavy software and it would never linger.

With powerful performance, immersive design and enhance thermal solution, it takes the gaming experience to another level.

With a battery life of approx 8 hours, you can do your stuff without hesitation.

The total weight of the laptop is around 1.980 kg. The RAM size is 8 GB with a hard drive of whopping 1 TB.The screen’s display size is 15.6 inches which makes it the perfect gaming laptop.

The design is light, ultra-thin, and minimalist which looks awesome even while carrying it in your hand.They have also focused on improving the sound quality of their speakers to a great extent.

The product is worth paying the cost because of its quality (especially gaming essence).

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Acer Predator Triton Full Metal Thin & Light Gaming Laptop
 Acer Predator Triton Full Metal Thin & Light Best Gaming Laptop Under 100k in India

When it comes to choosing gaming laptops out of 100s of them, I would definitely choose Acer laptops.

Acer Predator is a perfect beast complied to run smoothly for better use in gaming as well as in your personal life.

From the thin metal design to the led lights in the keyboard, almost everything fascinates me.

One of my cousins recently bought one Acer Predator gaming laptop for his day-to-day gaming and live to stream.

When I went to see his newly added laptop, I was shocked after trying it.

By the time I reached his home, he had installed all the big games like GTA 5 Fifa, etc.

And when I started playing either of them, the performance was EPIC.

The weight of this laptop is almost 2.100 kgs. 

This laptop is specialized in gaming and can handle almost any giant game in this world. 

With the white led on the keyboard and light blue of some major keys, the laptop looks admiring at night (the black color rocks).

Even their back logo shines like a diamond. If you are a keen gamer and want to try something mind-blowing, then Acer Predator is for you.

You will never regret the decision.  Acer Predator Triton Full Metal Thin & Light is the Best Gaming Laptop Under 100k in India.

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Dell G3 3500 Gaming Laptop
Dell G3 3500 – Best Budget Gaming Laptop Under 100k

Almost everyone knows that Dell builds some of the best and sturdy laptops that can break your head if they hit you.

In short, it is clear that Dell is one of the best laptops when it comes to business. But when we talk about the best gaming laptops, Dell has its seat here too.

Their Dell G3 3500 gaming laptop is one of the best examples of their success in the gaming industry. Like HP Pavilion, this also comes with a 15.6 full inch display which is perfect and common for almost all gaming laptops.

Their hard disk rotation speed is 5400 RPM which is phenomenal. They also provide a graphic card of 4 GB.

With a total weight of around 2.300 kg, this makes it a little heavier than that of the HP Pavilion gaming laptop.Many like-minded buyers seem to like this laptop due to its great experience in gaming as well as in business usage.

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HP Omen FHD Gaming Laptop
HP Omen FHD – Best Gaming Laptop with Ryzen 5 Processor

Unlike HP Pavilion, HP Omen Gaming Laptop is slightly different.

In terms of the total weight, it weighs 2.360 kgs which are slightly higher than that of the HP Pavilion.

Besides this, the product is slick and with hot design. They have also reduced its price to a substantial amount which helps even the tight budget people to buy it.

As it is also made up to enhance the gaming experience, they have extensively worked on its keyboard, speakers, etc.

However, HP Omen comes with a simpler look than that of HP Pavilion which is designed keeping in mind the jaw-dropping curve.

Except for weight and the laptop structure, everything is almost the same in both of them.

HP Omen is also equipped with IR Thermopile Sensor that helps cool down your pc automatically while its heavy usage.

Some of its added features are as follows:

  1. Dual-channel memory support.
  2. B&O audio technology.
  3. Backlit keyboard
  4. OMEN tempest cooling feature
  5. Micro edge bezel display

And many more 🙂

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Lenovo Legion Y540 Gaming Laptop
Lenovo Legion Y540 Best Budget Gaming Laptop with GTX 1650

To be honest, Lenovo laptops are underrated.

In fact, even though they are doing a great job in designing aesthetic laptops and mobile phones, they are not able to make it to the limelight due to the heavy competition.

Lenovo continuously focuses on improving their laptop’s battery life as well as intensifying the gaming experience.

No gaming keyboard can be a perfect piece without a backlit keyboard. That’s why Lenovo has focused on implementing the led lights behind the keys which are soothing to the eyes even in the darkness.

Lenovo Legion is aesthetically pleasing. One of the main elements that impress me is their curvy edge downside the laptop which is so unique and hot.The weight of Legion is approx. 2.3 kg with a battery lifespan of around 5 hours (depending on the usage).

With their fine-tune gaming style, They even promise to take your gaming experience to the next level which sounds interesting to me.

As per them, you can also call it “Stylish on the outside and savage on the inside”. Their hard disk rotation rate is 7200 RPM which in turn attracts many avid gamers like you and me.

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ASUS TUF Gaming A17 Laptop
ASUS TUF A17 – Best Gaming Laptop with Ryzen 5 4600H

ASUS TUF A17 – Best Gaming Laptop with Intel Core i5-11400H is compact and convenient.

Its keyboard provides the backlight of yellow color and the keys are slim with W, A, S & D covered with a full shade of yellow light which makes it appealing.

 It is grade for serious gaming and durability.

With a weight of about 2.6 kgs, it is strong enough to tolerate any type of moderate damages.Their 48 Wh lithium batteries are well enough to cope up with an amazing battery backup.

Though they have a RAM output of 8 GB, the hard disk size is 500 kgs which are less when compared to the other gaming laptops discussed here.The name of the processor brand is AMD and the processor type is Ryzen 5 4600H.

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Dell G5 5505120Hz FHD Gaming Laptop
 Dell G5 5505120Hz FHD Best Gaming Laptop with Ryzen 7 4800H

Here comes another great gaming laptop by Dell i.e. Dell G5 5505120Hz FHD Best Gaming Laptop with Intel Core i5-10300H & NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Graphics 4GB.

Just like Dell G3, this is majorly focused on improving gaming performance.It too has common features like a 15.6-inch full-screen display, backlit keyboard, 8 GB ram, and even the 512 GB SSD.

Not only that. Despite Dell laptops being sturdy and strong, they have been able to keep up their promise of making this one highly fashionable.

Though this laptop is not as thin as it could be, its pros outweigh the cons.They also have the feature called virtual reality ready that supports the virtual reality hardware and software.

Isn’t it great? Sounds good.

The total weight of this laptop is 2.5 kg which is normal as far as dell’s policies are concerned.

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Many laptops in the market can fill your craving for gaming.

However, these were some of the top-rated gaming laptops that are dominating the gaming industry through their innovations for years.

In fact, the large number of laptops have made a problem of choice for the buyers.

That’s why we came up with the ultimate checklist on the Best Gaming Laptop under 100K in India.

We hopefully assume that from this article, you are clearly able to make a purchase decision.

Now, I would like to hear from you.

Which laptop are you planning to buy?

Let me know by leaving a quick comment below right now.

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