Amazon Virtual Assistant: The Best Guide To Transform Your FBA Business Today

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An Amazon Virtual Assistant (VA) is a person who helps you with your Amazon company from a distance. They can work full-time, part-time, or on a contract basis as a temp.

VA stands for virtual assistants (also known as freelancers). Someone you may hire on a job-by-job or hourly basis.

Someone to assist you with duties that consume too much of your time or prevent you from having a productive day, as well as abilities you may lack, such as photoshop, superb copywriting, translating content from your listing to another language/marketplace, and so on.

What is an Amazon Virtual Assistant, and how does it work?

Amazon virtual assistants

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is an Amazon employee that works remotely for your company. They can work full-time, part-time, or on a contract basis (for example, per job). A virtual assistant may assist you with a variety of activities, ranging from administrative work to content production, product procurement, and whatever else your imagination allows.

When should I hire a virtual assistant from Amazon?

It’s a great question, and I believe it’s one that every company owner should consider before hiring an Amazon virtual assistant. Hiring a virtual assistant (VA) will relieve you of daily chores. You’ll be able to focus more on growing your Amazon FBA business or enjoy more free time as a result.

The following are a few scenarios in which you should engage a Virtual Assistant for your Amazon FBA business.

Spending too much time on the same chores

When you spend nearly three months focusing on repeated tasks, you are in this predicament. If you developed a new procedure to address a specific aspect of your business, such as reaching out to potential suppliers and manufacturers via Alibaba, you should not do so for more than three months on your own. It’s muscle memory after three months.

You’ve developed the system, and now it’s time to extend it to a virtual assistant to maintain and expand it.

Overwhelmed to the point of exhaustion

This condition is similar to the last one, but it focuses on when you are completely overwhelmed by all of the responsibilities that have made their way onto your plate. This predicament may happen very rapidly for young business owners, and it can be very upsetting.

You wake up every day with ten hours of responsibilities to manage throughout the day, and you have no time to expand your business. Being in such situation might make you crazy and make you lose interest in your company. In this instance, you’ll need to engage a Virtual Assistant.

What is the Role of a Virtual Assistant?

One of the most efficient ways to choose which activities to delegate to a VA is to keep track of what you’re doing every 15 minutes for a week. Review where you spent your time at the end of the week and ask yourself, “Do I need to be performing this work myself?” You’ll be astounded at how much time you spend on some hobbies.

Product sourcing is the first step.

Product sourcing takes up the majority of my team’s work.

However, I believe this is the most difficult activity to teach a virtual assistant in, as well as one of the easiest to outsource in the form of deal sheets. It’s a matter of your preference whether you engage a virtual assistant for product sourcing or not.

Provide excellent customer service

In your FBA business, customer service can take up a lot of your time. You could be answering questions on Amazon, responding to customer feedback, or taking care of any other kind of customer service issue through e-mail.

This is a job that needs to be done all the time, so if you don’t give it to an Amazon Virtual Assistant, you’ll spend a lot of time taking care of it yourself.

A lot of paperwork

You may quickly make a video demonstrating a VA how you, for example, reconcile a shipment. However, getting a VA to source as well as you’d like will take a long time.

As a result, finding a virtual assistant to help with administrative work is much easier. These are also critical responsibilities. Your profitability will suffer if you don’t make inventory modifications, shipping reconciliations, and price adjustments, among other things.


An Amazon Virtual Assistant may be a lifesaver when it comes to saving time, as well as a catalyst for helping you grow and scale your organization. You can concentrate on factors that support growth while delegating tasks that are tiresome or time-consuming. Just make sure you plan ahead of time and know exactly what you’ll need your VA to perform.

This can help you find someone qualified for your position during the hiring process.

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