8 Best AI Copywriting Tools 2022: The Ultimate List

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In this post, you’ll get to know about the Best AI Copywriting Tools.

AI copywriting software may seem like a new idea to some people, but it has been around for a long time. How much has it changed over time?

There are programs such as Grammarly that check for grammar and plagiarism, and there are also services such as Copy.ai and Jasper that can compose an entire article for you.

The field of AI copywriting is progressing. Use artificial intelligence to make sure your content has the right tone and format to make your brand message stand out. These tools for writing do this.

In a nutshell, AI-based writing assistants can speed up the writing process and improve the quality of the content for more people to read.

A look at AI copywriting: what it is, how it works, what to look for in software, and how much it costs to use this kind of software.

Are AI Copywriting Tools Necessary? Benefits & Advantages

The following is a list of some of the main reasons why you should use a copywriting software with artificial intelligence:

  • There are times when you can’t write. A lot of people who write for blogs and write for businesses and write for authors use this kind of thing. As I have said, you just sit around and don’t have any ideas for writing. Even though you can still write content with the help of a copywriting tool, you won’t have to stop growing your business.
  • These tools are very advanced and very effective. They can make a lot of copies of the content in a short amount of time. If we write the content ourselves, it will take us a few hours to do a good job. It is safe to say that it saves you time.
  • These tools can also help you save money. Our job is to run a business, and most of the time we hire expensive writers to write marketing copy for us. Because they charge a lot for this, For much less money, these copywriting software will do the same thing as the people who write the text.
  • Most of these tools can also be used for copywriting. Most of the time, these tools are used by people to write blog posts or make sales pages for their websites. It’s not just this that these tools can do, though. They can also do more. So it’s safe to say that if you choose any software, it will have a lot of different features and be used for many different things.

What may be on your mind now?

Difference between AI Copywriting & AI Content Writing

When you write something, you can make it more likely to be sold if you use copywriting. It is common for people to write copy for things like PPC landing pages, social media ads, and sales copy.

Content writing is a type of writing that is meant to help people learn or have fun. It can help sales, but that’s not its main goal.

In other words, copywriting leads to sales, while content writing leads to traffic. The goal of this post is to talk about the best AI copywriter who can write marketing campaigns and sales copy for you.

If you want AI tools that can help you write long, SEO-friendly content, you should read the Best AI Copywriting tools article.

8 Best AI Copywriting Tools 2022

Below are some of the best AI Copywriting Tools mentioned here, you should read them till the end.

1. Jasper

Jarvis is the best option if you want to make more copy and content for your company. In the field of AI copywriting and content generation, Jarvis is the best.

It’s used by more than 40,000 copywriters as well as entrepreneurs and marketing agencies. The startup, which was funded by YCombinator, used to be called conversion.ai.

It has now been changed to Jarvis.ai. It’s named after a Marvel comic character who is well-known.

Jasper.ai Overview - Best AI Copywriting Tools

They even bought similar AI copywriting tools like Headline and Shorty.ai, which will make Jarvis.ai even better in the long run.

To make Jarvis write long-form content like “Write a paragraph about bitcoin” quickly, you can use Boss Mode. Jarvis makes good content.

Sometimes, it won’t give you the exact copy that you want, but you can always start over and make it better. With Javirs Boss Mode, you can write high-quality content that is 100% unique and SEO-friendly.

Jarvis has been used by me every day to make high-quality content and send personalized emails to our clients.


  • Uses AI to write proven, high-converting copy that leads to more sales.
  • You can use this to write high-quality text for advertising, emails, websites, listing listings, blogs, and more.
  • A lot of different languages can be translated from what you write.
  • AIDA and PAIN-AGITATION-SOLUTION are two of the more than 50 copywriting skills it can help you with (PAS).
  • On top of the world’s best AI language model, GPT-3.
  • Jarvis AI is taught by copywriters and other experts who know how to write good copy.
  • 99.999% of the content is original and it passes the plagiarism test.


Jarvis comes in two price ranges: Starter and Boss Mode.

Starter: $29/month, more than 50 copywriting skills, great for ad headlines and descriptions

Boss Mode: $119/month, ideal for content that needs to be maintained over time, such as blog posts, books, or scripts.

2. Writesonic

It’s time to improve your marketing copy. Take a look at Writesonic. A Writesonic AI copywriter was created because there was a need to make landing pages that were more likely to convert.

It can help you make everything from landing pages, blogs, Facebook ads, product descriptions, and more in 24 languages.

