Best Book Summary App 2023: Tried, Tested & Reviewed

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The best book summary app is perfect if you want to be able to easily find the non-fiction best book summary app. What’s more is that they offer many different categories: business and career, science and technology, health and nutrition, lifestyle and leisure, self-help and inspiration, just to name a few.

It’s easy enough to check out which ones might interest you if you’re unsure. All of their non-fiction best book summary apps are written by experts in their fields!

Not only do they have it broken down into simple language that’s the best book summary app, but they also provide a ton of best book summary apps to help you along the way. If you’re struggling with writing your best book summary app, give them a try!

The best book summary app for all types of users is Blinkist. It provides you with the best book summary app in 15 minutes or less to help you decide if you want to read the full version of any best book summary app.

In these best book summary apps, they summarize the best book summary app as well as provide a link so that you can check out the full version if desired. If it’s not something that interests you, then there’s no need to waste time reading it!

In addition to the best book summary app, they also have a ton of non-fiction best book summary apps. This means that it isn’t just fiction books that are included in their library.

You’ll find titles from the best book summary app such as best book summary app and best book summary app, to name a few. It’s the best book summary app for almost anyone!

In addition to the best book summary app, they also have audiobooks as well as other multimedia content as well. These best book summary apps are great for those times when you might not be able to actually read something.

You can listen to it instead! It’s great for anyone who does a lot of driving or spends time working on their computer and doesn’t have enough time to sit down and read an entire best book summary app.

List Of 7 Best Book Summary App 2023

Let us go through the list of top best summary apps:-

1. Blinkist

For book lovers, Blinkist is an essential app. Around 4,500 nonfiction books are summarized in this popular app, including books about psychology, productivity, management, and more.

A book summary from Blinkist is divided into “blinks” that you may read or listen to. Each blink is only a couple of minutes long. An overview of all the key ideas can be found at the end of the book. It should take you less than 15 minutes to complete your book.

Best Book Summary App: Blinkist

A monthly subscription to this app is approximately $16, and a yearly subscription is around $100. With its premium version, you can access unlimited content, full-length audiobooks, Evernote syncing,  and “shortcasts” with key takeaways about podcasting.

The free version allows you to enjoy a new blink every day. To get notified whenever it becomes available, you can choose to receive a daily reminder.

Download: Blinkist for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

2. Storyshots

A similar app is Storyshots, which offers insights into your favorite books. For a better understanding, the app also provides animated book summaries in addition to audio and reading.

There is a wide selection of non-fiction books at Storyshots, and it supports multiple languages. You can find most of the book summaries for free here, as opposed to Blinklist or other apps on this list.

The Discover tab allows you to find a book based on its length, category, language and even recommends titles from geniuses like Bill Gates and Elon Musk.

Best Book Summary App: Storyshots

By entering the average number of books you would like to read, you can also set up a reading challenge. Once you have finished each book, you can mark it as finished to keep track.

You can use the free version of this app if you don’t mind ads, which is pretty much everything you need out of a book summary app. The premium version, however, costs $8.99 for a lifetime subscription and includes no advertisements, offline reading, infographics, and Kindle support.

Download: StoryShots for iOS | Android (Free, premium version available)

3. 12min

Over 2,500 non-fiction titles are added every week to 12min‘s impressive user interface. You can choose between audio or text breakdowns of 12-minutes each.

To identify the micro books that best meet your needs, the app asks you about your learning goals, your favorite books, and your learning pace after you sign up.

In addition, you can browse through over 25 categories of books. You can find high-quality content in categories such as 12min Originals and 12min Personalities if you’re a curious reader.


The app offers a ranking leaderboard system in addition to tracking reading progress.

In addition, the app supports Kindle, offline downloads, highlighting while reading, and more. You can sign up for a 3-day free trial at 12min before deciding to pay around $89 for the annual subscription plan.

Download: For iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

4. Bookey

Those who like to challenge themselves while reading will appreciate Bookey‘s book summary app. Using the app, you can explore books in-depth for over 30 minutes.

With Bookey, you can create a personalized reading list with a 21-day Personal Growth Challenge by entering the number of books you read and your reading goals when the app is launched. You can then go to the Challenges tab to view, adjust, and track your daily goals.

To help disadvantaged children, Bookey is partnering with Books of Africa. We will donate a book in your name every time you complete the challenge.


You can use the app to keep track of the books you have donated by checking the list of those who have completed the challenge.

Around 12 categories of non-fiction book summaries are available to read, listen to, and download on the app. Take a look at the highlights of the book using the mind map. You can test your knowledge after finishing a book by taking a quiz.

You will receive a free pick every day from the app. A subscription of $12.99 for a monthly subscription plan or $79.99 for a yearly subscription plan is available for the premium version.

Download: Bookey for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

5. Instaread

Instaread is another app you can try out for key insights within 15 minutes by searching thousands of bestselling books. You can explore and keep track of your reading list with the app’s minimalist interface.

Instaread offers you audio and text summaries, just like the other apps on this list. Furthermore, you can look for the “cards” which contain the best quotes from books to remember.


Instaread allows you to read fiction as well as non-fiction, unlike the other book summary apps. Discover allows you to browse a wide range of categories, including New, Popular, Originals, and more, to help you find the perfect book.

On the app, you’ll find a free daily pick. The yearly subscription plan is $95 per year, but you can upgrade for additional features at $8.99 per month.

Download: Instaread for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

6. Koober

You can learn what’s important in 20 minutes with Koober, which provides condensed key takeaways from over 1,500 best-selling non-fiction books, podcasts, and documentaries.

You can keep track of the new books in the app’s Home tab, which is updated every day. You may also suggest a book if you cannot find it.


Its most interesting feature is that the summaries are rounded up into mini-courses. If you decide to enroll in a course on improving your focus, the steps involved will include summaries of popular books and podcasts followed by a quiz.

After you complete the course, you will receive a certificate showing your progress.

For $7.99 a month or $79.99 a year, Koober offers a limited 7-day trial. A free plan is also available that includes a free summary of a book every day.

Download: Koober for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

7. getAbstract

With getAbstract, you can get 10-minute key insights from more than 22,000 best-selling nonfiction books, podcasts, and articles.

Text and audio summaries can be found in a variety of categories. Furthermore, you will be able to create and share personal channels with your favorite summaries.

You are provided with recommendations, summaries, editors’ picks, and more in the app to help you choose your next read. Additionally, you can browse popular and trending summaries on the Explore tab.


All these features are available for free for the first 3 days, and for $99 per year, you can upgrade to other plans.

Download: getAbstract for iOS | Android (Subscription required, free trial available)

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Conclusion: Best Book Summary App 2023

Learn on the go and maximize your time with these book summary apps. A 15-minute summary, however, may seem to take away the pleasure of reading an entire book.

Then, you are able to preview books and decide which ones you want to read. Thus, you will be able to effectively develop a reading habit by using book summary apps.

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