7 Best 17 inch Laptop Under $500 in 2022 | Ultimate Guide

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If you’re looking for the best 17-inch laptop under $500 in 2022 , this is the article for you.

Larger screen laptops, such as 17-inch models, provide better viewing and are ideal for creating presentations and multitasking.

Artists typically prefer 17-inch laptops because they allow them to open multiple windows for video editing, image editing, and other tasks.

In order to maintain portability, most laptops have screen sizes ranging from 13 to 15 inches.

However, many people, particularly gamers and working professionals who have a lot of windows open at the same time.

Do not appreciate the small screen size because it does not work for them.

Are 17-inch Laptops Expensive?

Students who are not yet ready to give up their desktop experience have a difficult time adjusting to the smaller screens.

There are laptops on the market with 17-inch screens to provide more screen space to such professionals and students.

Although large screens necessitate more power and high-tech features, we were able to locate some reasonably priced options for you.

However, if you are looking for the best 17-inch laptop under $500, we have compiled a list for you.

Finding the best laptops with a screen size under $500 was a difficult task.

During my research, I came across a number of 17-inch laptops, but they were all prohibitively expensive.

What Features Should I Look for in a 17-inch Laptop?

Laptops have a variety of features, some of which are important while the rest are just marketing jargon.

When it comes to buying a laptop, there are many features to consider, but if the large screen size is your primary requirement, then here are the essential features to consider.


This is the section of your laptop that houses whatever you are currently working on.

The greater the size, the more tasks you will be able to complete on your laptop device.


This is the most important component of a laptop.

In layman’s terms, the processor is what powers your laptop.

The more recent the core processor, the faster your laptop will run and the more easily you will be able to multitask.

Storage space

Many laptops have very little storage space, but many also have plenty. In some cases, the price can also vary accordingly.

Make sure to choose a laptop with the amount of storage space you anticipate needing.


Because 17-inch laptops are quite large, they can also be quite bulky.

If you are going to be carrying your laptop around a lot, you should consider how heavy or light it is before purchasing it.

Screen quality

We’re talking about the laptop’s display here.

Different laptops have different display systems, and you should investigate which one you believe is the best and most appropriate for you.

Taking these features into account will assist you in locating the laptop with the best features within your price range. You may have to give up one or two features.

For example, it is impossible to find the best 17-inch laptops under 500 with a touch screen or a 17-inch 2 in 1 laptop in this price range.

But, aside from that, make sure you get what you want most so that you can feel at ease while working on your laptop from home or the office.

Best 17-inch Laptop Under $500 In 2022

Are you looking for the best 17-inch laptop under $500?  Who doesn’t want to get their hands on an Ultrabook these days?

Everyone does, especially if a 17-inch laptop can be had for the price of an Ultrabook.

Whatever the case may be, some people prefer larger screens and are willing to trade anything for them.

These low-cost 17-inch laptops are outfitted with cutting-edge hardware that will undoubtedly meet all of your requirements.

So make sure to read through the guide to determine which laptop is best for you.

If you’re looking for the best 17-inch laptop under $500, this is the article for you.

  1. HP 17.3 Notebook
  2. Dell Inspiron 17 3793
  3. Asus Vivobook F712DA
  4. Lenovo IdeaPad 320
  5. Acer Aspire 5
  6. Lenovo Built Business Laptop
  7. Business Flagship Laptop by HP

This article will go over some of the best 17-inch laptop under $500.

1. HP 17.3″ NOTEBOOK 

HP 17.3 inch Notebook is one of our top picks because it is packed with high-end features, making it one of the best laptops under $500 for college students and professionals alike.

It’s also the best 17-inch gaming laptop on the market.

The laptop has a large, highly detailed display that allows for easy navigation while delivering top-notch graphics even in low light.

The laptop is powered by a 5th generation Intel® CoreTM i3-5005U Processor, which provides powerful processing and allows you to handle multiple tasks at once.

The 6GB DDR3L SDRAM aids in fast and efficient processing, while the 1 TB hard drive is useful for storing large files on your laptop.

Key Specifications
  • 1TB 5400 RPM hard drive
  • SuperMulti DVD Burner
  • Multi-Format Digital card reader
  • Intel® HD Graphics 5500
  • 5th generation Intel® Core™ i3-5005U Processor
  • Extra Storage
  • Backlit Keyboard and display
  • HD Webcam
  • Heavy
  • Doesn’t fit in a regular bag

Despite its low price, the laptop has a high speed and performance.

Apart from the processing features, the laptop has a number of other great features, such as the multi-gesture touchpad and the full-size backlit keyboard, which improve the overall user experience.