Writesonic Overview - Best AI Copywriting Tools

There are thousands of marketers, businesses, and entrepreneurs who use Writesonic to automate and speed up their content marketing.


  • A service that uses AI to write copy that your customers will like.
  • Uses the AIDA and PAS copywriting formulas to write copy for websites, digital ads, articles/blogs, eCommerce, press releases, YouTube videos, and more, as well as for other things.
  • There are more than 20 types of copies.
  • Provides content that isn’t stolen.
  • On top of the world’s best AI language model, GPT-3.
  • With the Writesonic product description generator, you can write high-quality descriptions of your products that will get more people to click on them, make more sales, and make more money for you.


Writesonic comes in five different price ranges. Starts with the free trial, Basic, which is good for people who are just starting out. Professionals are good for people who work on their own.

The startup is best for start-ups and small businesses, and then Agency is best for businesses and agencies that need a lot of copywriting done at the same time.

Free trial: Free for new users, 10 credits for exploring the features.

Basic: $15 /month, perfect for personal use with a credit limit of 75. 

Professional: Freelancers will find this plan ideal at $45 a month. There are no credit limits. 

Startup: Start-ups and small businesses will find this plan ideal for their needs. Unlimited credits, 2 users.

Agency: $195/month, Ideal for agencies and businesses with a large amount of copywriting requirements. Unlimited credits, 4 user seats.

3. Copy.ai

Want to get rid of writer’s block and make marketing copy in a flash? It would be great if you used Copy.ai.

It was called Tagline.ai when it first started. It helped people make slogans and taglines for their businesses. When the customer started asking for the long-form copy, they saw how useful it could be and started copy.ai.

Copy.ai-Review - Best AI Copywriting Tools

They even got $2.9 million from craft ventures to improve the product faster and give everyone access to powerful AI so that people can start their own businesses, which is why they did this.

In the past, more than 250000+ marketers have used Copy.ai for their regular marketing copy needs.


  • For example, you can use Copy.ai to write digital ads, social media content, website copy, eCommerce copy, blog content, and sales copy for your business or website.
  • On top of the world’s best AI language model, GPT-3.
  • Currently, 25 languages are supported.
  • There is a Chrome extension for Copy.ai.


Copy.ai comes in three different price ranges. In the beginning, there is a free trial. This is a great way to test the product. Small businesses and freelancers will love Solo because it’s easy to use.

If you are an agency or a big company, then you should choose Multiple seats that come with a custom price.

Free Trial: Access for 7 days for testing

Solo: $35/month, Translate into 25+ languages, Perfect for small businesses.

Multiple Seats: Custom billing annually, unlimited runs

4. Copysmith

Then you need to make your marketing content bigger and bigger. Copysmith is the best place to go. Copysmith is powered by AI and has been trained on a high-performing copy.

It will help you make a lot of content at once. A lot of people use Copysmith: Marketing agencies, in-house marketing teams, freelancers, and people who run e-commerce stores.

Copysmith Main - Best AI Copywriting Tools

In order to keep making the process easier, they have raised 10 million dollars.


  • With Copysmith, you can write Amazon product descriptions, Facebook ads, Google ads, blog posts, article writing assistants, and many other things for your business. You can also use it for other things.
  • In one place, you can organize and edit all of your copies. You can also import and export CSV files. You can also share and collaborate with your coworkers.
  • Chrome extension can be used.
  • A Shopify app so that you can write a good product description.
  • On top of the world’s best AI language model, GPT-3.


Starts is for people who want to get started with Copysmith. There are four different pricing options. In this case, the professional is for people who are taking their copy to the next level.

Teams are for small teams who want to work together across projects, and Enterprise is for businesses who want to make and control everything.

Starter: 19 dollars a month, 50 credits each month, 20 plagiarism checks

Professional: $59/month, unlimited credits, and plagiarism checks

Teams: $118/month, supports teams, unlimited checks, and 500 plagiarism checks per month.

Enterprise: A custom feature set, unlimited credit, plagiarism checks, generation of long-form blogs, team collaboration with workflow, and bulk import and export of important information.

5. Snazzy AI

Want to make a lot of marketing content at once? Snazzy AI might be right for you. AI is built on top of GPT-3, the strongest AI algorithm in the world.

This is a cool AI. Snazzy lets you make content in minutes. Snazzy AI, the world’s best landing page builder, bought the company.

Snazzy AI Main

Snazzy AI will soon be integrated into Unbounce, and it will soon be able to write the best copy for you in a fraction of the time. Snazzy is now called Unbounce Smart Copy.


