Asus Releases Android 5.0 Lollipop Update For ZenFone 5

ZenFone 5
Written by Aishwar Babber
The taiwanese company, Asus announced the ZenFone 5 last yearwith a promise of Android Kitkat update. But seeing the users response and request for Android Lollipop, the company planned to give users what they wanted and to upgrade their most hot selling to Android 5.0 Lollipop.
ZenFone 5

After many requests the company released their planned sitemap for Android 5.0 Lollipop updates for the ZenFone 5 and also for other Zenfone devices. But sadly the company failed to release the Lollipop updates in the expected dates.But now the company has finally released Android Lollipop Update for Zenfone 5 along with other ZenFone devices. So in this article I will share how to update your ZenFone 5 to Android Lollipop along with what are the changes that I noticed.

 How To Install ZenFone 5 Lollipop Update
Updating Zenfone 5 to Android Lollipop is quite an easy task, thought this time you need to do it manually as the company decided not to roll out OTA update, but instead they want users to update their phones manually.
ZenFone 5 Lollipop Update
Here I have mentioned all the steps required to be followed in order to install Zenfone 5 Lollipop Update.
  1. Make sure device is on software version V2.22.40.53
  2. Download the update file from here
  3. Place the file to your internal/external storage
  4. Restart the phone
  5. Boom! A notification will popup saying you have an update, just click on it and install the Lollipop update.
So, that’s it. This is how you can install Zenfone 5 Lollipop update.

Changes In ZenFone 5 Lollipop Update

As you know the Zenfone series comes with Asus’ coustom UI, called ZenUI, on top on Android, so are not much noticeable changes in overall UI. But being on Android Lollipop there are few changes that I noticed.

Here is a list of few changes that I noticed on ZenFone 5 Lollipop.

Multi-Taking Menu: Giving up the traditional menu tray found on Android Kitkat, it now has got the card style menu tray, which looks really cool. And with the new styled menu tray the Google search sticks to the screen even while switching between various apps. The new card style menu tray offers 3 on-screen options: Running Services, shows all the services running in the background and eating phone’s memory; Screen Pinning, allows users to pin a particular screen pinned until unpinned; Clear All, clears all apps running in background.

ZenFone 5 Lollipop Update


Lockscreen: The new lock-screen, brings down all the notifications to the lock screen itself. These notifications can either be dismissed by swiping it left or right or can directly be accessed by double tapping the notifications.
ZenFone 5 Lollipop Update


Notification Tray: The new notification tray when swiped once gives all the notifications and when swiped again brings down the quick settings. So, in the new notification tray you will get the flavor of Android Lollipop along with the taste of ZenUI.

Call Screen: With the new lollipop update, when you get a call while using an app, a short view of caller screen appears allowing you to pick calls, while doing stuffs.

One-Hand Mode: As found in Zenfone 6, now with lollipop update the one hand mode comes in Zenfone 5 too, making it easier to access all parts of screen.

Splendid: The updated Splendid app now gives four options which are: Balance, Reading, Vivid and Customized, giving more options to customize you screen colors according to your preferences.

ZenFone 5 Lollipop Update


Battery Stats: The new battery stats now gives time estimate for discharging and also for charging, in other words, it tells you the remaining time to fully discharge or charge the phone.

ZenFone 5 Lollipop Update


So, these were the major changes I noticed in the new lollipop update, thought there are other few tweaks such as change in color and theme of messaging app, settings, do it later app etc.

Bugs List In ZenFone 5 Lollipop Update 

Here are few bugs reported by some users for upgrading their Zenfone 5 to Android 5.0 Lollipop. This lists stats bugs noticed along with their possible solutions.


  • At every restart it is optimizing apps or “Android is Upgrading” even after wiping cache some users are reporting not solved.


        Solution: Wipe cache partition


  • When the internet is on and you make a call, after disconnecting it the internet sign of “E” or “H+ disappears but the internet connection is still active!
  • Gallery thumbnails not loading shows all blank


       Solution: Update gallery from playstore


  • Battery not charging to 100% stuck at 99% only


       Solution: Wipe cache partition, then switch off phone charge till green lights up plus + extra 30 mins after that.



So, these were all the news about Zenfone 5 Lollipop update. I hope Asus’ will soon fix this bugs in further updates.


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Also let me know what do you think about Android M. Will Asus care to release it for Zenfone 5 ?

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