2. Dell Inspiron 17 3793

The Dell Inspiron 17 3793 is a 17-inch laptop designed to please the entire family, with a mind-boggling finish, a large display, and a plethora of features.

With available NVIDIA® GeForce® Discrete Graphics, this best 17-inch laptop under $500 can easily handle intensive photo- or video editing without slowing down its performance.

You can also select a hybrid hard drive with up to 1 TB of storage space, which allows for faster responsiveness and plenty of space to store your photos, files, and other data.

It’s time to get started without hesitation.

With a battery life of up to 7 hours, you no longer have to wait between charges.

Key Specifications
  • 256GB SSD Storage
  • SuperMulti DVD Burner
  • Multi-Format Digital card reader
  • Intel® HD Graphics 5500
  • 16GB DDR4 RAM 
  • Intel Core i7 7500U
  • The slim and elegant casing
  • Swift has a good build, but the processor is not very energy-efficient.
  • Even in battery mode, full power is available.
  • The operation is quiet.
  • Low-temperature growth
  • Speakers who are competent
  • No dedicated graphics card
  • Few USB ports
  • Low gaming power
  • Weak keyboard feedback

With an amazing performance, whether it’s a power player, large storage, unplugging options, or optional graphics, it provides the best of everything you need.

The Dell Inspiron 5000 has excellent performance and stunning visuals, allowing Web pages, apps, and games to load quickly.


3. ASUS Vivobook F712DA

In terms of performance and connectivity, the Asus Vivobook F712DA is another excellent laptop.

The laptop features a powerful and efficient AMD Quad Core A12-9720P Processor, 8GB DDR4 RAM, and 1TB FireCuda hybrid HDD Storage.

All of these features combine to make the laptop ideal for multitasking.

In terms of connectivity, the laptop has all of the ports you’ll need to connect multiple devices to your laptop at the same time.

In terms of graphics, the laptop delivers pixel-perfect video with built-in algorithms that automatically adjust the sharpness and contrast to produce realistic images.

Key Specifications
  • AMD Quad-Core A12-9720P Processor
  • 17.3” HD+ Display
  • 8GB DDR4 RAM
  • 1TB FireCuda hybrid HDD Storage
  • Backlit Keyboard
  • Long-lasting battery timing
  • Perfect for daily computing
  • Comprehensive connections
  • Terrible touchpad
  • Adequate audio

It also includes ASUS Splendid visual optimization technology, which gives you four different display modes to choose from.

You can change the mode based on your preferences and the amount of light available.

The best part is that it also includes a one-year accidental damage warranty.

It’s a fantastic 17-inch laptop for the money.

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4. Lenevo Ideapad 320

With its expanded 17-inch display and HD resolution, the Lenovo IdeaPad 320 is designed to meet your daily needs.

The IdeaPad has been meticulously designed with the best features that one would require to multitask with ease.

I can confidently state that this is one of the best 17-inch laptops under $500.

The laptop is equipped with a powerful Intel Core i5-7200U Dual-Core processor, which is paired with 8 GB DDR4 SDRAM and a 256GB SSD+ 1TB HDD, allowing the processor to perform all tasks smoothly and efficiently.

The 1600 x 900 resolution screen display provides highly detailed realistic images that enhance the overall experience.

Key Specifications
  • Intel Core i5-7200U Dual-Core processor
  • 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD
  • 17.3″ 16:9 LCD 1600 x 900 Display
  • Intel HD Graphics 620
  • Standard full-size keyboard
  • Detailed Screen Display
  • Tactile Keyboard
  • Multiple connections
  • Slower HDD
  • Average Battery Life

In terms of durability, the laptop has a unibody framework that comes with a special protective polish that protects the laptop from wear and tear.

The rubber pads on the bottom provide ventilation, preventing the laptop from overheating.

The laptop’s overall design and features place it among the best high-performance laptops on the market.


5. Acer Aspire 5

Acer is an excellent laptop manufacturer.

The Acer Aspire 5 is one of the best 17-inch laptops under $500 on the market.

It has some incredible features and it’s hard to believe it’s only $500.

To begin with, it has the most recent generation, namely the 10th Generation Intel Core i5 Quad-Core processor, which allows for super-fast switching between tasks on your computer.

In addition, it has 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage space.

This Acer laptop’s display is to die for, with multiangular viewing as well as visual reproduction on its screen. 

  • It has some of the latest new technology, such as the fingerprint scanner and WiFi 6 compatibility
  • It is super-light, weighing just 3.9 pounds, which is relatively less than most bigger sized laptops
  • This laptop uses the latest generation processor, which means it has super-efficient multitasking and brilliant working speed
  • It has a battery life of a whopping 9.5 hours
  • The sound system of the Acer Aspire 5 is powerful, with strong bass and loud volume to it
  • The size of the hard drive is a mere 256 GB, which is very less compared to other laptops
  • The durability of the Acer Aspire 5 is low and can malfunction soon after purchase

Other fantastic features of the Acer Aspire 5 include fingerprint unlocking, a backlit keyboard, and support for the latest WiFi 6.

