Top 15 Best Blogging Courses To Learn Blogging And Make Money Online in 2024

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Hey, y’all 🖐️ How are you?

I know you’ve been seeking an excellent blogging course. I know you’re looking for helpful information to help you take your blog to the next level.

So today, I’d like to offer you the Top 13 Best Blogging Courses available on the internet right now for learning to blog, Affiliate Marketing, and making money online.

These blogging classes are taught by skilled marketers and bloggers who earn six to seven monthly figures from blogging. There will be no selling or other activities.

So, without further ado, let us begin.

So, before you go into some of the best blogging training on the planet, let me explain what makes an online course great.

Now that you understand what constitutes a great online course let’s look at some of the world’s most in-depth, thorough, and actionable blogging courses.

And I can promise you that you will see excellent results even if you choose one of them and follow through on the plan.

1. Authority Hacker PRO

Best Blogging Courses

Authority Hacker PRO is the most comprehensive, in-depth, and actionable Blogging training course on the planet right now.

Authority Hacker PRO was created by expert 7-figure bloggers Mark and Gale from

I am personally studying this course right now, and I must tell you that the material they teach in the course is worth gold. You will not get anything like it anywhere elsewhere.

They teach you everything from the basics, including Niche selection, site set-up, keyword research, writing different pieces of content, Backlink building, email marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, increasing engagement, increasing conversions, and even selling your site for high 6 or 7 figures profits.

And it’s not all; they go super in-depth in their training on what they teach, and they also provide templates for you to get going quickly; they provide email templates to write for Outreach people, and much more.

This course is the gold standard of Blogging courses. If you want a blogging course that has everything you will ever want, then look no further because after you buy this course, you will find everything you will ever need.

And when I say “Best Blogging Course,” I really mean it.

When you purchase Authority Hacker PRO, you will also receive The Authority Site System for FREE, a $997 course they offer independently.

Here’s what you’ll get when you buy Authority Hacker PRO.

The four most vital aspects of blogging, according to Authority Hacker PRO.

  1. Content Creation
  2. Link Building
  3. Building Engagement/Community
  4. Increasing conversions
  5. Creating The Best Authority Site in your Niche
  6. Selling Your Site For high profits

Authority Hacker PRO membership is only available once or twice a year and has two payment options. Monthly and lifetime options are available.

The monthly plan is $297 a month, and the lifetime plan is $2997. They also provide a 30-day money-back guarantee.

I’ve heard that their fees will be raised shortly; thus, I don’t want to enroll in this course right now.

2. Project 24

Best Blogging Courses

Project 24 is a Fully-fledged Niche site course created by Jim and Ricky from Income School. If you follow along, this course will lead you through the entire process of earning a full-time income from your blog in less than 24 months.

There’s a reason why this course is called Project 24, and the rationale behind the name is that it’s a 24-month course. Yes, you read it correctly; it is a 24-month course. When I initially heard about this course, it was likewise difficult for me to believe.

In Project 24, Jim and Ricky promise that once you have completed all of the Project 24 classes, you will have a blog that earns you between $1000 and $4000 each month. Depending on the Niche, the income may fluctuate slightly.

In this course, they will walk you through everything from setting up your blog to writing content to market and making money from content, and you will receive an action item following each lecture video.

What’s more, you get a very fantastic community of people who have also joined the project 24 Course and discuss their accomplishments and learnings in the forum.

This is the most valuable blogging course available on the internet, and I am a student in it.

The Project 24 course costs $449 for an entire year and is a subscription-based course, which means you can access the course after purchasing it through their learning management system. You will be given a username and password to use when signing into your account.

I believe they will raise the price after that because they are now offering a coronavirus discount until August 2020.

It is a subscription-based course since they regularly add essential lessons to the course each month, and the course itself is massive; you must complete your action items for each day after watching the course materials.

One of the most distinctive aspects of this course is that Jim and Ricky ask you to take action and provide you with action items to help you move your blog ahead.

