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6 Ways To Unblock Youtube | Access YouTube Unblocked

Written by Aishwar Babber
Oneplus YouTube is one of the best source of entertainment, allowing you to steam limitless videos, it also allows you to share your own videos with people. Unfortunately a lots of schools, offices and universities have a different opinion and sees it as a time waster, distraction and productivity killer. So, they often restrict students at school and employees at offices from accessing YouTube by blocking the site in different ways.
unblock youtube


Besides watching fun videos and get entertained, there are a lot of things that we can learn from YouTube videos. If YouTube is blocked at your office or school and want to know how to unblock youtube easily, then today I will share some simple tricks to unblock youtube proxy.

Here all your queries such as unblock youtube us, unblock youtube uk, unblock youtube eu, unblock youtube in pakistan , etc will be solvedWith these tricks you can easily access YouTube unblocked. Here are 6 ways to Unblock YouTube at School, Offices and Universities


How To Unblock Youtube

1. Using Virtual Private Networks 

The first method by which you can unblock youtube is by Using Virtual Private Networks to Unblock YouTube (Using VPN’s). 

VPN stands for virtual private network. VPNs are networks which are connected across the internet, allowing the computer connected through their network to send and receive data. When you use a VPN software, all it does is, to connect you with that Virtual private network, which will enable you to send and receive data from that virtual network. There are Hundreds of Paid and Free VPN services available on the internet.

– Hotspot shield  – Hotsspot shield is one of the top free VPN service. Download it HERE
– Private Tunnel – You can download Hotspot sheild from HERE
– Express VPN   –  Download Hotspot sheild from HERE
– Air VPN           –  Download Hotspot sheild from HERE

2. Using Online Proxy sites (Youtube Proxies)


When your IP is blocked to access YouTube, then you can access them by using web proxy sites, they act like youtube unblocker, these proxy sites instead of connecting you to youtube directly connects you through their own servers. This will let us to access any blocked website like YouTube, Facebook, Gmail etc.
Online Proxy sites

Here is the list of few top most Online proxy websites to open Youtube when its blocked

– Proxify         – Click HERE to use Proxify online proxy website.

– Kproxy       – Click HERE and you will redirected to Now on the input box provided on the home page enter and click on surf. You will be redirected to youtube through Kproxy and you can watch your favourite videos, without any restriction.
– Surf Again   – Click Here and Go to Surf again

– Mega Proxy – Click Here and Go to Mega Proxy home page

3. Using Hola Browser Extension

Hola Browser Extension is another options using which you can unblock youtube restriction. Hola offers a Youtube Unblocker extension, via which you can easily access youtube from school, college, office etc. Download and install the browser extension from the link below. This extension allows you to access through their secured proxy servers, letting you access YouTube in no time.
Hola Browser Extension


The Hola extension is also available for Android mobiles. You can download the Hola app from play store and you should turn the Unblocked ON.
  • To create an youtube account you must have a account.

Download Hola Browser extension for Chrome from HERE

Download Hola for Android from HERE

4. Using Https Connection
Here is the simplest trick to unblock youtube. Just switch from “Http” connection to “Https”. For instance if you are blocked on in your browser just change it to This a very easy trick and works in many cases.

5. Using Tor Browser

Tor Browser is one of the best used tool for browsing through internet anonymously. Tor is basically a proxy software which hides your IP, and covering your identity. You can download the Tor from HERE. After installing, the browser will be configured along with your Mozilla Firefox. You can access from very normally just by entering the URL in the address bar.
  • You an also unblock youtube videos with ogyoutube app

6. Browsing Through A Proxy Web Address

Using an online proxy website can really be annoying and irritating sometimes, you have to submit the URL to make it work again and again. This trick will make your browser to browse through a proxy web address, so that you can browse from normally, making things much easier. This is how you can do it.
Proxy Web Address

1. Click here to get list of Proxy IP addresses

2. Now open your Mozilla Firefox browser and go Options > Advanced > Connection > Settings

3. Click on Manual Proxy Settings and enter one of the Proxy IP address from the above list, set the port number to 8080 and save settings.

Now open YouTube via your address bar and if it doesn’t works, try by another IP address from the list.Check out this video to see how to unblock youtube easily.

So this is how you can Unblock YouTube using any method from the above list. Hope you like this post, and if you did do share it on social media sites by hitting the social icons below.

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