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Are You Ready For Real-Life Wizard Wars & A Real Wand?

Remember the wand that the kids of Hogwarts University used? Yes, I am talking about Harry Potter and his fellow friends casting magic spells with their lovely wands. What if it becomes a reality? Yeah, it now is. We now have a wand that will allow us to experience a fantasy game in the real world, the Maguss Wand. 

Magic Wand

The Maguss Wand is a new innovation in the world of gizmo, gadget and tech. The of this wand makers recently launched a Kickstarter campaign in an effort to bring wizarding competition into real life. Maguss Wand is a new and exciting interactive game which has just been announced. This wand enables players to cast powerful spells in areas of their choice and become the legendary wizard they have always wanted to be.

Maguss Wand

You might feel the Maguss Wand is magical but it’s not magic that makes it work. It works on pure technology and it’s a combination of three components that makes it work. The first part of the concept is the wand itself that works with the help of two built-in parts, a motion sensor and an IR LED. The second part is the receiving device. It takes the form of a beautiful coat of arms that  passes the signal from the wand to the app in your mobile phone. The last and final piece in their system is the Maguss Mobile Application. Just by a simple tap on the screen on players smartphone they will turn on ‘Battle Mode’. And finally when it gets activated, players may either challenge or be challenged to a duel.

Now talking about the game, well, of course it consists of a wand, along with a wearable target sensors and an app that comes gets in your smartphone. The app contains various spells that can executed with the wand by moving it around in the correct pattern. For example, wave the wand around in the pattern to cast a lightning bolt spell, and if another player is within range, you’ll cause him damage. And if you are able to cause enough damage and you’ll be the best wizard. Magus Wand offers three game modes, and all the modes vary in difficulties and possibilities. You will be able to have a duel with a friend face-to-face or find an opponent online.

Leveling up gives you more spells, and each one triggers a unique sound on your opponent’s smartphone, allowing players to figure out what’s going on without pulling out their phone.

This wand and the game seems real fun, but before it makes it to the real world, the makers need some help. And to get some help the makers of the Maguss Wand recently launched a Kickstarter campaign in an effort to bring wizarding competition into real life. The campaign is a bit slow to get off the ground, but it is still early days, with over a month to go.

So far,  the campaign has been able to raise something just under $1,000 and it aims for a goal of just over $66,000 by September 13, 2015, and the funds raised will go toward production and manufacturing. And to help them bring this innovative game to market, you can too help them by the supporting the Kickstarter campaign. Visit here to support this campaign and make it real. Perks will be delivered between October 2015 and December 2015. 

Check out the below video to see the Maguss Wand in action:

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Will be a fail or a hit ? What do you think ?

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