Jim and Ricky, the creators of the Project 24 Course, also have a hugely popular YouTube channel where they discuss Blogging, SEO, Making Money from Websites, and other topics.

Here’s a movie that introduces the Income School Project 24 courses.👇

This is the best blogging course you will ever need, so enroll in Project 24 right now.

3. Elite Blog Academy 4.0

Best Blogging Courses

Elite Blog Academy 4.0 was created by By Blogger, Podcaster, and author Ruth Soukup.

Elite Blog Academy 4.0 began as Elite Blog Academy 1.0 in 2014, and it has since evolved into one of the world’s greatest Blogging courses.

Every year, Elite Blog Academy is updated with the most recent material to maintain all of the information up to date.

Enrollment at Elite Blog Academy is only available once a year for 5 days in early March.

The cost of Elite Blog Academy can range from $1097 to $4997 because their course has three tiers: Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

This course will teach you all you need to know to become a six-figure professional blogger and turn your hobby blog into a six-figure business.

If you want to take your blog to the next level, this course is for you. You will study the following things throughout the course.

  1. Refining Your blog’s message
  2. Growing your traffic
  3. Monetizing your traffic and blog
  4. Building your 6 – 7 figures Blogging business

If you want to walk the walk of a truly professional blogger and learn from the greatest, you should not hesitate.

4. Pro Blogger Bundle

Best Blogging Courses

Pro Blogger Bundle is a bundle of three courses created by millionaire bloggers Alex Nerney and Lauren McManus.

The bundle consists of three courses listed below 👇

  1. Launch your Blog Biz
  2. Pinterest Traffic Avalanche
  3. Six-figure blogger

I took their Pinterest traffic avalanche course separately, and my Pinterest marketing efforts are doing well.

I can tell that the other two Courses that I did not take were likewise precious.

I trust them since they practice what they preach and have grown two distinct blogs to over a million dollars per year.

The course designers have a wealth of blogging information, and you must take the pro blogger bundle to learn everything, or you can take their standalone course.

Alex Nerney and Lauren McManus are currently selling the Pro blogger bundle with unlimited access for $797. After purchasing the course, you will have lifetime access to it whenever and whenever you choose.

If you actually want to learn from millionaire bloggers, check out their Pro Blogger Bundle, where you will learn the precise tactics that they use on their blogs to generate millions of dollars.

5. 100-Day Blogging Course

100 Day blogging course is created by Deepak Kanakaraju and Sanjay Shenoy, two of India’s most renowned Digital Marketers.

Best Blogging Courses

This was the course I took when I first started blogging to learn the ins and outs of blogging.

This course is a 100-day blogging course that will teach you how to establish your blog, publish blog posts, market your blog posts, and finally make money from your blog in the next 100 days.

The reason I appreciate this course so much is that it was produced by two professional digital marketers from India, both of whom are bloggers.

Deepak Kanakaraju is a digital marketing professional with a renowned blog in the digital marketing field. He has been blogging and marketing on the internet for over a decade. His blog has over 250,000 email subscribers, and he is a blogging success.

Sanjay Shenoy is a Digital Marketing professional specializing in Blogging and Content Marketing. He has worked for some organizations where he was in charge of their blogs. Sanjay Shenoy increased one of their company’s blog visits to over 1,000,000 page views per month.

Deepak Kanakaraju and Sanjay Shenoy co-own pixel tracking, a digital marketing firm that provides digital marketing services to large corporations such as Mercedes Benz.

I took this course, and I must say that it was one of the best courses I’ve ever taken. This course is a goldmine, and Deepak Kanakaraju shares his expertise throughout the course, putting you in the perfect attitude to take the course and succeed in your blogging endeavors.

If you want to learn straight from these two great marketers, you should enroll in the 100-Day Blogging Course.

6. Shout University

Shout University is a dedicated course library for people who want to start their blogging career and live the life of a full-time blogger.

Harsh Agrawal, an experienced award-winning blogger, founded Shout University. He has been blogging full-time since 2008, which is a significant amount of time – over a decade as a full-time blogger. Harsh Agrawal is a full-time blogger who helps others establish their blogs and live boss-free lives.

