Average Internet Speed 2015 | The Present State Of Internet Speed Across The World

In this era of digitization, with increasing advanced technology everyday and more people know the power of internet, average internet speed is really important. Here I will list of the regions enjoying access to the highest Ā average internet speed in the word and also the regions having the lowest internet speed. So, keep reading… šŸ™‚

Average Internet Speed

Fastest Average Internet Speed

According to Akamai’s most recent report on theĀ State of Internet, South Korea is the region that boasts the highest average internet connection speed in the world. The internet users surfs at anĀ average internet speed in south koreaĀ of 24.6 Mbps in the second quarter of 2014, isn’t that awesome ?

Other regions following Koria is Hong Kong (15.7), Switzerland(14.9) and Japan (14.9) who currently have got an average speeds around 15 Mbps.

Ranking at #14 the United States is not far behind other. TheĀ average internet speed in USĀ is 11.4 Mbps, which is still way above theĀ average internet speed per country which is aroundĀ of 4.6 Mbps.
To add aĀ little perspective on what theseĀ average internet speed mbpsĀ means here an example, at an average speed of 10 Mbps it will take around 50Ā minutes to download a 2 hour movie in HD quality.

Fastest Average Internet Speed Chart

Have a look at this awesome informational chart made byĀ Statista, which gives you the top 10 ranking regions on basis of average internet speed.Ā Infographic: These Countries Have The Fastest Internet Speeds | Statista


Slowest Average Internet Speed

So now after covering the fast internet speed, lets talk about the regions surfing the slowest average internet speed.
As per some recent reports in Q4 2014, Indonesia gains the crown for slowest internet speed.Ā Indonesia’sĀ average internet speed dropped from 3.7 Mbps to 1.9 Mbps since the previous quarter. This relives India from owing the crown of having the slowest average Internet speed in the Asia-Pacific region for the 10th time in a row. However, according to the study Akamai Technologies in its Q4 2014 State of the Internet report, the average internet speed in India also dropped by 0.7%, holding steady at 2 Mbps.

Slowest Average Internet Speed Chart

Observing the peak broadband connectivity in Asia pacific, then we notice that only Indonesia is worse than India, while all other countries are able to provide better peak broadband speed.
Slowest Average Internet Speed Chart
The average speed in India has certainly increased by 2.1% compared to last quarter and 28% compared to last year, while avg speed in Indonesia is increased by 1.9% retaining the last posting. Even countries like Vietnam (2.7 MBPS) and Thailand (7.1 MBPS) ensures better connectivity.


Slowest Average Internet Speed Chart
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