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Top 10 Best Browsers For Mac OS In 2015

Written by Aishwar Babber
Today internet is not just about searching and getting information from it. We can get a lot of internet these days and for that we have a lot of browsers that makes our tasks easy. So in this post with increasing popularity of MAC OS, I am sharing some of the best browser for MAC
best browser for mac

There are many options in for choosing the best browsers for MAC, some would go with the all time favorite Chrome, while some are fans of Firefox. Check out the below list for top browser for MAC OS. 

Best Browsers For MAC In 2015 

10. RocketMelt

RocketMelt Web Browser

The web browser, RocketMelt is mainly known for its powerful integration for Facebook. This requires you to have a Facebook account in order to enjoy full features of RocketMelt. After completing the installation you need to connect your Facebook account with RocketMelt. This approves permissions for its app and now the browser will give you the power to control almost every feature of Facebook.

9. Flock Web Browser

Flock Web Browser

Flock browser is based on Firefox 3 technology. This browser allows you to do a lot more tasks than just simply browsing web pages. The browser is designed to streamline and emphasize on your interaction with networking sites, RSS and media feeds and blogs. It has a spate toolbar that is mainly based on social media sites which allows you to quickly share webpages and links with your contacts across multiple networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Download Flock Web Browser For Mac 

8. Camino Web Browser

Camino Web Browser

Camino is another best web browser for Mac OS and is based on Firefox rendering system. Tis browser is specially made for Mac and is only available for MAC OS. It has got Mac-like user interface and it comes with a couple of innovative and very powerful features like scrollable tab bars, annoyance blocker which is capable to block both popups and flash ads which makes Mac users fan of this browser.

Download Camino Web Browser For Mac 

7. OmniWeb Browser

OmniWeb Browser

The OmniWeb Browser is a fully featured we browser that allows Mac users explore all the web pages without causing any compatibility issues. It has thumbnails which easily stores your most visited web pages, and it has also got many interesting plugins that makes browsing experience easy as well as interesting. It comes with many additional that are often missed by mainstream web browsers for Mac. The webpages are automatically rendered in background which thereby gibes fast web browsing experience. With powerful security, and lots of plugins combined with other features this browser will sure do your tasks easily.

6. Apple Safari

Apple Safari is the official web browser from Apple which comes pre-installed in Mac. It has a stylish interface and offers very fast browsing speed. With features like Speed-dial, easy social sharing, iCloud integration to push webpages to your other devices, RSS integration, mac-like interface, this browser is loved by most of the MAC users. 
Apple Safari

However, Safari is used on non-Apple products, some of its features may not work as efficiently as when used on Apple products.
Download Apple Safari For Mac

5. Maxthon

Maxthon Web Browser

Maxthon browser is one of the most used browser for Mac. You will surely love it as it comes with features that enables easy sharing of documents and files between different devices. It has a simple and minimalistic interface which is very clean and makes the browsing experience simple great. It comes with the Cloud Push feature that allows you to push browsed website to an online cloud account or to any friend or contact. There is a full-screen option for you to enjoy even better web browsing experience at your MAC.

4. Torch Browser

Torch Browser

Torch Browser us based on the same chromium project as like Chrome, and is considered as the most popular Chromium browser. The browser offers additional functionality such as social sidebar, torrent support, Torch Music, video download, emoji, etc. These are some of the great features which makes users to love this browser for MAC. Torch Browser supports all the chrome extension that its feature endlessly.

Download Torch Browser For Mac 

3. Opera 

With its new, fast and powerful user interfaces Opera it a web browser that comes integration which are same as chrome project. The browser loads webpages fast, offers powerful rendering feature, and the server-side compression technology that loads webpages faster in slow connection is one of the most powerful feature of Opera Web Browser.

It allows easy navigation of tabs and windows which makes the user experience more enjoyable and fun. Opera is safe, and its software is secure from malware and other common internet based.

Download Opera For Mac 

2. Google Chrome

Google Chrome has one of the most minimal and easy to use friendly interface. Chrome is one of the fastest and among the best browsers for Mac. The uncluttered and simple interface support thousands of extensions that increases the browser’s functionality. The browser gives users fast browsing experience, powerful rendering, controlling options, and a lot more customization settings and options. According to majority of users, this is undoubtedly the fastest web browser for Mac.

Google Chrome

So, give Google Chrome a try in your MAC and check whether you like it or not.

1. Mozilla Firefox

When it comes to best browsers for MAC, the Mozilla Firefox stands at the top of of the list. The browser has the great user-friendly interface. The developers behind firefox regularly pushes out updates for the browsers that fixes minor bugs and improves performance. One of the best part of Mozilla Firefox is that it has ad-blockers that restricts annoying ad’s. It has a support of thousands of add-ons that makes users daily tasks easy and also increases its features endlessly.

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox also asks the user to choose the information that it can share, thereby making it an ideal browser for privacy. The browser can also store form information along with login credentials for different accounts which enables easy access for the future.

Download Mozilla FireFox For Mac

So this was our list of best browsers for MAC. Select few browser from the above list as per your preference of speed, interface, performance, features etc. Do try out these browser and let us know which one did you find to be the best  web browser for you MAC.   

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