At Shout University, they have Courses related to 👇

  1. WordPress
  2. Web hosting
  3. Google Adsense
  4. Affiliate Marketing
Best Blogging Courses

Harsh Agrawal earns more than $80,000 a month from his blogging efforts. And, through scream University, he hopes to teach others how to do the same.

If you want to be a full-time professional blogger, you should check out Shout University to learn about blogging and Affiliate Marketing.

7. Affiliate Marketing Masterclass

Best Blogging Courses

Affiliate Marketing Masterclass is created by Kulwant Nagi, a millionaire blogger who makes well over $1,000,000 per year with his blog and other marketing stuff.

He also has a popular blog known as, where he shares practical tips about blogging, SEO, and Affiliate Marketing.

Kulwant Nagi began his blogging career in 2012 and has since risen to become one of the world’s best bloggers in his niche.

Kulwant Nagi has been earning a nice living through Affiliate Marketing since 2012.

You should join this course if you want to learn Affiliate Marketing secrets directly from Kulwant Nagi, a wealthy blogger. In this course, he has shared everything he has learned over the past 8 years of blogging and Affiliate Marketing.

The current pricing for Affiliate Marketing Masterclass is $200.18.

This course will teach you everything about Affiliate Marketing Blogging from scratch to an advanced level.

8. Blogging Blueprint 2.0

Blogging Blueprint 2.0 was also created by Kulwant Nagi; as I already introduced him in the above paragraph, I don’t think it’s necessary here.

The Affiliate Marketing Masterclass focused on Affiliate Marketing, whereas this Blogging Blueprint 2.0 focuses solely on Blogging.

Blogging Blueprint 2.0 is the best course for beginners looking to start their first blog.

In the Kulwant Nagi Blogging course Blogging Blueprint 2.0, he goes very deep into each section and delivers in-depth knowledge on Blogging.

I took this course when I was starting my blogging endeavors, and I must say that it contains some gold nuggets.

The Blogging Blueprint 2.0 course is present at $6,999, or $100, if you live in the United States.

9. Built To Blog – Ryan Robinson

Built to blog is a blogging course built by Ryan Robinson, a millionaire blogger who has been blogging since 2014.

Best Blogging Courses

His site receives over 400,000 monthly page views, over 150,000 email subscribers, and over 25,000 monthly listeners on his podcast.

He wants to teach everyone else how he launched his blog that produces millions of dollars in his premium blogging program called built to blog.

He knows his thing, and you can rely on his broad understanding of internet marketing and blogging.

Ryan Robinson has been published in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc, Business Insider, and other top business media.

If you want to learn directly from him, check out his “Built To Blog” course.

10. Zac Johnson – 30 Days to Successful WordPress Blogging

30 Days to Successful WordPress blogging is a blogging course built by expert blogger and internet marketer Zac Johnson.

He’s been blogging for the past two decades, and his blog is very successful.

Best Blogging Courses

I took this course when I first started blogging, and I must say that they provide a lot of value; the content is evergreen and will never go out of style.

Although the course was built in 2019, the core ideas of this course are still applicable today, and many people have had positive outcomes after taking this content course.

After taking this course, I learned a lot of things, and I am confident you will learn a lot as well.

11. Ahrefs Academy – Blogging for Business

Best Blogging Courses

Ahrefs Academy – Blogging For Business is a blogging course created by Tim Soulo; he’s the CMO of the Premium Marketing tool company Ahrefs.

Ahrefs Academy was created to help you take your blog to the next level by teaching you the identical tactics they used to rank their marketing blog for highly competitive keywords.

This course will teach you how to utilize Ahrefs to grow your blog and drive a lot of organic traffic to your site without having to work too hard.

They will also teach you how to locate backlink chances, promote your material, and a variety of other skills you will not learn in any other training.

Check out this training to learn blogging tips directly from Ahrefs’ CMO.