  • If you have a chrome extension, you can copy text from any web page.
  • Then, make high-quality content for more than 90 different situations.
  • Chrome extension can be used.
  • On top of the world’s best AI language model, GPT-3.


There are two pricing models for Snazzy: Starter, which is good for people who are testing their products, and Growth, which is good for freelancers and businesses that need more money for their business.

Starter: $0/year, 5 daily generation limits

Growth: 49 dollars/month, unlimited content, and profile switching

6. Anyword

Anyword Overview


  • Anyone who works for an agency or for a company that sells things to other people can use Anyword to write ads for a wide range of things like landing pages, blog posts, emails, and so on.
  • Marketers saw a 30% rise in conversion rates.
  • A high-performing copy can be made for every channel and format.
  • On top of the world’s best AI language model, GPT-3.
  • With Custom mode, you can teach your AI Copywriting tool to write copy that sounds like your brand, sounds like your competitors, or sounds like your best live ads.
  • With Continuous Optimization, you can make changes to an on-site copy so that the right message is shown to the right people at the right time.


You can pay for Anyword in three different ways. There’s a Starter plan for new marketers who are just getting started. The small and medium-sized business is called business, and the big company is called enterprise.

Starter: $29.99/month, AI text generation, 150000 words/month, 1 seat. 

Pro Beta: Get the demo, unlimited seats, and multiple seats, and learn your tone and style from your current ads. 

Enterprise: Demonstration of custom language models. We offer API integration, dedicated customer success managers, and a predictive performance score based on data from 2 billion points of data.

7. Closercopy

If you wish to write great ads and sales copy, then Closercopy is what you should choose.

Closercopy Main

When you use Closercopy, an AI copywriting tool, you can learn how to write sales messages that are based on real-world examples. Closercopy is for digital marketers and salespeople, and it’s used by a lot of big businesses.


  • Long-form sales pages and blogs should be written.
  • Use 200+ marketing frameworks that are easy to set up and use right away.
  • When you fill out a text box, a computer will write your ads, the outline of your project, social media posts, and a lot more for you.
  • In just a few minutes, you can write a full sales letter that talks about your business. Hand-picked templates that have been added with insights and advice from experts
  • It helps teams work together.
  • More than 127 languages can be used.
  • sales pages, ads, and email campaigns are written by Sales-AI, which is a service.
  • Blog-AI writes high-ranking blog posts.
  • Story-AI makes stories that are interesting.


Starter: $29.99/month, 75 copies per month, 45000 words per month.

Professional: $49.99/month, 200 copies per month, 120000 words per month.

Unlimited: $79.00/month, unlimited characters/month, 3 seats

8. Outranking

Want to write SEO-friendly content? You might want to look at Outranking, which helps in writing excellent SEO-friendly content which ranks! 

Outranking is an advanced AI-powered writing and research platform that can help you write high-quality SEO-friendly content in a fraction of the time.

Outranking Main

If you are looking for an AI Content Creation tool that can help you make your content more SEO-friendly, this is the right tool for you. Outranking is for people who write content and people who work with SEO.


  • An AI wizard can make a title and an outline in less than 15 minutes, so you don’t have to.
  • Collects and writes down facts from the top of the page.
  • Writing process and automation.
  • Google docs and WordPress can be linked together.
  • Predict the success of your content with an instant SEO score.
  • It will help you learn how to write SEO-friendly content.
  • An AI assistant that analyses SERPs (Search engine results pages) to help copywriters write content outlines, and paragraphs, answer questions, and make great content that Google loves.


You can pay for Outranking in three different ways: Starter, Growth, and Professional.

Starters: 39 dollars/month for 10 SEO documents/searches and unlimited AI writing

Growth: 79$ per month for SEO Documents/Searches, Unlimited AI Writing, and 30+ SERP Analysis

Professional: 100 SEO Documents for $159 a month. You can use them to make websites and blogs and more. More than 100 SERP analyses, a support team, and collaboration of up to three people.

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Conclusion: Best AI Copywriting Tools 2022

The AI copywriting tools can help you reach your business goals quickly, whether you work for a freelance copywriter, a marketing company, or any other type of business.

GPT-3 is an autoregressive language model that is used in all of the AI copywriting tools above. We looked at how easy it was to use, how good the content it made was, and how much it cost.

Even so, it’s important to check out a free trial or a sample written by these tools before you buy them. It’s hard to choose which AI writing tool to use.

Jarvis is the best AI copywriting tool because it can help with everything from copywriting to long-form content, and it’s the best in the business.

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