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Ayboll Review: Make More Money With Your Blog Content

blog monetization is one of the most important things when it comes to making
money with your blog. Choosing an ideal monetization network for their blogs
has always been a difficult task for most of the bloggers. Adsense, Affiliate
Networks cannot always be the best way to monetize your blog and you may end up
selling your blog eventually, when you don’t figure out an ideal way to make
money via your blogs.


Ayboll is
one of the ad networks that can provide you a good monetization method without
making your readers experience interrupted. You can easily generate some cash
with the amount of traffic your blog attracts daily without always relying
on other monetization methods. Ayboll allows you to install its widget on your
blog’s webpage; this widget provides links to content published on around the
web attracting your readers towards its attractive design. So basically
whenever your readers click on any link displayed by the widget, you
get paid.
Getting Started With Ayboll


To get
started with Ayboll, you firstly need to sign-up with the network. Ayboll has
got one of the simplest sign up process I have ever seen. In order to get a
free account you just need to provide your email and choose your password, and it’s
as simple as that. You do not need to attend any call for the approval and
there is no other restriction.


after signing-up you will be redirected to the main page where you can create
free widgets. Setting up the widget is another easy task that requires you to
fill some details and get it ready.
you need to enter your website URL for which you want to create the
widget. Then, you got to give a name to the widget. This name will not be
displayed on the webpage, rather it is only to keep them sorted, when you have
multiple widgets.
widget gives you option to choose the ads rating between Safe, Moderate
and 18+ ads. The next thing is to add a widget header. The text you enter in
widget header will appear on the top of the widget on your webpage, so make
sure to keep it as interesting as you can.
You can
customize the number of rows and columns that will show ads on your webpage.
You get option to select up to 5 columns and 3 rows according to the sizing of
your webpage. The widget also has an auto feature that automatically adjusts
the size and number of columns based on your web page.
You also
get an option to choose the widget style that has two themes Dark and Light.
You can select one of them suiting your blog’s background and theme.
A preview
of your widgets is always displayed at the other side of the dashboard, making
it easier for you to design its look and feel.
after you are done with customizing the widget and click on create, you will
get the codes of the widget you just created. You just need to grab the code
displayed on the first box and place it at the head of your site and the
other is to be placed where you would like the ads to appear.


offers you three pages via which you can analyze earnings, check revenue and
categories multiple widgets.
Dashboard: The
dashboard gives an overview of your earnings displayed very clearly. This page
provides reports such as today’s revenue, yesterday’s revenue, revenue this
month and revenue last month, current balance, withdrawable balance etc.
: This page shows all your widgets lined up one after the other
along with the necessary of the widget. You get directly edit, delete and get
codes for the widgets from this page. And you can also create newer ones.
: The revenue summary page allows you to analyze and check
your earnings by days, websites, widgets, country and platform. The page
provides various other calculations including CTR, Clicks, CPC, RPM and
revenue. Thus, with the help of this page you can analyze the individual
performance of each widget, days and more.
Money with Ayboll
You might
have questions such as how will you make money with Ayboll, are blogs earning
any money with Ayboll etc. So let me any them one by one.
Ayboll is
basically a CPA network that simple means whenever any of
your blogs generate a click to their link, you will get paid for the click. But
you should keep in mind that Ayboll with its advanced algorithm checks
every click and pays you for only real clicks. Being a premium network,
Ayboll pays their publishers 50% of all revenue earned from advertisers.
network will help you make decent amount of money from the traffic that your
blogs attracts. And people are really may good money working with this network.
Here’s a screenshot from one of their top partners who is running Ayboll
Withdrawing payment
should be an issue with Ayboll as they offer multiple options for payment
withdrawal. They give you three options to withdraw your payment, wire
transfer, Paypal and Skrill.
minimum balance required to withdraw a payment is $100 and payments are
transferred between the 1st and 10th of every month.
talking about the charges for payment transfer, the Wire transfers charges $25
per transfer, while Skrill is free. You can easily see the payment history in
your account window.
Wrapping Up 
wrapping up everything, I would say Ayboll is quite good way to monetize your
blogs or websites. With its attractive and at the same time responsive widgets
displaying ads you can make decent amount of money with it. And keeping in mind
its easy setup process and useful pages you should definitely give it a
try and see how it works for you.
If you
have already tried Ayboll, then do let us your thoughts and feedback in the
comment section below, we would love to hear from you.

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