This course is designed for folks who currently have a blog and are searching for methods to expand their blog.

12. Grow Your Blog Fast – Backlinko

Grow your blog fast is a Premium blogging course focusing on your blog’s growth.

Brian Dean produced this Backlinko course. You’ve probably heard of him if you’re familiar with blogging, SEO, and backlinks. He is a true expert when it comes to Backlinks, SEO, and traffic, and he has assisted numerous company blogs in increasing their traffic and conversions.

Best Blogging Courses

That being said, if you don’t have a blog or have just started one, this course is not for you. This blog is for folks who already have a blog with some material but aren’t gaining traffic or followers.

Check out this course if you want to expand your blog and acquire a lot of traffic and conversions.

13. Smart Blogger Blogging Courses

Smart Blogger Blogging courses are a great place to learn everything about Blogging, SEO, WordPress, and Affiliate Marketing.

Best Blogging Courses

For many years, Smart Blogger has been one of the top leading blogs in the Blogging and Internet Marketing area.

Smart Blogger is operated by John Morrow, who is an adept blogger whose blog entries appear at the top of search engines every time he uploads something.

Smart Blogger has three products in its arsenal. 👇

  1. Content Marketing Certification
  2. Freedom Machine (teaches you how to make $1000/month from blogging
  3. Serious Bloggers only (Contains lots of courses related to blogging and marketing inside it)

If you want to learn directly from the industry expert John Morrow, then check out this course.

14. Ankit Singla – Authority Blogging Coaching

Ankit Singla is a well-known Indian blogger. He consistently earns six figures per month from his blog.

He blogs at, where he teaches people how to build an authoritative blog and make money from it.

I’ve gone through this course, and the ideas and strategies he teaches are well worth your time if you want to establish a successful blog monetized using Affiliate Marketing.

Ankit focuses on creating an authority blog and monetizing it through Affiliate Marketing in this course.

This is the course for you if you want to develop a blog that generates passive revenue through Affiliate Marketing.

Enrollment for The Authority Blogging Coaching is currently closed, with only a few spots remaining.

Keep a watch on his blog, email notifications, and online store for a quick reminder when the course becomes available again.

MasterBlogging Online Store.

15. Neil Patel – SEO Unlocked

Neil Patel is an SEO icon who receives 30 million hits per year on his site. And there is something we can learn from him.

This course is Freely available on YouTube in the form of a Playlist. Just search for Neil Patel SEO Unlocked in the YouTube search bar, and you’ll find it.

This FREE Blogging Course teaches you how to increase the traffic to your site by adequately utilizing SEO.

You’ll learn a lot about building your blog with SEO by exploring detailed lessons, guides, PDF videos, and much more in this course.

Don’t dismiss this course because it’s free or because it lacks value. This course might be a valuable resource for you if you don’t have the funds to invest in a premium blogging course.

It will teach you everything from the fundamentals of SEO to advanced SEO techniques that you can use immediately.


You’ve made it to the end, and I’d like to thank you for taking the time to read this article about the finest blogging Courses accessible on the internet right now.

Now I recommend that you select one of the aforementioned courses, understand the topics, and begin taking action on them.

Enrolling in and ingesting knowledge from all of the courses may result in information overload, which is never a good thing. As a result, I recommend that you choose one and get started right immediately.

Which Course Should You Do First?

Choose any of the courses listed above; all of the courses listed above are the best blogging courses for learning how to blog and make money online.

Choose one of the above-mentioned courses and begin taking action; the folks who designed those courses are world-class professional bloggers already making millions of dollars from blogging.

Is it mandatory to do a blogging course before starting a blog?

It is not required to take a course before beginning a blog; nonetheless, you should absolutely take a course before starting a blog because it teaches you a lot and familiarizes you with all of the parts of blogging that you will face in the future.

The “Income School – Project 24” is the ultimate fantastic blogging course available. It shows you how to grow your blog to earn more than $4000 monthly in just 24 months.

Best Blogging Courses

Learn Blogging From Scratch

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