It’s also the lightest laptop in the range we’re looking at, weighing only 3.9 pounds.


6. Lenovo Built Business Laptop

This laptop features an Intel i5 Core processor from the 7th generation, as well as 8 GB of RAM.

While this is a feature shared by many laptops in this price range, this Lenovo is unquestionably one of the Best 17 inch Laptop Under 500 $ because its RAM can be expanded to 16 GB! Yes, that’s correct; it’s adaptable.

With an 8 GB RAM expandable to 16 GB, this laptop can accommodate large applications and multitask between them all at the same time.

Aside from that, Lenovo includes 1 TB of storage space with this device.

  • The redesigned touchpad is an excellent addition to this gaming and business laptop for incorporating multi-finger gestures. These add points to the laptop for convenience and multi-gesture integration.
  • It is equipped with an Intel i5 Core processor, which results in extremely fast processing and speeds.
  • One of the most significant advantages of the Lenovo Built Business laptop is its expandable RAM, which ranges from 8 GB to 16 GB and allows it to accommodate and multitask through large applications with ease.
  • The 2 in 1 Dolby sound system is to die for and a must-try – and it’s included with this laptop.
  • This laptop comes with a fingerprint scanner, which is always a plus.
  • The display system includes anti-glare technology and crystal clear visuals, which are ideal for working in low-light environments and gaming.
  • It can transfer files from four different types of memory cards, and its connectivity is excellent.
  • The Lenovo Built Business Laptop is slightly towards the higher side of your laptop budget.
  • The screen resolution for video calling is not all that great.

This laptop has a few standout features that set it apart from the crowd, especially in this price range of 17-inch laptops.

To name a few, these include a redesigned touchpad that supports multi-finger gestures, a fingerprint scanner, and a Dolby 2 in 1 sound system.

It is unquestionably one of the best options in your price range and budget.


7. Business Flagship Laptop by HP

This laptop is geared primarily toward professional work and gaming.

However, this does not preclude it from being used by others.

It is a good fit for working people because they may need to open multiple tabs for office purposes, so a large screen is beneficial.

Gamers also require large screens to help them see their game better and, as a result, play better.

The HP Business Flagship laptop has 2 TB of storage space.

Furthermore, with a 7th generation Intel i3 Dual-Core processor and 8 GB RAM, the multitasking speed and efficiency are excellent.

The laptop has Intel HD 620 Graphics, which contribute to a stunning display system.

You can use this laptop to watch movies, look at pictures and other videos, have high-definition video calls, create projects in MS Office for work, and do a lot more.

  • Fast processor with 2 TB of storage space, which is more than enough to store tonnes of games, office files, movies, and other media.
  • After a full charge, the battery lasts 9 hours.
  • It has a stylish and sleek exterior appearance, and it is also very light to carry.
  • Because of the large screen and excellent graphics, this laptop is ideal for gamers.
  • Also, a good laptop for working professionals because it is incredibly light and easy to carry around (in case of meetings), and it has Windows 10, which gives the user access to all of the styles and requirements to make presentations, word documents, and so on.
  • There is an HD webcam as well as Intel 620 Graphics, both of which provide extremely high definition quality and resolution of the screen and display. A backlit keyboard is also included.
  • There aren’t many color options available.
  • The SD card reader is only a micro SD card reader, which can be inconvenient if you use something that isn’t micro.

It is a super-efficient and lightweight laptop, making it ideal for people who need to carry it around frequently.

For example, if you travel frequently for work, it’s a good idea to have a lighter laptop so it’s not an extra weight to lug around.

As a result, this HP laptop is also ideal for traveling.

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Conclusion : Best 17 inch Laptop Under $500 in 2022

Once you’ve determined your budget, which you have already done, it’s time to do your research and purchase a laptop based on your references.

We’ve compiled a list of the best 17-inch laptops under $500 for you above.

If you believe you require a larger laptop than the 17″ or 17.3″ options available, go with the latter.

If you anticipate using multiple applications at the same time, opt for 8 GB RAM rather than 4 GB.

Keeping this in mind, we recommend going with the HP 17.3′ Notebook.

This laptop is the most balanced option, as it is reasonably priced while providing high speed and performance.

Aside from the processing features, the laptop has a number of other great features, such as a multi-gesture touchpad and a full-size backlit keyboard, which improves the overall user experience.

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